Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stone Angel

"The Holy Rood of Bromholm" 1975
"East of the Sun" 2001

After the demise of their folk group Midwinter, Corrick, Burroughes and Saul formed Stone Angel and gave their first public performance on December 20, 1974 at the Great Yarmouth Folk Club, bringing in Joan Bartle on vocals and Dave Lambert on fiddle. Because many fans already knew them in their prior incarnation, Stone Angel quickly developed a following and gave numerous concerts throughout the U.K. In February 1975 the band decided to record a demo, which was privately released under the title Stone Angel. The band continued touring, until Corrick and Burroughes left for university in the fall of 1975. The group, now a trio, began to play more traditional and acoustic material, due to the departure of Corrick on electric guitar. Their 1976 concert in a Filby church was recorded, but not released until 1994. Around 1977, Dave Lambert left to work with various other groups before ending up in Australia working with The Legends, while Bartle and Saul married and settled down in Filby.

Now down to just two members, Stone Angel took a long hiatus, though Bartle and Saul remained involved in various projects involving early and antique music. Finally, around 1985, a new lineup was assembled, and the band began touring again, at first under the name The Village Band, then Arkenstone (reflecting the prevalence of Tolkienesque elements in their compositions), but soon reverting to Stone Angel for the sake of convenience and reputation. After various delays and work in theatre groups, the group was surprised when, after an article in the magazine Record Collector, they were approached in 1993 by indie label Kissing Spell to release their only recordings: the original Stone Angel LP and the live recording The Holy Rood of Bromholm, as well as the earlier Midwinter album The Waters of Sweet Sorrow.

With public interest and renewed critical attention (inexplicably, much of it in Japan and Korea), the band recorded their first new material in 2000, releasing East of the Sun with a slightly modified lineup. A new vocalist and drummer, Jane Denny, joined them in 2002 for the release of Lonely Waters.

More informations here: Psychedelic Folk


Anonymous arbor said...

GREAT! I've been looking forward to hearing these! Thanks for making my day, Lizardson!

24 October, 2006 13:36  
Anonymous Bannermike said...

I have the first Stone Angel album but there are more tracks here. I must revise my original burn and add them. Many thanks once again, Lizardson, for more brilliant folk music - and the cover art is ALWAYS appreciated. Cheers.

24 October, 2006 21:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent Stuff, Thanks

04 January, 2008 07:22  

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