Thursday, September 20, 2007

by GeoX #3

Gordon Bok "A Tune for November" 1970

GeoX said...
An early album. I don't think he'd quite found his voice yet, but it's a pleasant enough listen, and the story-song "Saben the Woodcutter" presages his masterpiece "Kagan and the Wind."

01. The Hills of Isle au Haut
02. Duna
03. Handsome Cabin Boy
04. Song of Yupanqui
05. Traveling People
06. Liverpool Handy/I'se the B'y
07. Saben the Woodfitter
08. Lou's Handy
09. Where Am I to Go?
10. Lowlands
11. Queensland Overlanders
12. Sier Lapalang
13. Tune for Bannard
14. A Tune for November

Gordon Bok "Peter Kagan and the Wind" 1971

GeoX said...
This is missing two tracks, irksomely ("Hang on, John" and "Ed McDermott's Handy)--I thought I had ripped everything. I'll be sure to grab those the next time I'm at my parents' house (probably not 'til Thanksgiving). But I didn't want to delay presenting it, because it's still a GREAT album, representing a big artistic leap forward from A Tune for November. The title track--a fifteen-minute story-song--is...well, I'm not even going to try to describe it, but I'm man enough to admit that it has been known to leave me on the verge of tears. And that's not all: "Mr. Eneos," "Mrs. MacDonald's Lament, and "Clear Away in the Morning" all rank among his best compositions. Hell, it's ALL good. Please listen.

01. Mr. Eneos
02. Mrs. MacDonald's Lament
03. Cape Ann
04. Gulls in the Morning
05. Frankie on the Sheepscot
06. Clear Away in the Morning
07. Threeboot Philbrick's Lament
08. Peter Kagan and the Wind


Blogger danny said...

missing tracks
vynil rip > 192 kbps

20 September, 2007 22:44  
Anonymous El-Aleph said...

Great to see Gordon Bok on this blog as well - in addition to all the other great music!! Thanks!

20 September, 2007 23:07  
Blogger GeoX said...

Thanks for the missing tracks, dude. That's super helpful.

21 September, 2007 03:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolutely love the Gordon Bok albums! I've been looking for them online for ages and ended up with nothing. I only seem to find a few copies on vinyl and like a tape at my library, but they're all great. Thank you so much!
By the way, why are they all in M4A's? I can't burn them or anything. I'm busy trying to find conversion software now, but if you know of any good ones, could you let me know?
Keep up the great work!

23 September, 2007 03:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all Gordon Bok albums. Do You have “Turning Toward the Morning” from (1975) with Ed Trickett and Ann Mayo Muir?

About M4A format (for Anonymous) on following address
You will find very good and full functional free player / converter, able to convert in Windows PCM (WAV) to burn CD’s

Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia

03 October, 2007 03:28  
Anonymous Kharvest said...

Hi there,

I used to frequent this blog back in the day and I'm very very happy to rediscover it! I understand that this post is several years old, but is the link for Kagen deleted? I can't seem to find it on this post. If so, I'll request it on the new blog perhaps :) thank you so much for bringing it here in the first place, Gordon Bok has been a strong favorite of mine for as long as I have been listening to music, yet I never hear of others knowing or liking him. It's great to see that someone out there enjoys his music as much as I do!

15 November, 2011 11:51  

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