Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tommy Flanders

"The Moonstone" 1969

Tommy Flanders is best known as the original lead singer of the Blues Project, appearing on their first single and their 1966 debut album, Live at the Cafe Au-Go-Go. By the time that album came out in March 1966, however, he'd left the band, and only four tracks on the LP featured him on vocals, though some outtakes and alternate versions from the recording sessions surfaced on the Blues Project Anthology compilation. Flanders was then signed to the Blues Project's label, Verve, as a solo artist, and issued three obscure singles on Verve or its parent label, MGM, between 1967 and 1970. In 1969, he also issued an equally obscure solo album, The Moonstone, which in contrast to his early Blues Project work spotlighted his own compositions, which were in a very mellow folk-rock and singer/songwriter style. Flanders later rejoined the Blues Project when the band briefly reunited with altered personnel for the 1972 album Blues Project. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide


Anonymous Karel said...


Thanks a lot!!

25 July, 2007 22:35  
Blogger kate said...

If you run away past tonight time
Through dark corridors of lace
Follow and I'll know where to find you
Where the past displays his face
While between purple and blue
The eve of a new morn'n
Waits outside your door for you
I have often watched your eyes shine
Tho' I know you've knocked yourself out of time
I will love you still tomorrow
Tho' I see you in a different ryhme

31 July, 2007 00:19  
Blogger kate said...

Is Tommy Flanders alive and if so, where is he?qgvxj

31 July, 2007 01:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bellísimo. Tengo el LP original y no me canso de escuchar esas melancólicas canciones.

Gracias por compartir.

C. A. Castrillón

08 September, 2007 14:44  
Anonymous Tommy Flanders Jane said...

Dear Lizardson i am e mailing you from los angeles. I am trying to locate my friend Tommy Flanders. We were together in 1969 in the East Sixties of New York City, and we went to Ireland together. We loved each other, and we got separated. He gave me his permanent phone number which over the years I lost. He called me by the name Moonbeam but it was really Jane. He called me and said that if I ever change my mind to call him. I wonder if you can re unite us. You must have a way. Why does it say on the internet that he is a south yorkshire guy. He was always a Greenwich Village New York boy, was that him you meant and does he perhaps live there. Please help Jane e mail is Shanasun@aol.com I would appreciate it if you could see if he still tours, or has an e mail or a manager or contact. Thank you for your time.
Peace and Goodwill

Mr Lizardson, I just e mailed you.about Tommy Flanders, my ex I wish I could blog but I cannot. I would like to know if you could just publish my comment, on your site, that I would like him to contact me Jane from the East Sixties, and our trip to Ireland together on your comment site anyway. I am hoping he will see it and contact me shanasun@aol.com he called me Moonbeam. Also, Lizardson, if you have as mentioned previously any information about him, such as where did he live last , or agent info or if you could get it he and I would be delighted. Tommy Flanders Jane

20 November, 2007 07:46  
Blogger Barry Clark said...

I lost track of Tommy after 1967, but he co-starred (with David Greenberg, Kristin van Buren, and Debbie Lee) in my half-hour film "A la Mod," shot in LA in the summer of 1966. Tommy was then, and probably still is, laconic and cool, a symbol of disaffection. Too cool, perhaps, for his times.

Barry Clark, Venice CA

02 May, 2008 06:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm remembering Tommy.

When I met him, I was 18 and was wow'd by his performance one night as lead singer of the Blues Project in a small, but well known club in East Village. Probably 1972.

He picked me up and wooed me for a few months. He was too cool for his own self. I felt (even though I was just 18) that his coolness was a mask for a painful interior, still, I loved his British accent and laconic demeanor. He fascinated me.

Later, he got kinda creepy. I think he realized that I was too young and he could get into trouble. He seemed like quite the player.

I blocked this out for 35+ years--that experience and his image just popped into my mind this morning for no apparent reason.

Without the internet, I wouldn't have thought about it any further.

26 February, 2009 04:55  
Blogger aleXander said...


29 November, 2009 14:42  
Blogger Dino said...

Great Stuff! But where is the Link to download this Album? Tommy Flanders

23 March, 2010 11:53  
Blogger AndrewT said...

I believe that "The Moonstone" is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Tommy Flanders . . . please come back, we need your voice! Thanks for keeping his memory alive. Anyone know where to find him?

13 April, 2011 03:19  
Anonymous Rick Maida said...

Tommy Flanders lived in Boston MA until 2007 when he moved to Los Angeles to stay with an old girlfriend. He came to many of my band's gigs at the Colonial Inn in Concord MA and talked about performing with some of my musicians. However, nothing materialized except he recorded some jazz standards as a duo in a studio with a pianist. The call from his old flame changed his plans. He since parted ways from the girlfriend.

I have not heard from him since 2010. Does anybody know where he is now in 2011 and how to contact him?

16 August, 2011 02:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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02 November, 2014 02:05  
Anonymous Karin Adir said...

I knew Tommy while I was a student at Bennington around 1970. He used to hide in my closet when campus police were looking for him, ha! We later hung out in NYC together for a bit, platonically, and I always wondered what ever happened to him...

28 February, 2015 07:21  

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