Monday, November 06, 2006


Phantasia "A Psychedelic"

Artwork: 1, 2, 3

01. I Must Have You
02. Transparent Face
03. I'd Like To Give Life Another Try
04. Stumblin Dragon
05. Chasing Now, The Flying Time
06. Hollyhocks
07. Ride Me
08. I'm Alive

Bonus Tracks:
09. Daydreamer
10. Surrealistic Images
11. Good Night
12. A Summer's Day
13. Lady And I
14. At The Window
15. Graveyard


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pauls says;yep that's the US band

06 November, 2006 03:19  
Blogger panos1 said...

Yes i saw the discography more carefull!I was wrong!its a US group!
Well maybe i was drunk when i wrote my book!
If you think that the group diserve a place in your blog please upload it!

06 November, 2006 04:08  
Blogger panos1 said...

Thanks for trizo50!
The other one was half deleted,but ok dont spend time for it! as i saw in pictures,this does not includes the songs i was looking for,so its useless!
Now if you have the album
"a psychedelic" please send it ,but is not exactly neccesary to send all the album because trizo50 includes 4 out of 7 songs so if you ever find the other 3

1]i'd like to give life another try
2]a stubling dragon
3]surrealistic images
you can send only them and then i will get the 'complete album'' in a kind of way!lol!

Sorry for the english and a million thanks for your concerne! this is the most important so
THANKS from the deepest of my heart!

06 November, 2006 06:06  
Anonymous frumious bandersnatch said...

I found this on Acid Archives, it makes things clear :

"PHANTASIA (Kansas City, MO)

"Phantasia" 1971 (Damon 12918) [no sleeve]
"A Psychedelic" 1994 (T.U.T 641, Austria) [partial reissue; 300#d; gatefold]
"A Psychedelic" 1997 (CD TUT/Syn-Ton, Austria)
"Phantasia" 2003 (World In Sound rfr-18, Germany) [+1-sided 10" disc; gatefold; poster insert]
"Phantasia" 2003 (CD World In Sound 1015, Germany)

Demo press LP that very few had heard of before the first reissue appeared. Powerful UK-influenced psych/prog-rock with strong, heartfelt vocals, some long fuzz excursions and recurring folk influences. The band obviously put a lot of work into this totally pro-sounding affair, and it's strange that no label picked them up. The Austrian reissue is a bit screwed up as it features only about half the original LP, adding several inferior tracks from the Trizo 50 LP, which was a later incarnation of this band. This is unfortunate as the original demo LP plays through like a fully realized and very impressive album, which is lost in that rag tag reissue. The more recent WIS releases correct this."

Oh, and thanks for your fantastic blog !

07 November, 2006 06:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

prognotfrog---part 2 deleted.
just thought you'd wanna know.

07 November, 2006 09:45  
Blogger FILIPE BOAVIDA said...

I've been visiting your blog for some time now, and I just want to say that it's been a source of many hours of listening pleasure. Thanks for your hard work!
On a different note I'd like to ask you if there is any chance of getting a re-upload of "Phantasia"? (part 2 of the rapidshare link has been deleted, as other comments have made clear)...

08 November, 2006 05:13  
Blogger Stuart Shea said...

All you guys who want this music should actually BUY it rather than stealing it.

05 April, 2009 15:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah ... he´s right if you loved the music IS GREAT! maybe love the musicans do made it..... is that..."THINK one minute" their humand being like US! they need our support -A correct change of interesting-

Look... a few days ago I BUY the TRIZO 50 record ( I´am living in Lima -perú...
just imaginate...thousand of thousands mill from EEUU) and I BUY IT! , I make the effort.
In my country I don´t have a millionarie living... :( BUT I make the imposible and now I very happy to have my new vinyl from EEUU (Sending by web site) and I hope to Phantasia soon :)!!

(PLEASE... SOMEONE! PUT ON EBAY THE RECORD OF PHANTASIA to sale -Reissue- World in sound I apreciate so much friends.)

But.. I feel more happy to know ... the writers,musicans to do this album realized.... have the unique contribution right.

If I do all effort to have the Trizo 50 record... Why do you don´t?. I hope you think about this.

Thank for your time
and support the artist.

I know... my english is poor, but YES I know you understand my all the way.

that´s all good day everybody

Love & Peace
Jorge Alva

From Lima - Perú
(Soon my mail)

01 July, 2009 08:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here my e-mal: I aprecciate if there someone fans of TRIZO 50 & PHANTASIA my mail.: add me for talk of that amazing bands!

Jorge Alva

LIMA- PERU 01/24/2010

25 January, 2010 10:38  

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