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Matt McGinn 10 Albums

MJF said...
Matt McGinn 10 Albums May not fit in as it's Irish/Scots Music Hall, I leave it to you

Matt McGinn
By Michael Moss

Matt McGinn Matt McGinn was born in Ross Street at the corner of the Gallowgate in Calton in 1928, one of a family of nine. At the age of twelve, he was sent to an approved school for two years. On his release he worked in the Hillington factory of Guest, Keen & Nettleford, spending his spare time at evening classes and reading, When he was thirty-one, he gained a prestigious Trade Union scholarship to Ruskin College in Oxford.

After taking his diploma in economics and political science, he went to Huddersfield Teachers' Training College. While he was there he won a competition in a Sunday newspaper to write a song in the folk tradition.

Upon qualification Matt McGinn went to work as a teacher in Rutherglen for three years before becoming the organiser of the Gorbals Adventure Playground. Thereafter he became a full-time comedian and singer. He was a prolific songwriter, drawing on his experiences of Glasgow life for much of his material. His performances in clubs and concert halls were hugely popular, often leaving the audience in tears of laughter.

He was a deeply committed radical in the tradition of Red Clydeside. He believed passionately in the overthrow of capitalism and was a keen supporter of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work-in.

He died in 1977 from the effects of smoke inhalation having fallen asleep with a cigarette in his hand.

Born a Catholic, he abandoned religion and at his funeral the Communist anthem "The International" was sung movingly by the large congregation. His songs live on and are still performed.

"Matt McGinn" 1966
Transatlantic XTRA 1045 LP

The Red Yo Yo
Willie MacNamara
Old Johnny Bull
Big Sammy
The Footba' Referee
Ban the Beatles
The Heilan' Man
The First Man On the Moon
Manura Manyar
Gallowgate Calypso
Lots of Little Soldiers
Unner Alow the Ground


"Matt McGinn Again" 1967
Transatlantic XTRA 1057 LP

Side One
Rob Roy McGregor
The Rolling Hills of the Border
We’ll All Be Angels
The Road to Aldermaston

Side Two
The Ballad of John McLean
The King & The Key
Three Nights and a Sunday
Rosy Ana
I’m Looking for a Job
Big Willie's Blues


"Honesty Is Out Of the Fashion" 1968
Transatlantic XTRA 1071 LP

Side One
Honesty is out of the Fashion
The Pekinese Dog
The Sash/Kevin Barry
The Dundee Ghost
The Ballad of the Q4
Biddie McGrath
The Leaving of Liverpool

Side Two
Ros in the Bow
Two Foot Tall
The Sequel to the Dundee Weaver
No Nay Never
The Big Orange Whale
The Pill
Coorie Doon


"Little Ticks of Time" 1969
Transatlantic XTRA 1078 LP

Side One
The Cleansing Man
The Witches Song
Polly Had A Poodle
Little Ticks Of Time
Skinny Ma Linky Long Legs
The Man In The Moon
Bingo Bella
Jolly Red Nose
Mornin' Elanora
Tra La La Tweet Tweet
Oor Wee Wean
The Dundee Cat
Eternity Will Soon Be Over
Loch Lomond


"The Matt McGinn Sampler" 1969
Transatlantic TRA SAM 18 LP

Side One
Rob Roy McGregor from XTRA 1057
The Ballad of the Q4 from XTRA 1071
The Dundee Ghost from XTRA 1071
Big Samrny from XTRA 1045
The Pill from XTRA 1071
The Red YoYo from XTRA 1045

Side Two:
The Boys from Lisbon from TRA/SP 15
I Have Seen the Highlands from TRA/SP 18
Willie MacNamara from XTRA 1045
Moaning from XTRA 1057
The Ballad of John MacLean from XTRA 1057
The Heilan'Man from XTRA 1045


"Take Me Back To The Jungle" 1971
RCA International INTS 1240 LP

Side One
Take Me Back To The Jungle
With Fire And Sword
Tony Capaldi
Cead Mile Failte (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)
The Little Carpenter

Side Two
Hi Jack
Life Is A Fountain
Have A Banana
The Man They Could Not Hang
Tell Me What Tea Leaves Tell Me
On The Beach At Portobello


"Tinny Can On My Tail" 1972
RCA International INTS 1368 LP

Side One
Tinny Can On My Tail
The Gay Liberation
I've Packed Up My Bags
Skull and Crossbones
Lady Chat (written by Jim McLean)
Wi' Jimmy Reid and Airlie

Side Two
Troubled Waters In My Soul
Yes, Yes, U.C.S.
In a Neat Little Town
Rich Man's Paradise
Get Up, Get Out
The Ibrox Disaster


"The Two Heided Man" 1972
Emerald Gem GES 1079 LP

Side One
Introduction by David Scougall
Height Starvation Song (McNaughton)
Poem: The Two Heided Man (McGinn)
Poem: Ra Dug Frae Ra Port (McGinn)
Joke: The Prime Minister
Poem: Timbuktu (McGinn)
Song: The Depth of My Ego (McGinn)
Story: The Silver Screw
Song: St. Columba and the Masons
(McGinn, Connolly, Harvey)
Song: The Big Glasgow Polis (McGinn)

Side Two
Poem: The Big Effen Bee (McGinn)
Song: The Foreman O'Rourke (McGinn)
Poem: The Philosophy of Frun (McGinn)
Poem: Farrer and Murrer (McGinn)
Poem: The Black Velvet Hand (Janet)
Song: Snowball (McGinn)
Poem: Ra Murrer of Five (Trad.)
Poem: My Farrer (McGinn)
Poem: The Tay (McGinn)
Poem: There Are Two Teams in Glasgow (McGinn)
Joke: The One Legged Man
Song: The Dog's Party (McGinn)

RECORDED Live at Edinburgh Police Club


"Two Heided Man Strikes Again" 1974
Emerald Gem GES 1120 LP

Side One
Benny Lynch (Song)
Billy Davidson's Twins (Joke)
The Big Shike (Story)
Sugary Cake and Candy Man (Song)
The Buckin' Bronco (Joke)
A Tribute to McGonnegal (Poem)
The Bonnie Broon-Haired Lassie (Song)
(McGonnegal, adpt. Cairnie, McGinn)
The Royal Infirmary (Poem)
Janetta (Song)

Side Two
Five Million Scotsmen Will Call (Song)
I Woke Up With the Dawning (Poem)
Frankie Vaughan (Song) (Jennett)
The Magic Shadow Show (Song) (McGinn, Kayyam)
Samson (Story)
The Teuchter (Joke)
Wally Brodie (Poem)
We Ain't Gonna Dig No More (Song)
I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago (Song) (Trad. Arr. Unknown)


"Screwtops Are Falling On My Head" 1975

Side One
Intro by Matt McGinn Junior
The Cradle of Civilisation—including:
Cider Wi' Yer Maw,
Ma Darlin' Is a Charlie and
My Dearest My Darling (Davidson)
My Wee Auntie Sarah
Crofter Story

Side Two
Screwtops—including Leaving In a Police Van (Davidson)
and Amazing Grace
Gaelic Joke
Heiderum Hauderum
Maggie Might
Glaswegians Would (Matt McGinn, Jr.)
Two Wee Germs
Somebody's Wean
The Schmitt Family
Nelly May (J Herd)




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this - this guy's alright! "Ban The Beatles" is hysterical - and still timely. Great music, thanks!

09 December, 2007 02:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks for that incredible collection...but just one album is missig: "magic Shadow show" (1973)
Someone could upload it and it would be fantastic!!!

11 December, 2007 08:57  
Blogger dweller said...

Mat McGinn ROCKS!!!
I recently discovered him looking for the "little ticks of time" song that originally had on a playschool album.
If anyone has that album Sing a Song of Playschool to upload I would be very grateful!!!

13 December, 2007 07:55  
Blogger Michael Cunningham said...

One correction to this great comp which appears on quite a few blogs - the file called "The Matt McGinn Sampler" 1969 - Transatlantic TRA SAM 18 LP is actually Side One of Revival In Britain—Volume One
1962—Folkways Records FW 8728 LP
. So if like me you're looking for the Matt McGinn single "I Have Seen the Highlands", you won't find it here. (The accordian player on this track is one Peter Bellamy, BTW...)

30 June, 2008 12:07  
Anonymous Chris Stobart said...

I can't download the Matt McGinn Again album for some reason. I've managed four of the others but this one has eluded me all along.

10 July, 2009 00:56  
Anonymous Chris Stobart said...

Actually forget I said that. I've managed to get it elsewhere in these pages.

10 July, 2009 20:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just discovered this collection. I haven't heard some of this material for about 40 years. I'm looking forward to renewing my acquaintance.

12 March, 2011 23:15  

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