Monday, November 05, 2007

Message from Rosemary Tawney

Hello Lizardson

A colleague has directed me to your website which offers free downloads of 5 of my late husband's LPs. The pros and cons of free downloads aside, I would appreciate it if you could correct the statement below, made on the "Mayflower Garland" page:

-----jean luc godard said... Thanks so much for this. None of his music is available on CD and I wanted to hear him for some time now. He is much better than I expected. Excellent stuff! 12th July 2007-----

This is inaccurate, and potentially damaging to sales of currently available albums. Solo recordings have been available since 1988 as cassettes and CDs. At present there are 4 CDs on the ADA label and 3 cassettes on Neptune Tapes. In particular, every song on your offering - "In Port" - is available on current recordings (some are on several), but notably "Navy Cuts" (ADA 101CD) includes 12 of the 15 songs on "In Port", and the other 3 songs on that LP are on other currently-available recordings, as are several from others which you offer. Full details and direct ordering information are at and the ADA CDs are also available from the usual sources.

I hope you can help

Thank you

Rosemary Tawney

I decide to cut off the free download link of "In Port"album.
I'll inform about your email and let people to buy the CD...
Hope this will help.

Thank you for your quick reply. This will help, although it does not solve the problem of the available songs which are on the other LPs, and on any future re-issues etc., but I appreciate your co-operation.

Rosemary Tawney

Then, I delete all Cyril Tawney stuffs from THTM.


Anonymous Manila said...

Cyril was a legend in his own lifetime. A great man, sadly missed.

06 November, 2007 16:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is sad that artists and their heirs sometimes respond this way.

I've discovered several artists through THTM and other similar websites, and purchased some of their current releases or reissues on CD as a result. I would never have known about the artists without the downloads.

So, at least for me, downloads actually INCREASE the number of CDs that I buy. I suspect I'm not the only one.

But now, I will not be able to sample Cyril Tawney's music, so I am unlikely to buy his CDs.

09 November, 2007 00:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shit Is This A Blog Or What!!!!
No It's Not a RECORD SHOP!!!!
Post The Fucker and BE DAMNED
Or we can all go and be in at HMV.
No sorry they don't sell this ARTIST, Do They? Do THEY FUCK...........................................................................................................................................

10 November, 2007 07:55  
Blogger vagabond kiwi said...

I think you handle this well. Polite and sensitive shown by yourself and Rosemary Tawney. One only has to read your blog to see your love for the music and artists. I think the folks owning masters like these should get them on to some place like emusic, else they are only going to sell to active seekers . Big names like Neil young ( archives ) , Hank Williams ( mothers best radio recordings ) will get the publicity. On another side if it wasn't for record companies Im sure lots of artist would love for there works to become public domain. Cheers

16 November, 2007 06:11  
Blogger Mike said...

A shame you decided to remove the links. Rosemary didn't actually ask you to do that.
Anyway, my two cents: I heard some of a Cyril Tawney track on BBC Radio 6 this weekend and liked it enough to seek out more of his music, (and try to hear the full track) which is how I ended up here.
As the links are no longer here, it looks like I won't be hearing any more of his stuff - a shame, but unfortunately the snippet I heard wasn't so great I want to buy a CD on the strength of it...

I'd like to think Cyril would like people to HEAR his music. After all, what does he stand to gain through sales ?

29 January, 2008 07:57  

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