Sunday, June 17, 2007

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Glenn Fink "Hot Stoves Burn" 2007

Glenn Fink is a songwriter and performer based in Arlington, VA. Born and raised in the Boston area, Glenn’s first serious stint as a musician was as the keyboardist in the Grateful Dead cover band Laughing Water, which has several live shows available at He also played in an original power pop band who took many of their writing cues from The Police, Talking Heads, XTC and Joe Jackson.

Glenn’s written songs with styles as varied as folk, hard rock, and progressive pop, with his earliest compositions set to analogue synthesizers. Some of those early compositions were used as the backdrop for college theatrical works and student films. Soon after graduating high school, he traveled to Norway to work with a fellow musician on an original synthesizer-based pop group. They received some label attention from CBS, but no deal was reached. Soon after his return, upon hearing Neil Young perform, Glenn began writing folk and rock-based material. He is now primarily playing fingerpicked acoustic guitar.

Glenn moved to the DC area in 2001. By 2003, Glenn was the lead singer and songwriter for local rock group Moxie Brown, with whom he continued to work until its breakup in 2006. Today, Glenn has an Arlington acoustic group called The Black Finks, which he co-headlines with Lou Black, another respected DC area songwriter. The new group is more attuned to the sounds of Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt and Lou Reed, and Glenn has begun writing new material specifically for this group (and for the next CD).

Hot Stoves Burn is a separate project from Glenn’s work with the Black Finks, and as such it emphasizes both his guitar playing and his piano playing. Many of the songs had been earmarked for his last band, Moxie Brown, but the band split before a recording could be made. Several former band mates make guest appearances on the album. Glenn is performing most of these songs with The Black Finks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love this album. After hearing it two times, I ordered the CD from CDbaby. Thank you for this beautiful discover !

28 June, 2007 02:11  

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