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Blogger tomatodon said...

we are seeing the industry's lawyers get tougher every day now.

thanks for all your posts over the years. You will be missed, but somehow and someway the music will continue to find a way to reach the public.

08 April, 2010 08:31  
Blogger Unknown said...


08 April, 2010 16:06  
Anonymous foria said...

I'm beginning to think someone's sending in false DMCA claims, like that scumbag from Minddawn or something. No way any label cares about albums like these. You can appeal these claims, too, btw.

08 April, 2010 22:07  
Anonymous StanWright said...

" No way any label cares about albums like these."

That's effing obnoxious. I'm not familiar with all these acts, but Deiseal is a working band recording for their own or another tiny label. Of course they care; it's both their work and their livelihood.

I'm not not convinced that attention here is invariably bad for bands, but that's for them to decide. If they think otherwise, only an asshole would object.

Besides, I'm pretty sure this blog's policy is to comply with takedown letters whether delivered formally or informally.

11 April, 2010 02:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

StanWright says Deiseal is a working band, but from what I can read on the web the band broke up 14 years ago. I can't see any copies of the CD for sale online except single used copies. I respect an artist's wishes to not have their unavailable music distributed if they don't wish it, but three posts by 3 different artists were removed at once which looks more like a third party complaining.

12 April, 2010 12:50  
Blogger Kat said...

I got the same message twice. When it happened a third time, they deleted my blog.

It was called Keep the Coffee Coming.

I ended up moving to WordPress.

25 April, 2010 11:21  
Blogger Reece said...

It seems like they're doing this to everyone these days. It's ridiculous, sites like this have been active for years, supporting bands that may otherwise have never been heard by new generations of listeners. Fuck the DMCA.

27 April, 2010 14:20  
Blogger boogieman said...

This is becoming completely ridiculous. Blogs like yours are rendering a huge service to the music industry by unearthing obscure and unknown records and bringing them to a wider audience. People - like me -who listen to this kind of non-commercial (by today's standard) are usually from an older generation and we like to have the real records be it the original vinyl or a good CD. That's why we purchase albums from Repertoire, Akarma and similar labels. I've bought quite a few albums discovered on blogs. So who's gaining from clsoing down blogs like this one?

30 April, 2010 04:37  

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