Monday, October 29, 2007

Harvey Andrews said...

Harvey Andrews:
I see from your site you have my album "Friends of mine" up for download. Could I ask you to remove it please as I earn my living by selling this album for which I pay a royalty to the owners. it is an infringement of my copyright.

Sorry for that.
I'll delete the download link soon after this mail.
I don't know how do you think but, there is some people
who bought your albums after check my blog.
I just wanted people to know forgotten treasures.
Thanks for your great songs...

Best regards


Harvey Andrews said... (after my email)
Many thanks.
There are two sides to the arguement on free downloads, and both have their positives. However, I personally feel that a person's website with some free tracks is the answer. If people are offered something for nothing they generally take it, and your putting the whole album up for free is really the same as me putting it up for free if you think about it, and you wouldn't expect me to do that would you? A whole album is too much I feel. I'm 65 in a few months and these albums are my pension!
However,thanks for your interest in my work, and thanks for treating my request with respect.

Harvey Andrews (on THTM)


Anonymous bluenorther said...

I can't stop wondering, why some people cannot understand obvious things.The songwriters should be grateful for the free advertising on this blog.If people really love your music, Harvey, they definitely will buy your CD,if they don't, they simply will discard this mp3 download and that's it.A few samples on your website is not enough to decide is your album worth my money or not.I believe, this is a fair deal, a fewer people would swear you later, after buying your CD,and finding out it's a complete and utter rubbish,(Maybe).
I'm afraid, your income won't get any bigger after taking your album off this well peoples'[ respect.

30 October, 2007 02:15  
Blogger ge said...

good perspective...[full] albums of living artists w/ available product should not be lumped together with old OOP vinyl rarities available only for exhorbitant prices on Amazon or ebay...the latter has a lot more credibiltity being offerd at sites like this as generous-educational free shares

30 October, 2007 02:33  
Blogger ge said...

hey bluenorther & Lizardson & any readers; my response was to Harvey's post not yours, there's a delay.

It's not all that cut-dried: Ideally bloggers'd contact the living artist [w/ avail. CDs] or his heirs re full album posting before doing so. As one who produces CDs [and has bought thousands], I am sensitive to this question, especially given the current desire by most visitors for highest bitrates & full hi-res. grafix--hell who'd bother to buy then?
Sharing one's old crackly obscurities is one thing---reducing income from poor-enough artists' lives is another. Copyright should not be your enemy; All deserve payment for original creativity; Some artists record and dont perform, that's their medium and unit sales or paid d'loads their bread-butter... are some additional musings. Thanks for indulging...

30 October, 2007 05:26  
Anonymous Roger Grenville said...

I tend to agree with Harvey. His music is great and recently I marched against the Iraq invasion in Manchester. I was marching next to a guy from Portsmouth who was playing a guitar and amongst the songs he sang was Harvey's "Hey Sandy". It was amazing but there were a few of us over-60s who remembered the words. One of so,so many of his great songs.

30 October, 2007 06:08  
Anonymous Manila said...

Harvey is a gentleman. Whether he 'understands' anyone else's point of view with regard to the posting of albums is irrelevant. The CDs are his, he doesn't want them posted here, and he made his point very politely. As far as I'm concerned that's fair enough. Lizardson responded, equally politely, and removed the link.

I really don't think a man of Harvey Andrew's stature needs to be lectured on what affects his income and what doesn't. As one of the best and most hard-working singer/songwriters of the last 40 years he knows better than anyone. As for losing respect, he certainly hasn't lost mine. In fact, given his willingness to even discuss the matter, I respect him even more.

30 October, 2007 11:34  
Anonymous bluenorther said...

Well, 'ge', I would bother to buy a CD I really like.MP3 dowloads cannot replace CDs(LPs).It's just a temporary substitute.And don't forget,there's a lot of people in the world, who cannot afford to buy a $20 CD(incl.shipping).They have to listen to this mp3 crap.
I know, the argument like this could go on forever.Fortunately(or unfortunately for some)with the Internet the world's changed.

30 October, 2007 16:06  
Blogger newelectricmuse said...

I think Harvey and Lizardson have both done the right thing. A polite request, and a polite reply.

31 October, 2007 04:41  
Blogger bagheera said...

"Friends of Mine" is OOP so HA won't receive any income from it unless he has produced CDs for private circulation (although it could come out yet).

Personally, I would only download if I couldn't get a CD copy of something that I already had on vinyl, but lots of folk aren't that scrupulous.

13 January, 2009 18:14  

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