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Mandy Morton

Mandy Morton "Sea of Storms" 1980

Spriguns was now totally the vehicle of talented vocalist Mandy Morton. And the next step was only naturel, Spriguns did now only seem as being Mandy Morton with a backing band. And so she rebaptised Spriguns into Mandy Morton And Spriguns and made Magic Lady in 1978. Now performing only as Mandy Morton she recorded Sea Of Storms (commercially most successful album) in 1980. And then three years did pass until her six and final release: Valley Of Light. This album is the only one not to feature Mandy's husband Mike Morton, and so Mandy was now the only one who had been al the way from Jack With A Feather in 1975. After the album Mandy retired from music. The last three albums were recorded either for Polydor or Banshee.

More about Mandy Morton here: Click

Mandy Morton Band "Valley of Light" 1983

Album notes from the CD release of Valley Of Light by Mandy Morton Band:
Valley of Light was the last album recorded by the Mandy Morton Band and brought to a close eight years of recordings from a little known cassette called "Rowdy Dowdy Day" through the Decca, Polydor and Banshee years. Mandy and her various bands had made their mark in folk rock history and Valley Of Light was to be the sixth and last album. In fact the album was infact an afterthought. Mandy Morton's work had always been based on the darker side of life: Black magic, war and inevitably death. The subject matter had been accompanied by sombre hard riding rhythms that were very fashionable in the folk rock circles of the mid seventies. The Mandy Morton Band live were a quite different matter altogether "High Energy Rock Drama" as a Danish music paper once described them, and the MM Band audience also demanded a fair smattering of "Pop Folk" too and that's where "Valley Of Light" came in.By 1983 the band were playing almost exclusively in Scandinavia where they created almost a "Flower Power" revival. Mandy's songs reflected this carefree state and "Valley Of Light" was born. The album was virtually a live recording with very few overdubs or studio tricks and captured a side to Mandy Morton's music that only live audiences had enjoyed. The album was never released in Britain. It was thought that the material would be too much of a contrast in Mandy Morton's own words: "Light Years Away".
Graham Brook. (Transcribed by Jonas Juul)


Anonymous rick said...

Thanks for the Mandy Morton, Lizardson. Wonderful stuff. She has a superb voice. More of this please.

26 September, 2006 23:14  
Anonymous amaryllis said...

I've heard that Bread Love and Dreams David McNiven made some solo records.
Anyone has info about?
Where is he now?

27 September, 2006 01:54  
Blogger newelectricmuse said...

"Sea of Storms" is an excellent album - I really enjoyed it. Still quite folky with quite a bit of fiddle (acoustic and electric) and some good arrangements. It reminds me of Renaissance in places.

"Valley of Light" is a bit too "1983" to be really good - there are lots of 80s keyboards. Although the cover looks quite folky there are not really any obvious folk influences. However despite my initial reservations (my heart sank when I saw that the first track was called something as dull as "I need your love") it's not as bad as all that...and she's got a great voice...

27 September, 2006 06:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much thanks for those re-post.

29 January, 2007 13:23  
Anonymous thehobbitsminstrel said...

awesome...i'm grabbing both of these

24 January, 2008 11:19  
Anonymous Alistair Ian Williamson Campbell said...

Hi there.
I'm a HUGE Mandy Morton fan. I've got a tape of 'Sea of Storms' but I don't think iy's complete. And I have never heard 'Maaaaagic Lady'.
Would you be interested in in doing some swops with me?

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If you visit that, you'll be pleasantly surprized I hope, by being able to view all the album Art I have collated of everything I have.
I can burn you anything, or possibly send it in a file.
Hopefully, Alistair

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14 March, 2009 05:44  

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