Saturday, September 15, 2007

by Nel #2

Nel said...
Hi Lizardson,
Thanks again for the great music on your blog!

I read in the comments of Tim Hardin - Hang on to a dream, that someone asked for the album "Suite for Susan Moore".
In 2000 a cd was released with this album and also "bird on a wire".

Tim Hardin
"Suite for Susan Moore..." 1970

Hardin's first album for Columbia was a darker, more subdued, and altogether stranger affair than the relatively accessible material he had recorded for Verve just two or three years previously. Even at the peak of his popularity, Hardin was not always the most straightforward of songwriters, and Suite for Susan Moore took a turn toward the oblique. The "songs," actually running together into a loose suite, were divided into the mysteriously titled sections "Implication I," "Implication II," "Implication III," and "End of Implication." Often they sounded like an outpouring of stream-of-consciousness romantic emotions and thoughts, rather than compositions deliberately constructed for ease of listener comprehension. Some of the cuts had foggy, druggy textures with slow tempos, tremeloed guitars, and watery electric keyboards; not lethargic or laid-back, but the kind of stuff you're always tempted to boost the volume on to make it easier to grasp. Even the folkier and more upbeat tunes had a casual and distended air; Hardin added to the strangeness by occasionally reciting somber poetry, both unaccompanied and to meandering, jazzy instrumental backing. The drowsy mood, both affectionate and vulnerable, is more important than the message on this haunting album. That means it's not recommended as the first Hardin recording for neophytes, but it is recommended to those who already like Hardin and are up for something more obtuse than his early records. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Cover: Front, Back, LP label

"Bird on a Wire" 1971

Tim Hardin was mostly known as a singer/songwriter, and a most prolific one at that, based on the number of originals he generated on his albums during the second half of the 1960s. Bird on a Wire was, thus, something of a surprise, turning up as it did with only six originals on it. Perhaps Hardin was in a bad way creatively -- given what fans know now, it's difficult to picture a time in his life after 1966 when he wasn't, at some level -- but as compensation, he did beautifully soulful renditions of the title track (a Leonard Cohen song), Hoagy Carmichael's "Georgia on My Mind," John Lee Hooker's "Hoboin'," and more. Ironically, Cohen was supposed to be Columbia Records' resident singing literary figure, but in "Andre Johray" and "Moonshiner," Hardin merged serious personal poetry and his compositional and interpretive skills in a startlingly intimate and affecting manner. The singing is exquisite, poignant, and powerful and the production is as tasteful and eloquent as any in Hardin's output. This might not be the place to start listening to Tim Hardin (though there are worse places for that as well) in terms of finding out what he was about, but it's also as essential as anything in his output and a lot closer to the core of who he was than, say, Tim Hardin 4. This was also Hardin's last American studio recording and one of the last records that he made before the physical consequences of his drug problem became obvious. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide


Blogger Rod... said...

Thanks for this - great blog!
May I put a short message out? I've been looking for any albums by an old friend from way back who recorded under the names of Dyon Parker and earlier Dave Helling. Or maybe Dave Parker as well - he was an awkward so and so. He died recently as I found out accidentally and was a fine singer/guitarist in the Jackson C Frank mode but with his own take on things. He recorded one album for Pye (which I have lost) and at least a couple more (I was at the mixing session for one) but this is really obscure stuff, I guess. He was a street musician in London and beyond from the late sixties - to recently?

15 September, 2007 18:15  
Blogger Fuzzbox said...

... thank you for these albums ... soon i'm gonna upload "3-Live in Concert" ... keep up the good work & thanks again!

15 September, 2007 19:15  
Anonymous karel said...

Thanks a lot for Tim Hardin!

Keep up the good work!

16 September, 2007 01:13  
Anonymous Manila said...

Hi Rod.
(apologies to Nel for posting this reply here - I didn't know where else to put it.)

A bit of Googling came up with the following: Dyon Parker had an album out on Marble Arch records called 'Out On The Highway' in 1968. I don't know if this is the guy you are looking for. Anyway, the album is listed as for sale on a website I found, though only in Google's cache - the actual page seems to have disappeared. However, I made a note of the guy's email address:
I fear, if they have it, they might be asking a lot for the album but it's worth a try.

It was also for sale on another (Dutch) site:
Again, I don't know how much they are asking.

Sanctuary Records have released a CD of singer/songwriters called 'Footprints In The Snow' on which Dyon Parker has a song (actually, it's the title track!) You can find details here:

There is a reference to a guy called Dave Helling here:
But, again, I don't know if this is your friend.

Hope this is of some help. Good luck in your search! If you find an album, how about posting it here? :-)

And now...
Thanks so much, Nel, for yet more Tim Hardin. 'Bird On A Wire" in particular is FABULOUS.

16 September, 2007 01:40  
Blogger Denis said...

Thanks !!! the way, 'The Homecoming Concert/81'...!!!

Força sempre!

Dirk Vive!

17 September, 2007 05:14  
Blogger Rod... said...

Manila - thanks for your help... I had all Dave/Dyon's albums but they got lost down the years - I know about the one you mentioned 'Out on the Highway' - silly prices! I was hoping someone may have the originals and be prepared to rip them. Maybe just too obscure! If I turn them up - I'll post them for you, no problem

- and thanks for the courtesy of giving me the space to to reply to Manila... a wonderful blog!

19 September, 2007 07:08  
Blogger gus said...

Thank you for these Tim Hardin albums! Ever since I heard this really great cover of "How can we hang on to a dream" I have been searching for some of his stuff to check out.

25 September, 2007 14:41  
Blogger Fuzzbox said...


I've uploaded Tim Hardin - 3 (1968)

Part 1:
Part 2:

Cheers for all that wonderful music in your blog!


01 October, 2007 15:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you really for all those sweet and hot drugs, Tim Hardin was a genius and his music is still actual...i have just bought his album of rarities with great Bobby Darin's title "simple song of freedom" and i can't stop hearing "shiloh town"...oh my god!

i can't find "homecoming concert", out of print, may someone post it? i would appreciate

i think Tim is a little bit forgotten and it is so sad for us


12 October, 2008 08:51  

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