Friday, November 02, 2007

Pete & Chris Coe

"Open The Door And Let Us In" 1972

A vinyl rip with Pete Coe and his wife (at that time) Chris.
In 1978 they formed "Bandoggs", with Nic Jones and Tony Rose.

01 - Acting Song
02 - The Banks Of Red Roses
03 - Cheshire May Day Carol
04 - Lady Diamond
05 - False Knight
06 - Joseph Baker
07 - The Wizard Of Alderley Edge
08 - The Wife Of Ushers Well
09 - The Egloshayle Ringers
10 - The Plains Of Waterloo
11 - Hugh Of Lincoln
12 - The Gay Fusiler

Complaint received from Pete Coe himself...


Anonymous Manila said...

It's great to hear this again. Pete & Chris were a very popular duo on the British folk club circuit in the 70s and this album shows why. My only (minor) gripe is the slightly 'nasal' delivery which afflicted so many folk singers then and now - taken to extremes by Peter Bellamy, who, adding a strong vibrato, occasionally sounded like a sheep when singing live. I didn't understand it then and I still don't now. I know saying this is going to get me into trouble but what the hell, I've been listening to, buying, and frequently performing this stuff for nearly 40 years so I think I'm allowed a little criticism. Apart from which, I still think Bellamy's 'Barrack Room Ballads' is a masterpiece, and this album is a little gem. Thanks very much for posting it, and even more thanks for using Sharebee - I seem to have so many problems with Rapidshare these days.

02 November, 2007 19:37  
Blogger GeoX said...

I downloaded this from the late great Celtic Circle a while ago, and it's my favorite of the three albums I d/l'ed by these two. "The Gay Fusilier" is interesting inasmuch as it's the same tune as "Waltzing Matilda." Which came first, I wonder?

I heart Peter Bellamy, distinctive voice and all. I think it works especially well for his Kipling interpretations, inasmuch as that's totally how I picture late nineteenth-century British imperialists sounding. My favorite is Keep on Kipling, though in all fairness, I might like BRB better if the version I found weren't so hissy.

03 November, 2007 01:56  
Blogger Pete Coe said...

I should point out that I'm unhappy with the albums you have included for downloading, without my permission. Firstly, I have just re-released 'It's A Mean Old Scene' plus 'A Right Song & Dance' (my first two solo LPs) on CD on my own Backshift Music label. Your download facility thus undermines my sales on what is a small independent label. Secondly, the earlier Leader/Trailer LPs 'Open The Door & Let Us In', 'Out Of Season Out Of Rhyme' 'Bandoggs' & Highway LP 'Game Of All Fours' are currently subject to publishing disputes with Celtic Music. It is my intention, once the dispute is settled, to re-release these albums on CD. In the meantime you could find that you may get involved in expensive litigation from other parties. You certainly do not have my permission to make these recordings available as downloads & I would ask you to remove them immediately. Pete Coe.

22 March, 2008 04:59  
Blogger Pete Coe said...

I repeat, you do not have my permission for these downloads. Please remove them immediately.

31 March, 2008 07:21  
Blogger Lizardson said...

Pete Coe,
please look it carefully,
the download link is already removed...

31 March, 2008 20:30  
Anonymous Dai Jeffries said...

Good luck with extracting your albums - and those of Nic Jones and everyone else tied up with you-know who. I notice that two years on from your very reasonable complaint there doesn't seem to be any change in the situation even after the "Bright Phoebus" business. Meanwhile I am grateful to THTM for enabling me to see what I'm missing.

26 February, 2010 21:09  

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