Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Presented by Nel

Carolanne Pegg "Carolanne" 1973

Nel said...
Hi Lizardson,
Ashamed i have to admitt...i load regulary music from you...but i never leave a comment.
You do have an awfully good blog! And i enjoy the music you offer a lot!
I noticed you wanted this album. So as a little contribution to your great site:

Prog Not Frog:
I have always been a fan of the Yorkshire folk act Mr. Fox, whose two albums are classics of the genre (Mr. Fox and The Gypsy) but recently I discovered the first solo album of one of the two Mr foxCarolanne Pegg Oh boys!, what a powerful voice, this is truly amazing!.

After leaving Mr Fox -her first band were she played with her husband Bob- Carolanne Pegg recorded in 1973 his eponymous first solo album.

This work last almost 50 minutes, all the tracks were written by Carolanne itself, except the first track (a Judy Collins cover) and "Man of War" written with H Weightman.

In words of Mark Coyle: "Like her work with Mr Fox, Ms Pegg’s solo music is folk in style and sound rather than being modern renditions of traditional song a la Steeleye Span and Pentangle. Although Track 5 Fair Fortune’s Star (which sounds like a long lost Child’s ballad) is reminiscent of her previous work, most of the songs aren’t. On this album, Ms Pegg uses a broader musical palette than before, with some songs, most notably Track 6 Clancy’s Song, having an almost country feel to them. Whatever their style, many of the songs have brooding, melancholy, if menacing, feel to them. This is most noticeable on Tack 4 The Sapphire. Track 7 The Lady and The Well, and Track 11 Winter People (the outstanding track on the album) and is achieved through Ms Pegg’s distinctive voice, and singing style (which I’m not going to even try and describe)."


Anonymous Manila said...

Welcome to the clan, Nel! You made my day with the post of this album. Thank you so much.

05 September, 2007 22:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


06 September, 2007 01:09  
Blogger GeoX said...

Truly extraordinary. Possibly the best thing I've heard from this site, and that's saying something. Did she record any other solo albums? And if not, WHY not? It's tragic that such a talent should be virtually unknown.

06 September, 2007 13:04  
Anonymous Manila said...

You can find more info on Carole (as she is now known) here:
She recorded with Mr Fox, of course, and prior to that as a duo with her then husband, Bob Pegg. But no other solo albums. There have been rumours of a comeback. As far as I know, nothing confirmed yet. Would be great, though.

06 September, 2007 16:11  
Anonymous Manila said...

By the way, geox, I love your inchoatia blog. Though it's sometimes hard to imagine a guy with such an explosive (and often hilarious) way with words listening to the plinkety-plonk of Steeleye Span. Just goes to show that we all have more than one side to us. :-)

06 September, 2007 18:07  
Blogger GeoX said...

Hurray! I have a fan :-}

06 September, 2007 23:04  
Blogger GeoX said...

To elaborate a little, I'd been a fan of Span and a few other big-name folk outfits for a while, but discovering this blog and, subsequently, a few others like it really fannned the flames of my fandom. I don't think there's anything inherently contradictory in liking folk music and delivering the odd enraged left-wing polemic are necessarily at odds :-)

Thanks for the link--I'm quite impressed by Ms. Pegg's academic credentials. Let's hope the projected new album comes sooner rather than later. Anyone have the albums with Bob? Are they any good?

07 September, 2007 06:54  
Anonymous Manila said...

I heard Bob and Carole Pegg's 'He Came From The Mountains' years ago and thought it was great. More similar in style to 'Mr Fox' than this album. (Wow. I just checked the Artist Index and, unless I'm mistaken, neither of the Mr Fox albums are there. I have both so I'll see if I can post one.) I've never heard the Sydney Carter album, though Syney's songs were occasionally a bit twee for me.

Anyone have either of these?

07 September, 2007 11:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks great album


07 September, 2007 21:54  
Anonymous Manila said...

Correction! The Bob and Carole Pegg album was called 'He Came From The Mountains,' not 'Join Us In Our Game.'
Now if anyone has THAT album it would be the post of the year. It's almost impossible to get hold of.

08 September, 2007 20:15  
Anonymous Dale said...

I came here because I have "He Came from the Mountains" and was just researching it. Glad I did. "Carolanne" is unbelievable. Unbelievable voice. Unbelievable songwriting. Thanks for turning me on to this gem.

26 October, 2008 05:18  
Blogger Simon said...

Great! I've been looking for this for ages. Amazing stuff. What a voice!

18 August, 2009 19:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would dearly love a copy of this album but the link no longer seems to be here. Any chance of a re-up?
Your blog is fabulous and the first one I check when I go a-blogaling!

Neil F

19 December, 2009 17:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lizardson

This a great website.

A small point, not that it really matters, but the review you quoted was written by me Steve Watts, not Mark Coyle, though it was posted on his website. I can send you the complete review if you like.


17 January, 2010 03:38  

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