Sunday, July 29, 2007

Presented by Manila #3

Manila said...
Hi Lizardson.
I'm willing to bet that quite a few people here - at least those in Europe of a certain age! - first heard Fairport Convention, Nick Drake or John Martyn on one of the 4 legendary sampler albums released by Island Records in the late 60s, early 70s. Here are two of them (the others being 'Bumpers' and 'El Pea'). Island's reputation at the time was so good that many of us bought the LPs without even knowing who some of the acts were. Simply being on the Island label was enough.

"You Can All Join In" 1969

01. Song for Jeffrey - Jethro Tull
02. Sunshine Help Me - Spooky Tooth
03. I'm a Mover - Free
04. What's That Sound - Art
05. Pearly Queen - Tramline
06. You Can All Join In - Traffic
07. Meet on the Ledge - Fairport Convention
08. Rainbow Chaser - Nirvana
09. Dusty - John Martyn
10. I'll Go Girl - Clouds
11. Somebody Help Me - Spencer Davis Group
12. Gasoline Alley - Wynder K Frog

"Nice Enough To Eat" 1969

01. Cajun Woman - Fairport Convention
02. At The Crossroads - Mott The Hoople
03. Better By You, Better Than Me - Spooky Tooth
04. We Used To Know - Jethro Tull
05. Woman - Free
06. I Keep Singing That Same Old Song - Heavy Jelly
07. Sing Me A Song That I Know - Blodwyn Pig
08. Forty Thousand Headmen - Traffic
09. Time Has Told Me - Nick Drake
10. 21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson
11. Gungamai - Quintessence
12. Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal - Dr Strangely Strange

Nice Enough To Eat: Download
You Can All Join In: Download

Nice compilation album for all of us!!
Thanks always!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lizardson,
Maybe not your kinda thing but:
Kiss played last week as a three piece.
Paul Stanley was taken to hospital after a heart scare,
but the band played on!
An historic occasion, and here it is:
All the best to Paul & let's hope for a speedy recovery.
Titus Lux.
P.S. It's not my rip so don't shoot the messinger! I've not listened to it yet.
Artwork is included.

29 July, 2007 19:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just played it.
It's not the 'heart scare' gig.
It's an audience recording of a show last week but the 3 piece affair was only the other night (in Califonia I believe)
Still, they do 'All American Man' - a rarity. Paul sounds really croaky.
Titus Lux.

29 July, 2007 19:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wrong with the Kiss but here's one I CAN vouch for:
BOC in Cleveland 1973
A radio broadcast - the odd glitch but excellent for the era. From a time when Albert was clearly running the show.
Not my rip. Artwork inc.

29 July, 2007 20:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the Island samplers...the sight of those covers instantly whisked me back to secondary school days...long hair,burgundy cord bell-bottoms,red grandad vest...wish I looked like that now!Anybody able to offer the other 2 Island doubles or Harvest's 'A BREATH OF FRESH AIR' or Vertigo's 'VERTIGO ANNUAL'...

29 July, 2007 22:25  
Anonymous Manila said...

I'll try to upload 'El Pea' in the next few days. Unfortunately, I no longer have 'Bumpers.' The only other samplers I had - that I can remember - were 'The Rock Machine Turns You On' (what a title!) and 'Clogs,' a pretty good folk sampler, both lost in the dim distant past.
I know what you mean about the covers - though my gandad vest was a tie-dye job.

30 July, 2007 01:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for making these available. Your efforts are much appreciated.

30 July, 2007 01:25  
Blogger Juan said...

Hi Lizarson,
Thanks for these awesome compilations with some of the best of Island Records in the 60's & 70's. I will appreciate if you post the other samplers "Bumpers" & "El Pea".


01 August, 2007 00:01  
Anonymous hermanthegerman said...

Will upload "Bumpers" (DLP) for you, but have to work a bit on the tags before. Expect it here tomorrow

02 August, 2007 05:15  
Anonymous hermanthegerman said...

Here is "Bumpers"-DLP:

02 August, 2007 07:45  
Anonymous Manila said...

Thanks hermanthegerman! Bumpers is the one I was missing so I really appreciate it. As I said before, I can upload El Pea but it might have to wait a couple of weeks as I am moving house right now and, frankly, going slowly crazy!
Thanks again. :-)

02 August, 2007 23:53  
Blogger Private Beach said...

I'll look forward to El Pea - I used to have all these samplers, and though I now have most of my favourite tracks from them on CD, it's nice to recapture the odd one I've missed.

06 September, 2007 18:52  
Blogger karo said...

to inform you all:

this link is dead

.....Here is "Bumpers"-DLP:"

solong: rob

26 November, 2007 21:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link is not dead. Just tried it.

28 November, 2007 13:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just discovered your amazing blog. Thank you for the music (where have I heard that before?).

15 February, 2008 17:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! I still have my very used copy f this - in a box, and not played for a VERY long time. It's just fantastic to find it again here. Thank you so much.

08 October, 2008 19:44  
Anonymous Steve said...

I've got both of these on vinyl; thanks so much for doing all the hard work and making them available in this format.

30 November, 2008 03:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

N_E_T_E link has died.

15 February, 2010 17:10  
Blogger abominogjnr said...

Great blog i stumbled across it by chance
Is there any possibility of re-uploading this album as the link is dead

26 July, 2010 04:07  

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