Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bob Johnson & Peter Knight

"The King Of Elfland's Daughter" 1977

Narrated by Christopher Lee (who also portrays the part of King Of Elfland), this is the story of the ill-advised decision by the people of the land of Erl to demand that their Lord's son, Alveric [Frankie Miller], go to Elfland to steal and marry the King of Elfland's daughter, Lirazel [Mary Hopkin], in order to bear a magic son to rule Erl. Pausing only to get himself a sword forged from a thunderbolt [P.P.Arnold]. Alveric and Lirazel end up happily settled in the mortal world when the King sends a troll [Alexis Korner] with a rune, and Lirazel is forced to return to Elfland, which means Alveric has to go on another quest to find her.
Finally the King relents and in a compromise annexes Erl into Elfland, which leads to the final song 'Beyond The Fields We Know', beautifully sung by Mary Hopkin.

1. The Request
2. Lirazel
3. Witch
4. Alvers Journey Through Elfland
5. The Rune Of The Elf King
6. The Coming Of The Troll
7. Just Another Day Of Searching
8. Too Much Magic
9. Beyond The Fields We Know


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Titus L's sister!

21 July, 2007 18:13  
Blogger Lizardson said...

wow, you have nice brother.

21 July, 2007 18:31  
Anonymous SCION said...

EXCELLENT addition to the Steeleye family canon.

Lizardson, you doth rock!


23 July, 2007 19:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! Thanks so much for all your effort you have put into this blog; its one of my absolute favorites bar none.

25 July, 2007 10:50  
Blogger Evan said...

Thank you so much, Lizardson! I grew up listening this on vinyl, but it disappeared sometime long ago, and I have never been able to find a copy. You've made my day. My week. My month! My YEAR!

17 April, 2008 10:32  
Blogger mike weber/fairportfan said...

Was reissued some years ago on CD - Edsel, of all labels and Johnson & Knight were rather startled when i showed up at a Steeleye gig here in Atlanta some years back with a copy to be autographed.

I amost got the impression that they hadn't known that it was available - certainly they hadn't known it was available on This Side of the Pond...

15 May, 2008 01:22  
Anonymous cgm said...

Thanks for this. The kind of concept record that really doesn't get made anymore and, although it suffers from occasional bouts of self importance, it's clearly a sincere attempt to do something different, succeeding for the most part. And it has one of Mary Hopkin's best performances in "Beyond the Fields We Know". Worth it for that song alone. Thanks again!

11 October, 2008 21:50  
Blogger sorbus said...

I wore a A Rainbow Coloured Jacket
A Woolen Green Hat made of Five Woolen Squares with Yellow and Blue
Flowers a Tyedyed Scarf round My Neck and Badge with the Song Title
"Too Much Magic" I had The Album but it got lost in the Mists of Time thank you for bringing it back on home to me!!!

22 March, 2009 19:24  
Blogger ximeremix said...

Could you repost this.... I missed it first time around.

15 September, 2009 12:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please, oh Pretty Please, re-post this. I can't seem to find it anywhere! Dungeons and Dragons isn't the same without it.

24 November, 2009 03:47  
Blogger postodave said...

Yes. Please repost this

14 July, 2011 20:52  
Blogger postodave said...

Please re-up this one. For my daughter.

14 July, 2011 20:53  
Anonymous Pedro Lopes said...

This is golden, re up if possible

30 November, 2011 09:14  

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