Saturday, September 09, 2006

Waterfall "Three Birds" (1979)
UK melodic folk/folk-rock with female vocal

From Martyn Oram web site:
In 1974, Martyn Oram went to Warwick University and was roomed with a guy from South Shields, who played acoustic guitar and shared the same musical tastes, called KEITH DONNELLY. Together they formed "WATERFALL", and became residents of the University Folk Club, mixing songs by Jonathon Kelly, Gerry Rafferty, Al Stewart etc with traditional ballads and tunes, and slowly began including their own original compositions.
After graduating in 1977, they took the plunge and decided to commit themselves full time to music. Joining an alternative country/rock band for 6 months, called "VAN DE HOOG'S ELDERFLOWER REMEDY", (with MARTIN BELL, later of the WONDERSTUFF), they quickly learnt all about PA systems, sleeping in vans and life on the road.
Waterfall were still playing floorspots whenever possible in folk clubs up and down the country, and in September 1977 they recorded their first LP "THE FLIGHT OF THE DAY" at Woodbine Studios, a 4 track studio built into the front room of Johnny Rivers' small terraced home in Leamington Spa. (Now available on CD – see discography).
In February 1978, Martyn and Keith were playing at Lanchester Polytechnic Folk Club, in Coventry when they were stunned by the voice of one of the floor singers, GILLY DARBEY, and so Waterfall became a trio. After another six months of floorspots and self-promotion, Waterfall began gigging full time, and on 1st November 1978 had their first national radio broadcast on BBC Radio 1’s "Kid Jensen Show".
They recorded the LP "THREE BIRDS" for the Avada record label in spring '79, at Millsteam Studios in Cheltenham, produced by Johnny Coppin.


Blogger Donno said...

Thanks so much for this, it's beautiful album. Brings back memories of a balmy summers evening at the end of the 70s sitting watching them at an outdoor concert along with the likes of Johnny Coppin, Telephone Bill and many others.
Don't worry it wasn't my copy, sadly one of my sons when he was but a toddler got ahold of my sleeve and tore it to pieces.
Standout tracks for me have to be Three Birds and Swan Song.
Thanks again!!

10 September, 2006 02:25  
Anonymous gdoyler said...

another album knocked off my wanted list thanks to "Time Has Told Me"
best regards and thank you

27 January, 2007 19:42  
Anonymous arbor said...

Couldn't get track 2 "Soon" to open, but this is really a good listen that I didn't know about

06 March, 2007 04:28  
Anonymous arbor said...

never mind about the second track not opening I got it to work, thanks so much for introducing me to this group they are fantastic!

07 March, 2007 01:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Flight of the Day" 1977 by Waterfall can be found at

27 April, 2007 07:39  
Blogger ZaXXoN said...

Anything to do with Johnny Coppin has to be good. Have been listening to Decameron quite a lot recently and thoroughly enjoying them.

Am looking for Johnny Coppin solo albums if anyone has.

26 October, 2007 01:37  
Anonymous Jukebox said...

May I second the request for any Johnny Coppin solo albums? They seem to be nigh impossible to find.

08 December, 2009 19:06  

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