Wednesday, December 12, 2007

by danny #3

Flowers and Frolics "Sold Out" 1984

01 Oats, beans and peas/When daylight shines
02 Bobby Shafto/Mickey chewing bubblegum
03 Bonny lass/The merry month of May
04 La Scottish/Orlando’s return
05 The man in the moon/Valse clogue
06 Navvy on the line
07 Foul weather call/Speed the plough
08 Jack’s alive/The fiery clockface
09 The merry girl/Pepper in the brandy
10 Wiskey hornpipe/The man from Newry
11 Ben-Hur march/Jimmy Garson’s march

Trevor Bennett: trombones, flugelhorn, helicon
Mike Bettison: melodeon
Roger Digby: Anglo concertinas
Rob Gifford: percussion
Nick Havell: bass trombone
Dan Quinn: melodeons
Chris Smith: sound
Sue Bainbridge: piano
Ken Lees: banjo

Produced by Eddie Upton
Recorded by Tony Engle at Ideal Sound Recorders, London, Dec 1983

... Flowers opt for a straightforward poster. bordered by a forest of leaves, the words "Cecil Sharp House" writ large, perhaps underlining their ultimate respect for tradition, but still striking and colourful.

It should be said that all are excellent records. To play around with dance music, you've got to be very sure of your ground and completely at case with the tradition. The bouts of experiment and adventure are delivered from all three with considerable confidence and panache. In some ways, the Flowers record - superfìcially the most mundane - offers the most exhilarating moments. For while they generally tend to play slower and more carefully than the other bands, they are allo more considered and when they do let rip, as on something like Ben Hur March or Jack's Alive, they really steam. The sound is rock solid and the exhilaration breathtaking. That bass trombone of Nick Havell is worth its weight in gold...

Colin Irwin • Southern rag #23, Jan/Mar 1985


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dp.. this upload seems to have breaks in some tracks, is your original ok?

12 December, 2007 17:52  
Blogger danny said...

I'm going to check it.
I listen to cd yesterday and it worked well

12 December, 2007 21:21  
Blogger danny said...

can you tell me which track/s has/have problems

12 December, 2007 22:00  
Blogger danny said...

I tried a new conversion with CdEx, but it sounds worst.
I think problems lie on Cd, so I can't do nothing, sorry

12 December, 2007 23:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dp.. I cannot easily tell you which tracks are bad as there is no track numbering, only names, the files as they were extracted from the archive
and correctly named in computer format, rather than antiquated library format, showed the first 6 to be with breaks, after this I abandoned the tests.
What I do not understand is how ripping a CD produces clips in the MP3 file, unless you rip in analogue mode via a sound card.
Perhaps someone else will have a copy of this album.

13 December, 2007 01:41  
Blogger danny said...

it seems there are some errors in the cd I masrtered long ago, while they are corrected by software when you listen to Cd, they heavily affected mp3 convertions.
I gave all my lp's to a friend, but I can try to have this one back and digitalize it again, but it will take some time cause we don't live in the same city.
track number were cancelled by mistake, sorry.
track 01, 02, 04 and 05 are ok anyway all of them are quite listenable and better than some other uncleaned ripping you can find on the net (and here too)

13 December, 2007 18:02  
Anonymous gonzo said...

Hi Danny,
I'll post my LP copy, save you the bother, I think your cover pics are better than mine, so downloaders can use yours with my tracks..

(Hand typed in, hope its ok, I also have a scan of the LP back)

13 December, 2007 21:37  

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