Monday, April 19, 2010

by Brian Andrew Marek

The Vertigo Swirl - A New Swirled Record (2010)

In late 2009, "Manik" Myk Thompson suggested we revive our long dormant collaboration with some recording of an experimental/psychedelic nature. I countered by suggesting that we do so with the goal of a recording a second album under The Vertigo Swirl identity. We began with a day of improvisation that yielded "Jeremy's First Flight", "Third Sun from the Stone" and the compositional beginnings of "The Megalith". I added my contributions to some tracks that Myk had begun at home ("We've Got Electricity", "Molehill Sherpa", "Loneliness Is a Choice" and "Got Yer Back") while he, in turn, added guitar to my own pet projects ("You Belong in Outer Space" and "The Megalith"), a couple of guest performers did their thing and, voila, we had a new swirled record - eight paths of excess trod by two psychedelic brothers in arms.

DL (new link)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

artists can't even give away their music these days - any chance of a new link please?

22 April, 2010 09:22  
Blogger Dharma Bummer said...

Since, apparently, the zealots of intellectual property protection have seen fit to shoot first and ask questions later (as they have time and time again), I will have to make this absolutely clear: The file that I have uploaded is solely the work and property of Brian Andrew Marek and Michael Allen Thompson, both of whom fully consent to (and encourage) its free distribution. We are not contracted to any record company, performing arts organization or the RIAA. No other parties can claim ownership of this music and it is not violating ANYBODY'S terms of service to make it freely available.

Are the persons responsible for having the Megaupload link deleted not checking their facts before acting, or is this some kind of punishment for operating outside of your antiquated and dying industry? Either way, I call it restraint of trade, and that's as illegal as the copyright violations that you are engaged in a desparate and futile fight against. LEAVE THE VERTIGO SWIRL ALONE, YOU VULTURES!

Brian Andrew Marek
Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
April 21st, 2010


22 April, 2010 12:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hear hear!!
Thanks for responding to my request so promptly. I love your music and attitude gentlemen.

22 April, 2010 23:07  
Blogger Dharma Bummer said...

I'm not going to bother with a direct link again, since I'm beginning to suspect that the Blue Meanies of the RIAA just mindlessly delete anything that happens to pop up on Time Has Told Me, whether they have any moral or legal grounds for such action. So if you'd like to hear the album, get it on my MySpace blog:

24 April, 2010 09:44  

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