Wednesday, January 13, 2010

from Nigel Paterson


Dear lizardson,
Please remove all albums by The Halliard & Nic Jones from 'Time Has Told Me'. You do not have our permission to use our material in this way. All details have been passed to the legal department of the Musician's Union here in the UK. Please comply with this notice within 24 hours. Failure to do so could result in legal action being taken against you,
Yours Sincerely,
Nigel Paterson pp The Halliard & Nic Jones

Well... how many times should i receive this kind of miss judged e-mail ;;;
As you know, there is no download links of The Halliard & Nic Jones.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Patterson, Unlucky!!!! go boil yer head. Why don't you check before opening your mouth

14 January, 2010 02:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll continue to receive these kind of messages as long as you make available unauthorised downloads of albums.

Cop on, for heaven's sake!

14 January, 2010 02:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

god, what a dick. I'd be glad to join a boycott of this arse's music just to shut him up. anyone else up for one?

14 January, 2010 06:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny. To all the musicians that you have posted links to here I say they should shut up and be happy you introduced us to their music. Otherwise I would never have heard of them! Many times I have went on to pay for a CD that I first discovered at this site! Keep up the great work. We all appreciate your hard work and the great music you've posted here!!!

14 January, 2010 09:28  
Blogger Unknown said...

liz, dya think ya might repost the sound of salvation? please?

14 January, 2010 15:36  
Blogger Marco Stecz said...

Halliard & Nic Jones who? I Don´t know this, and I don't want to know...This site is very good, good job to release great records. I hear here and buy the Cds and Vinil too...
Cheers from the Radio show in Brazil...

15 January, 2010 01:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Patterson,
Some time ago I download from this site the album Bob Page & Nick Strutt. Yes, I do it!! I enjoyed a lot. Somebody left a comment that was re-edited as a double CD at a "nice price". I bought thru that Double CD, I think it cost me around 5 or 6 pounds. Few day later I bought directly from the Carolanne Pegg page another album of Bob Pegg entitled "And now it is so early". So, this page helped me to know this nice musician..and I bought these CDs.
About Nic Jones, I bought the LP "Noah's Ark Trap" directly from Shanachie, US many years ago, and directly from Topic Records "Penguin Eggs". Pitifully, in more than 30 ys I could not find "Ballads & Songs", "Nic Jones, 1971" and "From the devil to Stranger".
Please, accept to friendly advises:
1) Before acuse..check it!!. There is no link available of the Halliard album
2) Expend your money in made available again and to solve the legal problem with the labels that own the Nic Jones albums.
3) Some musicians appreciate that their music is known thru this blog. Please check some musician's opinion in this blogg. By the way, Do you remember the case of Arctic Monkeys?. Now they are famous thanks to the web and downloads.
And finally, after your "light" and inappropiate comment I have just decided NOT to buy the Halliard double re-edition. By the way, how many albums have been sold??. Do you know that sometimes an album is put in this web and almost NOBODY download (even free nobody wanted it!!)?
My best wishes

15 January, 2010 02:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Paterson, I forgot to tell you that this web is advertising and promoting the Halliard album FREE OF CHARGE. Lizardson inmediatelly remove the link..and in the jacket is written: available on CD.
I think you are a little ungrateful. What Lizardson would have to do is to remove the JACKET picture and it probably it would finish your problem with this web and further misundestandigs with you
Again,Greetings from Catalonia, Spain

15 January, 2010 02:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Patterson is a complete dickhead

15 January, 2010 11:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this kind of thing is getting so damn old by now. poor bastard complaining without even knowing what you do here, that in this case you don't even have the albums linked to here. duh. probably heard through some website where old bitter people just complain and go blue in the face about music downloads, as if THTM me is the cause of it all. idiots.

lizardson and THTM has introduced me to more music than i could ever even hope to express, which has enriched my life more than i can say. exactly as my public library also does (and i don't hear people bitching about public libraries).

for the musicians, it's free advertising. hello?

and i spend all my paycheck on CDs and reissues (what doesn't go for vodka and rent).

how much longer are people going to keep harassing this website? don't they know it's only one of thousands and thousands, not to even mention torrent sites which haven't the balls to be public and provide no community the way THTM does?

this website is amazing and does a service to folk music. people complaining about it will someday get hip to this (or else fade back into complete and pathetic obscurity, wishing someone was paying attention to their music so thay'd have someone new to harrass).

thank you lizardson and THTM for all the amazing music you have turned me on to. don't waste a second worrying about people complaining. the impact you've had already on opening people up to music they'd otherwise never know about gives you more good karma than could fit into a million guitar cases.

15 January, 2010 13:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just a word -
I am musician myself and - no - you don`t have any of my albums offered here in your blog. But I found some for download in other people`s blogs.
This is not a problem for me as I feel honoured and pleased by knowing so many people interested in my work.
My albums are / were available in very small editions only, so it`s not possible for everyone to get an original.
Myself I was downloading some of the albums offered in your blog too, for the same reasons. In most of the cases it`s not possible to get an original !!!! ( and I can tell you, I`ve tryied hard to get original cds of what I am interested in, also by using my contacts to music distributors !)I`ve purchased some of the better knowns after listening to them, but most times these items are not available....
I`m also getting lots of emails of listeners asking for originals after downloading it from a blog...a blog is a chance to reach new listeners!
So hey , if you are a real musician, what is your problem then ???
kind regards and hails to lizardson and friends !

15 January, 2010 14:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sad to see those angry comments trying to insult a wonderful musician. Some even use obscene words. Nigel Paterson is one of those great folk musicians, whose music we do like to listen to, isn't he?
* * *
As to the Mr.Paterson's letter...
Mr. Paterson, I am the one of the many people who first learned about Nic Jones and The Halliard from this specific blog. I've downloaded one of Nic Jones' albums years ago and it was fantastic! Since then I've bought myself all the CDs I could get - those of Nic Jones and those of The Halliard (yep, including the book, signed by you, Mr.Paterson) - everything from Mollie Music and from Topic. So the album shared here years ago was the best promotion for the music.
* * *
By the way, what about those unreleased Nic Jones' albums? Will it make a big difference to Mr. Jones if I buy a used LP on ebay or download mp3s?
* * *
.. and, Mr. Paterson (if you happen to read it), of course, thank you and Nic for your music!

15 January, 2010 16:22  
Blogger cherylharrell (Mrs Harrell) said...

They're being so goofy to complain about the downloads. This blog is introducing folks to different music and sadly this guy doesn't realize it. Keep on sharing your music...

15 January, 2010 18:41  
Blogger Jack Celliers said...

Halliard & Nic Jones? Wow! They are soooooo famous! Thanks to Mr Patterson I'll make sure to never buy anything from them.

16 January, 2010 16:51  
Anonymous Xavier Marc Perriot said...

This is so stupid. I did buy all Nic Jones Albums avalables on Itunes, because I discovered it on "Time has has told me". Otherwise I should never even heard of him and the Halliard!
Xavier Perriot

16 January, 2010 22:56  
Blogger Lizardson said...

3 days passed, but still no reply from him...

16 January, 2010 23:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will you people cop on?

Making available free downloads of albums (to which Lizardson possesses no rights) is pure and simple theft. If you disagree with that viewpoint, then please supply your address so I can nip in one night this week and steal something of value to you.

17 January, 2010 04:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^ Yeah, I'll get on that right away.

123 Fake Street, Shangri-La

Until you show up, I'll just keep downloading my music and buying what is actually worth listening to, and you'll just keep being a pretentious, cowardly twat.

17 January, 2010 11:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'and you'll just keep being a pretentious, cowardly twat.'

It's difficult to respond to someone who doesn't know the meaning of 'pretentious' or to the accusation of cowardice (in the face of what, exactly?) or who uses an obnoxious sexual insult.

Thieves rarely cover up their tracks.

18 January, 2010 03:31  
Blogger Jack Celliers said...

Making available free downloads of albums (to which Lizardson possesses no rights) is pure and simple theft

What is offered here is not the same product you can buy at the store, the physical support is not provided, and mp3 sound quality is not the same. And there's no law to precisely establish the similarity between one thing and the other.

Then your statement is a poor lie.

The problem is that laws are taylor-made for a distribution model that is pure and simply dead. Labels are not necessary anymore because internet is by far a more efficient and handy distribution model.

Music is an intangible good, and it can be copied with a pretty high fidelity and distributed very easily in the digital era. Alas, it means that now those companies in the middle are not necessary anymore. And that artists will have to work harder to add value and offer more.

On the other hand, for the artists that fact is balanced because radio and TV are outdone by internet, so really good artists have now much more chance of being heard than only those with good managers and contacts. That's really good news for music lovers and real artists... and bad news for commercial crap sellers.

Commercial crap sellers whose interests are represented in the silly, stupid, fake statement of the poor guy that does not understand we are in a new market model. Probably he lives somehow on that old business, which by the way has nothing to do with music.

18 January, 2010 20:00  
Blogger Lizardson said...

Making available free downloads of albums (to which Lizardson possesses no rights) is pure and simple theft

Please let me say again.
There is NO free download links for Halliard & Nic Jones on THTM blog.

18 January, 2010 22:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without all these great blogs I wouldn't have ever buy so many albums as I do now ... so ...

19 January, 2010 03:06  
Blogger Private Beach said...

To be fair to Nigel Patterson, he should have checked the current status before writing, but I believe some of Nic Jones' albums, and possibly those of the Halliard of which he was a member, were posted here before, and at least one other blog still points readers here to acquire them, so it's an honest mistake on his part.

For those who don't know, Nic Jones has been unable to work since an accident in 1982 that nearly killed him. Regardless of their general attitude to posting albums online, many people are unhappy about seeing people downloading Nic's available albums for free from blogs when he needs the money from sales. Meanwhile, his earliest albums are completely unavailable owing to the complex Leader/Trailer records situation whereby the current owner of many folk classics is keeping them off the market for reasons that are far from clear.

I personally believe blogs like this one do a lot to introduce people to music they may later buy, but please understand that Nic's is a special case that arouses strong passions in the folk music community (Google "Dave Bulmer", and you'll see far more vitriolic things said than Patterson's email here).

19 January, 2010 12:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If a creator wants anything they have created removed from a site that is something that 99.9% of people likely respect I think. I don't think they should assume all other creators feel the same way.

Personally I'm mainly only interested in downloads for material long out of print. There are many sites however charging for downloads who send nothing to the creators and I wish creative people would go after those sites first if they really have a zeal for justice. This blog has been a source in the past for albums at best I would buy on vinyl if I could find and/or afford them, none of which income would go to the creators or even copyright holders by the way. Please quit posting available in-print stuff blog operators!!! I have seen some mostly good blogs wiped out because they slipped up a time or two with some in print music. Please quit trying to shut down the blogs that make rare hard to find music available!!! I genuinely feel they are positive and not negative to creative people. I don't feel it is fair to lump all blogs together.


21 January, 2010 15:29  
Anonymous JGG said...

Firstly, downloading music and stealing is not the same thing. When you steal something, you take away material from someone that he will not get back. When downloading music it is just copied, the owner still has possession of the material.

Secondly, does Mr. Patterson own the rights to all the Nic Jones albums that were at some point on this website (but aren't anymore)? No, most of them are in the possession of Celtic Music and we all know how that turned out!

I have in fact downloaded those Nic Jones albums, simply because there *is no other way for me to obtain them*, as they are not for sale anywhere. I do not feel guilty about this.

30 January, 2010 07:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never heard of 'em. Now that I have, I Google blogsearched 'em, captaincrawled 'em and filestubed 'em and have now downloaded their entire catalogue, plus every live recording ever bootlegged of 'em. Thanks for the alert!!

Any others offended by this FREE PUBLICITY of their unheard music, please feel free to openly complain as we've probably never heard of you either!!

Suits will ever be clueless. Gotta love that.


04 February, 2010 14:48  
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