Sunday, June 10, 2007

Presented by David

V.A. "Rubber Folk" (a Folk Tribute to the Beatles)

David said...

Maybe you can link to this album on your website:
This is the download link (no pass):



Forty years on from the original Beatles album Rubber Soul, Mike Harding and his production team have gathered together a host of present-day British folk artistes to record their own versions of the songs - I mean one song each. The tracks were broadcast on BBC Radio 2 last year, and now at last we have a permanent record of the sessions. Mike was trying to prove that a great song is always a great song, and most great music is in some way folk music, and for the most part his thesis survives the exercise. Part of the success of the project is indisputably due to the high standard of musicianship on display, not to mention the lively and fertile imaginations of the various participants. Equally inevitably though, the project spawned its share of comparative turkeys, of which the CD's opener, Drive My Car, is a prime example - two minutes of dire Jerry-Lee-style rock-bash through what I've always regarded as a lesser creation on the original album; still, someone had to do it I suppose! Things improve immediately, however, with the combined might of the Watersons and an Eleanor-Rigby-style string section (Norwegian Wood) and Paul Brady (an attractive Latin-inflected take on You Won't See Me). Actually, there isn't really a weak track thereafter, although one or two of the reinterpretations are decidedly oddball. John Tams' Harry-Lime-style saunter through Girl is one of those "hear-it-once for surprise effect, but palls on repetition" moments, for instance. But June Tabor's beautifully-considered, penetrating unaccompanied rendition of In My Life is a spine-tingling high-point, possessing an intimacy closely matched by Boo Hewerdine and Eddi Reader floating airily through What Goes On (and vastly improving on Ringo's original in the process!). Chris While does a really lovely, plaintive makeover on Nowhere Man, and Show Of Hands bring a spicy eastern air to If I Needed Someone (to which we'd already "borne witness" when previewed on their latest CD, of course). Coope, Boyes & Simpson come up trumps with an imaginative take on Think For Yourself, Johnny Dickinson proves a natural choice to take on the twelve-bar creation The Word, and Ralph McTell brings an appealing Parisian-café feel to Michelle.("Mc-Telle, my belle", anyone?!). Neither Cara Dillon's Wait (with Sam Lakeman in tow) nor Martin Simpson's I'm Looking Through You let the side down, and Spiers & Boden's stomping take on Run For Your Life makes for an unexpectedly effective "that's the end" conclusion to the project. Now me, I've always liked Beatles For Sale ... (don't tempt fate!).

Thanks, David!!


Blogger CrimsonKing said...

Hi Lizardson,
Could you add my new blog in your list, please?

Folk Yourself

Thank you :)

11 June, 2007 00:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another album from Titus Luxor
with ten new sparkling toons.
Here's what they said about Ridicularum :

"From the opening note to the closing chord
Titus shows us he's got what it takes"
"A must have if you've tried
everything else" NET CITY EXPRESS
Link :

11 June, 2007 02:44  
Blogger Aleksandar said...

Hello Lizardson,I searching for THE FALLEN ANGELS song Signed D.C.(Rain on Fire CD,Psychedelic Moods-Part Two) and JAN DUKES DE GREY - Mice And Rats In The Loft (1971).If You Have ,PLEASE post it.
Beforehand grateful,Aleksandar!

11 June, 2007 19:25  
Anonymous Richard said...

'Rubber Folk' sounds like an interesting experiment, of which I'm looking forward to a listen.

I wonder how much beer was consumed during the debate over "who does what?" :-)


19 August, 2007 21:26  
Blogger brujo said...

I am really enjoying some of the great music on your site Sandy Bull,Davy Graham etc and thought you may like this Steve Young best of I uploaded a while back,he wrote that beautiful song that Ian Matthews and the Eagles recorded (Seven Bridges Road) here is the link enjoy regards Brujo

25 October, 2007 06:27  

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