Saturday, November 04, 2006

Capability Brown "Voice" (UK Rock 1973)

Capability Brown were a British group that consisted of 6 members and released two albums on Charisma. "Voice" was the second of them, and is usually praised for "Circumstances" that takes up the whole of side 2. I'm almost tempted to call this the 20-minute suite that Gentle Giant never recorded, but the GG-similarities are only in the band's vocal-harmonies and in some of the medieval-influenced parts of the track. Anyway, "Circumstances" is a very complex and well-composed piece of progressive rock and it evolves all the time during the 20-minutes it lasts without loosing the continuous flow. The track varies from medieval-influenced parts with recorder and harpsichord to heavy-prog passages with aggressive guitar-riffs and then to full-blown symphonic progressive parts with Mellotron. And the band's very impressive vocal-harmonies are present all the time. Good stuff. Side 1 is less impressive and progressive, but it's still quite decent 70's rock. It opens with a version of "I Am and so are You" and some of you will also remember this track from Affinity's album. "Sad am I" is a nice and atmospheric track with a fine melody and lots of airy 12-string guitar work. "Midnight Cruiser" is on the other hand rather tedious and repetitive and stands as the album's weak spot. The humourous titled "Keep Death off the Road (Drive on the Pavement)" is a rocking track with lots of energy and joy from the band. But "Circumstances" is with no doubt the main reason for having this album.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this one. It's always interesting to listen again to albums one liked 30 years ago. This one certainly stands the test of time. Any chance of posting their first album? You have the best blog going!

05 November, 2006 04:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was looking for this album for so many years...
well, thanks a lot!

05 November, 2006 04:30  
Anonymous Karel said...

Great to see this album here!
I have this on vinyl and it's great!
Do you have more CB?
Thanks a lot for sharing all that great music!!

05 November, 2006 19:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've just made me happy with reposting MSC 'Later That Same Year' - and now I find this! just didn't notice it before!
It's a kinda miracle such thigs still survive on iNet. I had the vinyl umpteen years ago, & traded it for some Jack the Lad or maybe Catapilla. Glad like a child to have it back in my acoustic space!
BTW, they've done Lindisfarne's 'Wake Up Little Sister' *so cool* - but it can only be found on a Charisma sampler 'One More Chance' - & I haven't seen that comp for many years, too.

Whatever, many thanx again for Voice!!!

Michael R, from Moscow w/even more love for THE blogger(s) & brothers in ears.

27 December, 2006 17:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great album, and what a great site.

26 September, 2008 22:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please Reup this wonderful album
link is dead

30 May, 2009 18:30  

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