Monday, November 27, 2006

Vin Garbutt "Tossin' a Wobbler" (UK Folk 1978)

Born at South Bank on 20th November, 1947 and educated at St. Peter's School. At theage of fourteen, he began to play the guitar and a.year later, on leaving school, Vin became an apprentice turner at I.C.I. Wilton.
By the age of sixteen, he was making regular appearances at folk clubs and soon started to write his own songs, the first one being directed against his foreman at I.C.I. With singing appearances taking up an increasing amount of time he soon gave up his job and made a six month tour to Spain, Gibraltar and North Africa playing in bars and clubs.

On his return to England Vin Garbutt made the decision to take up a professional career and toured all the major folk festivals. A string of bookings ensured regular appearances throughout this country and overseas and allied to his talents as a singer and guitarist, is his tremendous skill as a whistle player. Vin's unique style is captured on the L.P.'s that have been produced over the last few years:
"Valley of the Tees", "The Young Tin Whistle Pest" recorded live, ”King Gooden ", "Eston California", "Tossin a Wobbler" and "Little Innocents", Many of his songs are based on local folklore and legends including "The Hermit of Eskdaleside" and others are linked with the legend of Roseberry Topping and the story behind Beggar's Bridge at Glaisdale.

As well as a full diary of local appearances, he had made annual trips to venues in Western Europe and a string of six annual tours of the U,S.A. during the late 1970's, Other far-flung tours include three trips to Australia, two visits to Yugoslavia and bookings in Bermuda but one concert that Vin singles out as a highlight is the date in September 1979 when he performed in the beautiful setting of an open air amphitheatre on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.


Anonymous streaker said...

Great LP but LOT"S of distortion on this download. Any chance to fix that and re-post?

It is a shame since it sounds great but is really unlistenable because of the distortion

09 August, 2007 07:01  

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