Tuesday, August 05, 2014


7 years past science our friend Dirk's gone in August 1, 2007...
Time flies so fast but for sure, our mind is grown with memory of Dirk.


Blogger Doug S. said...

I love and appreciate your annual remembrance. Thanks Lizardson.

05 August, 2014 18:36  
Anonymous Mr. Daad said...

R.I.P. Dirk, long gone but not forgotten.

05 August, 2014 22:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

o thank you so much you remember my sonn dirk it gives me a warm feeling....my email chances it now

love from dirks mom janny

07 August, 2014 02:34  
Blogger Lizardson said...

every year, back from FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, i felt the music lingering on in my mind. and every year, after that feeling disappeared, Dirk is back in my head.
wondering if i could go to FUJI ROCK together with Dirk and seeing Shibusashirazu Orchestra etc... it would be one of the best memory of my Life.

08 August, 2014 10:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for saying those nice word,s about my dirk love from dirks mom janny

08 August, 2014 13:49  
Anonymous Michael said...

Dear Lizardson...I am sorry you lost your friend, and it is remarkable that you maintain this site seemingly as a tribute to him.
It is probably asking too much, but do you ever repost? I am thinking specifically how nice it would be to see the (rare, IMPOSSIBLE to get) Battlefield Band albums on this page: http://time-has-told-me.blogspot.fr/search?q=battlefield+band

The ones on Arfolk and Escalibur would be wonderful...the other has been reissued and I have bought it on iTunes, but the other two...just mythological to most of us Scottish folk music lovers. If not, c'est la vie. If yes, bless you and thank you.

27 October, 2014 01:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please?... :(

28 October, 2014 05:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know...when you post at your HUGE BLOG just two months ago, then ignore commenters, it does not speak well of you. This is what they call Internet Landfill - a garbage dump, a wasteland, a repository of useless dead links. Searching for the music you posted in the past comes up in search results - only to disappoint the searcher, again and again.

Do the world of folk music a favour and TAKE IT DOWN, Lizardson. If you want to create a blog dedicated to a friend who passed 7 years ago that's lovely, but this is a waste of people's bandwidth. BTW I have lost my father, my stepfather, and my Grandparents. You don't see me putting up blogs about it.

28 October, 2014 23:53  
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02 November, 2014 15:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Mike Anderson

You are a thoughtless idiot.

13 November, 2014 15:20  
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18 November, 2014 01:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boo hoo - kindly note that every other comment except my friendly request for a repost is spam. You call ME a thoughtless idiot? I'm the only person coming to this site who ISN'T one. I am a lover of this music, hoping the self-indulgent twit who maintains it for no reason except as a collection of dead links might do me a simple favor, which is apparently too much to hope for. In short - go fuck yourself.

14 December, 2014 05:30  
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