Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Hi Dirk

How are you doing there?
I'm feeling bad these days.
One of my best friends got leukemia 3 months after her wedding.
And that was very short after she become pregnant.
Then she should give up her baby and got bone marrow transplant 3 times(!!) from her sister.
But her condition getting worse and worse day by day.
Now she is bedridden and unable to communicate.

BUT I want to believe in MIRACLES!!!

Sorry about my poor English



Blogger dirks mom said...

dear lizardson, i,m so happy that you allway,s remember my dirk, i want to bless you and hope for a miracle for youre friend love from dirks mom janny, and his sister ilse and his brothers jerre and wietse God bless you

02 August, 2017 15:02  
Blogger Lizardson said...

Thanks too Janny
I remember Dirks bro and sister from picture of his Ceremony. Still little kids at that time.

God bless you all too:)

02 August, 2017 15:28  
Blogger dirks mom said...

thank you lizardson, they are grown upp people now, do you have facebook? greetings janny

02 August, 2017 15:46  
Blogger Lizardson said...

Wow time flies so fast!

I had facebook years before but recently many of we Japanese use LINE(SNS for mobile) app mainly.
So I shift to LINE.

02 August, 2017 16:03  
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