Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cyril Tawney

"The Outlandish Knight" 1969

On The Outlandish Knight, Cyril sings what he considers to be "the cream of the great traditional ballads as they were sung in the South-West peninsula of England." He sings them completely unaccompanied because, he says, "that is the way they were sung by the illiterate or semi-literate moorfolk and countryfolk who gave them to Baring-Gould and his fellow-collectors, and because any claim that they were ever sung otherwise is pure speculation." Most of his versions come from the Baring-Gould Manuscript, and this LP was recorded in the Plymouth Central Library, where the manuscripts are housed. The sleeve contains brief notes for each song and an introductory essay.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for this post, however why the 32kbps bitrate? Yet,2 songs are at 320

30 September, 2007 06:03  
Anonymous Baddude said...

Incredible, another killing, after the Wizz Jones, and all the other rare stuff, can it get any better?
Cyril Tawney, almost his first record and up to now very hard to find, so I was delighted to see it posted UNTIL I listened to it, hardly worth the bother posting stuff at 32k, WHAT HAPPENED ? why the mishmash of bit rates? You let us all down on this Lizzy !! :((

30 September, 2007 17:36  
Anonymous caoimghin said...

Thanks for this. I am also looking for albums by the Liverpool folk group 'The Spinners' from the same period. Anyone got any? They had a big hit with the inter-racial song 'Black & White' and also did a lovely version of 'The Flowers of Manchester' which was about the Munich air disaster which killed so many of the Man Utd Busby babes.

30 September, 2007 18:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the bitrate, sometimes a false number of 32 can be on the file when it actually is 320. Have you actually listened to it?

30 September, 2007 18:26  
Blogger danny said...

"thanks for this post, however why the 32kbps bitrate? Yet,2 songs are at 320"

maybe something went wrong when the original ripper set his ripping program

archive is just over 25 MB, too small for a 320 kbps ripping

track at 32 kbps sounds very poor indeed

01 October, 2007 21:42  
Anonymous Manila said...

Lizardson is responsible for about 95% of all the incredible posts on this blog. He also runs it and takes the time and trouble to thank people for their posts. He then makes one mistake (I've made plenty in my posts) and 'baddude' has the nerve to say he 'let us all down'?

Show some gratitude, for God's sake!

01 October, 2007 22:54  
Anonymous baddude said...

Hey, I credited him did I not, at least I put the good news first, now come on, we owe him a lot for continuing, and I am sure he can take some constructive critisism. One must say as one feels (or hears in this case) However to make the point again, and not be too critical of other suppliers of rare and live music, even the 32k versions sound better than some of the bootlegs do..
at least there is no one coughing, mumbling and chair shuffling...
Hey I have done live boots too, I know the problems :-))

02 October, 2007 01:35  
Blogger GeoX said...

Agreed. It's easy to take things for granite*, but it's a little unseemly to complain about the quality of the FREE MUSIC. Do you get pissed off at the hen who lays the golden eggs because they're not twenty-four-karat? RESPECT.

*For some reason, people always think that's a mistake. No, it's only a mistake when my STUDENTS do it.

02 October, 2007 02:49  
Anonymous arbor said...

is the link gone?

03 November, 2008 06:35  

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