Sunday, March 02, 2008

by arbor #2

"Stained Glass Window" 1975

Radioactive Records confusingly published two albums with similar covers, both showing a Madonna with child, and both with “Window” on the front cover, so at first I wondered if this album was the second album by the band Window (see review on next page), but this seems not to be the case. Both albums are extremely obscure, and I am afraid this unofficial re-release might be the only chance to hear the album, even when it deserves a proper reissue, the simplicity and directness might withhold real supporting labels to try such a reissue.

The sound quality is good in the left channel, but strangely enough starts a bit bad and with distortion in the left channel, which makes it at times slightly disturbing when listening to it on headphones, but this seems not to be heard on stereo equipment.

The album is a solo album by Bob Racine, and sounds like an inspired singer-songwriting album with a fine male voice, (not sure who to compare it to, perhaps to one of both Subway singers) and with acoustic guitar, and is an album which is especially convincing on its first side. On the second side the singer sings each song a few tones higher, and less calmly introspective, until the last song, with it's simple guitar, more in the direction of Dylan. I would like to have the lyrics to get deeper into it, to understand it enough. But there is no doubt it is a fine discovery.



Blogger Sub Comandante Marcos said...

Many thanks, been wanting to give this a listen.

03 March, 2008 11:49  
Blogger antonios said...


03 March, 2008 19:50  
Anonymous geraldpsyche said...

if you want to paste a review please have the decency to quote where it comes from, which is from my site. you can use reviews ONLY by saying where it comes from
also, personally i do not approve downloads of available cds

05 March, 2008 05:37  
Blogger kosice said...

What a great album this is... Sad and lonely athmosphere permeates the whole album which consists of echoey male vocals and a simple guitar. All the songs are quite similar - mid-tempo, soft, quiet, melancholy... It is repetitive, dreamy, trance-like, and it does not get boring for a second. Beautiful album from start to finish - thank you for sharing it, I had no idea it existed!


18 March, 2008 11:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for all your wonderful music.

25 February, 2009 08:33  
Blogger Bill Sterling said...

I am Bill producer of album Stained Glass window which was reviewed here in 2008 by arbor on time has told me
Bob is still writing and we d be glad to send lyric sheets or some of his new songs he is still wring and it is great to find new listeners contact us here at thanks

17 July, 2009 05:08  

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