Wednesday, March 10, 2010

John Manning

White Bear (1971)

A1 Leaving Home Again
A2 Theme From H+2
A3 Free Clinic Song
A4 Warm Inside
A5 Music Belongs to the People
B1 Hard On the Road to New Mexico
B2 Mother Earth
B3 The Whole Song
B4 Down Inside the Jungle



Blogger Unknown said...

MIght I make the suggestion that you upload you files to mediafire, rather than rapid-share. Mediafire is faster and has better features than rapid-share. Furthermore, it doesn't have those annoying restrictions for on free users. You know, the kind that says the servers are overloaded.

Just my 2 cents.

11 March, 2010 05:05  
Blogger cdelint said...

Personally I prefer Rapidshare.

Thanks for all the good music recomendations!

11 March, 2010 14:48  
Blogger michielh said...

Sorry, Rapidshare is better.
Thanks for the music.

12 March, 2010 08:38  
Blogger Unknown said...

rapidshare is slow and costs money. Mediafire is the future! ;)

12 March, 2010 17:11  
Anonymous justsayinisall said...

I prefer rapidshare, and I have to say that would it kill you to pay for the download when you are getting the music free?

12 March, 2010 19:09  
Anonymous DennisK said...

Awesome! My older brother had this album when it came out. I made a cassette copy that disappeared at some point. Probably have not heard this in about 30 years. It's like getting back together with an old friend. "Warm Inside" was always a favorite.
Can't believe people are bitching over your uploader choice. Listen to the freakin' music, people!
Thanks for this very much.

13 March, 2010 06:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful album, amazingly overlooked. Touches of Buckley, but the whole thing has an oddly ecstatic air about it ... narcotically induced, maybe! There are also some Manning tracks on the American Dreamer soundtrack LP on Mediarts, including a couple that aren't on this album, and a much superior version of Hard on The Road to New Mexico. This album deserves a CD reissue - Manning is still around, as is at least one of the other musicians.

13 March, 2010 23:19  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Please can you re-up Antonietta Laterza - Le sorelle ritrovate (1975) ?

15 March, 2010 17:15  
Blogger NewCreature said...

Lizardson, thanks for the great post.

May I please make an imperative request:

I need the Nick Drake bootlegs. Please. I need them so very much. If time is a concern of yours, simply one will do for now. The Complete Home Recordings - I want to hear the interview and John Martyn's words on Nick so very much. Really, I don't for things. Please re-up the Nick Drake bootlegs.

To other comment posters:
In regard to this debate, I prefer megaupload. There are a lot that I prefer to both RS and MU, simply because I hate the limits. I believe badongo is a good example. Sometimes, a downloading spree is necessary, and without paying for an account on these sites I find it frustrating to do. However, maybe RS has a tendency to maintain files longer, thus posters prefer it. I don't know. Just my 2c.

16 March, 2010 01:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Throw in my two cents here:

RapidShare is slow and yes, much less available than others, meaning a longer wait time to access.Easily my least preferred.

Back to the music......

17 March, 2010 04:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what style is this artist? thx .. rapidshare sux :P or are good, also is exceptional.

19 March, 2010 23:05  
Blogger moxnix said...

thanks for this one,might tasty, also rapidshare is the best except for the file deletions.

22 March, 2010 08:13  
Blogger John H said...

Thank you very much for making this available. It's a really lovely record that I will play a lot.

01 April, 2010 07:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw John Manning and White Bear in concert when I was 18. They were opening up for a BIG name band and were part of a two band opening act. The other opening band was another unknown band at the time called Black Oak Arkansas. Both were openning for Deep Purple. Went out and found John Manning's album the next day and played it till it wore out ( I still have the original album, but it is not very playable anymore). I have been looking for a copy of this album FOREVER! This is a God send.. (one of my all time favorite records!) guess I better burn mulitple copies.. I know I will wear out the first one I burn!


02 December, 2010 12:26  
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