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Midwinter "The Waters of Sweet Sorrow" (UK Folk 1973)

A folk album with some progressive elements, "Waters" features ethereal female, and some male, vocals over gentle acoustic guitar, along with electric bass, violin, flute, etc. Overall, the sound is thin and without drums or any sort of rock rhythm but, in places, it is beautiful. Someone once said that it sounded like it was recorded in 1650, and there's some truth in that! The opening song, "Sanctuary Stone" is a classic. Fans of folk/prog., Steeleye Span or the band this turned into, Stone Angel, are most likely to enjoy this. It has recently been released on CD by both Kissing Spell in the U.K. and Si-Wan in Korea (and also on vinyl by the former, I believe, as the original commands silly prices now).

Note from Kissing Spell CD:
"Midwinter came into existence almost by accident when guitarists Paul Corrick and Ken Saul initially got together to rehearse a spot for a Great Yarmouth folk club Christmas Party. All they could come up with was a guitar duet version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", so they invited singer Jill Child to join them to form a trio. Deciding to try out some original material, an interest in local folklore and legends provided the inspiration for two songs, "Sanctuary Stone" and "The Skater", included in this first performance.
That was December 1972, but the response was such that during the next two years Midwinter performed at clubs and festivals throughout East Angelia and occasionally further afield. They also continued to play as residents at the Great Yarmouth club.
Taking their name from a title of a John Buchan novel that happened to coincide with the season of the band's inception, they added more material based upon East Angelian stories and legends. In the summer of 1973 some of the songs were recorded for a demo tape and at this session Midwinter were joined by Dick Cadbury (of Decameron fame) and Mick Burroughs who was later to be part of Stoneangel with Paul and Ken. Until now these recordings remained unreleased and would probably have continued as such but for a chance "rediscovery" of the master tapes in a box in Ken's attic ! Although none of the later songs were recorded, this present collection gives a fair cross-section of the material performed by the band at this time.
Midwinter came to an end when Gill left with a farewell concert on September 11th 1974. Some of the songs lived on however as a few months later Ken and Paul formed a new band called Stoneangel."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yesterday i requested it, today it's here. i haven't dwnldd it yet though. all praise to you, Lizardson. i won't forget that. gigathanks. anoisymous.

03 September, 2006 03:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

f**k me! i thought stone angel was awesome, but this just floors me!

16 October, 2006 01:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you have the "lonley waters" album by Stone Angel?
i looked everywhere for it!
by the way, thank you for posting to many links for us folk crazys!

22 December, 2006 04:45  
Blogger ratatoskyr said...

I agree with anoisymous, you and your blog are gigamazing. Still checking it daily, still impressed, and still thankful.

26 January, 2007 08:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once I downloaded "History of uk underground folk rock 1968-1978" from another blog (Chocoreve). Since then I'm hunting down the artists on that wonderful compilation. Most of them I've found here, on your blog, with many others. Thank you, very much indeed.

30 January, 2007 06:50  
Anonymous Aggeliki said...

This one is excellent! Thank you!!!!!

01 June, 2007 03:07  
Anonymous mog65 said...

Wonderful site with great music I love it, especially the folk-rock

03 June, 2007 20:09  
Blogger UK folk junkie said...

I am what my user name implies and this is one of my two all time favorites.

09 June, 2007 15:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another excellent post, Lizardson. MW were really quite good.....especially if you're inclined toward.....or should I say addicted to......the Fairport/Steeleye/MellowCandle side of early 70s UK prog-folk (What was in the water back then????)

10 August, 2007 12:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, it's lovely! I close my eyes and drift away... Love and blessings to you!

24 September, 2007 10:12  
Blogger Kris De Kakerlak said...

Thanks for this rare albums...!!!

26 August, 2008 20:20  
Blogger Govindas Dream said...

working downloadlink here:

06 October, 2010 16:15  

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