Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Storyteller" (UK Folk-Rock 1970)

Reviewer: A music fan
The melodies in this album seemed, at the time of its original issue, to be at the cutting edge of the peaceful folksy pop idiom which it so well represented, and thirty years later this genre is still clearly defined by Storyteller.The moods and sympathies which are portrayed and the stories which are concisely and captivatingly related are timeless. The tunes themselves seemed then to have an easy familiarity which ensured an entertaining first hearing; and now, for me at least, summon up everything that was cool in this evocative vein - the voices are downhome and unaffected, the harmonisation is empathetic, and the items are individually gems of their era. Whilst the whole album is an irresistible mingle of fact and fancy. The addition of half-a-dozen bonus tracks to the original album will give a pleasant jolt to hard-core Storyteller fans who've got it down, and can now just groove a little further.

Caroline Attard: vocals
Terry Durham: vocals
Mike Rogers: vocals, guitar
Roger Moon: vocals, guitar
Rod Clark: bass

Produced by Peter Frampton & Andy Bown

Sample pic: 1, 2


Blogger newelectricmuse said...

Thanks for this, Lizardson!

I first heard this album while staying in a cottage on the Isle of Skye - there was a record player and a small selection of albums, among them this one. It was a bit scratched but I played it quite a few times and liked it enough to try to look out for a copy for myself. Quite a few years later I managed to find a cassette of the album (the record itself is fairly rare). It takes me back to that cottage whenever I play it.

It's what you might describe as folk-pop, a bit dated maybe (especially the string arrangements), but it's one of those albums that just seems to work with all the songs from acoustic harmony pop to the silent movie parody (Song for Buster) working together to create a satisfying whole.

Admittedly not everyone will like this, but if you like folk as well as 60s pop like, say, Honeybus (also posted by our friend Lizardson) you should give this a try.

Finally, did you notice who produced this album....?


26 October, 2006 05:52  
Anonymous Jack said...

Dear Folks,
Wow! I have been searching all over the internet for this album! I once owned it, but, alas, over the years, it slipped through my hands. I have been trying to find (and purchase) a copy of the album for years!
This is one of the best albums ever recorded! It is a mixture of gentle folk, evocative classical, and fanciful, wondrous melodic dreaminess. The classy strings, fine vocals, clear acoustic guitars, and intelligent lyrics are amazing!
I was --- and am --- disappointed that this album never received the kind of recognition it deserves. Indeed, I feel that it is one of the finest albums ever recorded.
I was saddened to hear that Caroline Attard passed away. She was a fine vocalist. I wonder if you know how I might reach any of the remaining members of this wonderful group? I'd consider it an honor to e-mail them my appreciation of this fantastic, enduring album.
God bless you and please tell me where I can purchase a copy of this gem.



21 June, 2007 12:50  
Blogger Robert said...

Wow, I'm from The Netherlands and was born in 1971. Did stumble upon this album in the late 80's.

I liked it a lot...

So I took it with me. I got it for free!! The record-store owner told me they had another album 'More Pages'. I got that one for free too.

I was lucky I guess!

But the first one, im my opinion, is way better than "More Pages'.

I still own the 2 albums.........

07 October, 2007 05:54  
Anonymous Sophie said...

Caroline Attard is my mother. I know it may sound odd but I have never heard these albums! There was a lot of music played in our house, but never that of our parents (they would have thought it boring to hear their own stuff!)

I have just found the CD of storyteller at my aunt's house, but unfortunately the actual CD is missing. This has spurred me to seek it out and listen to it. I found the More Pages on LP too so I will play that soon. Will be strange and very emotional to hear her voice after all these years.

I just wanted to post a comment to say I'm really touched that there is someone out there who considers Storyteller to be 'one of the best albums ever recorded'. She was indeed a great singer and I'm forever proud of her :-)

27 September, 2010 05:16  

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