Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vin Garbutt "When the Tide Turns" 1989

Vin's album 'When The Tide Turns' was released in 1989 but became unavailable to Vin shortly after and was therefore very difficult to get hold of. It was re-released in 1998 with the extra track 'The Court Of Cahirass' under the title, 'When The Tide Turns Again'. This album was a departure from Vin's past, solo, traditional style as he has a band of outstanding musicians accompanying him. Robbie McIntosh (of The Paul McCartney Band), Alan Whetton, (Dexys Midnight Runners) Simon Mayor, Hilary James and Phil Mulford, to name but a few, the best from the folk, rock and jazz worlds. The result is Vin's songs as we had never heard them before, with the punch of the folk-rock style music and the harder punch of Vin's uncompromising lyrics.

This album is almost as good as 'The bypass syndrome', with Vin's choice of material and self-penned songs being as astute as ever. Way before the meteoric rise of property prices, Vin sang 'Where the hell are we going to live' - an upbeat song concerning the problem with home-ownership that many people on low paid jobs face today. 'When the tide turns' is a gentle ballad with a soothing saxophone. The lyrics reflect that the 'brains of today' concern themselves with reducing human population as opposed to really sorting out the world's problems. Vin puts it far more eloquently than I did! Nica Nicaragua has a Spanish/Mexican feel to it. As well as the ubiquitous tin whistle tracks, there is a verbal discourse that Vin sings completely unaccompanied. 'Not for the first time' has an upbeat feel, belying its theme of job-losses in Northern England. The final track is a statement of integrity. Vin's stance on abortion was viewed unfavourably by the media. Here he apologises for any upset caused to the listener with a soaring refrain of 'it's the last thing I'd ever intend', while gently reaffirming his position on the issue. Vin is one of our most overlooked songwriters, grappling with real issues while 'bubblegum' dominates the airwaves. Folk music at its best!


Blogger Bobby said...

Any chance that you have Vin Garbutt - The By-Pass Syndrome I used to have the album but someone borrowed it and never returned it,
I would love to hear it again,especially the haunting (If I Had A Son). The song has special meaning for me as my father was an ex miner and would not let me go down there. Can't seem to find any Vin Garbutt in Canada

11 December, 2006 06:05  

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