Saturday, September 23, 2006


Bridget St. John "Want To Be With You"
Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC, 1974

Text by ripper:
To mark the anniversary of John Peel's last show, BBC 4 broadcast a program titled "John Peel: In Session Tonight". The show featured a number of artists who had been associated with Peel at one time or another. Many of the clips came from the Old Grey Whistle Test dvds, so couldn't be torrented here. There are some others which I'm not 100% sure whether they have been released or not. This all too brief clip I am confident has not been released.

Dark, smokey voice beautifully in tune and you'll touch the melodic tip of what's so gorgeous about British folkie Bridget St. John. Originally Bridget recorded for John Peel's short-lived Dandelion label [in the late 60s], which promptly gave her the well-deserved label of "chanteuse." Critical acclaim did not equal commercial success , and St. John seemed to vanish [in the mid to late 70s], only to re-emerge in the NYC area with some live performances [such as a Nick Drake Tribute Concert on 1999, and occasional shows since then]

Click picture for some more screenshots.

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Blogger TBA said...


24 September, 2006 05:14  
Anonymous sparrowpit said...


This is the 2nd song from the "Jumblequeen" B side, a record released on Chrisalis. On that record, in this song, she was accompanied by these
piano: chick churchill
cello: michael hurwitz
viola: don mcvay

some of the lyrics are the following:

when the rain sets in on derbyshire the hills are lost to cloud
battered vy gale-force wind that hits out hard
people run for shelter waiting for the calm to come;
and you see i get this feeling when it seems i lose control
the things i'm sure of crumble-the hart grows cold
running helterskelter waiting for the calm to come
i vant to be where someone love me best of all
want to be where someone loves me best of all
want to be with you


24 September, 2006 16:31  
Blogger greg davis said...

thanks a lot for this. so great to see some footage of the wonderful bridget.
now if someone could find the whole show, thatd be amazing.

25 September, 2006 17:20  
Blogger Friendlier said...

I've downloaded the .mpg, but it won't play. Is it because I'm on a Mac? I thought .mpgs were across-the-board files?

I'm looking forward to seeing this, as I know Bridget here in New York. She is turning 60 next week, and performing at her own party!

28 September, 2006 00:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please, can this be reposted or can someone put it on youtube?

19 May, 2008 12:24  
Blogger Private Beach said...

Is that the Chick Churchill who was a member of Ten Years After?

20 May, 2008 11:48  

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