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Please let me know if you find still-in-print records on this blog.
(I'll remove download links from this blog)
And if so, please let me know the links for buying CDs.

Anne Lister said...
It’s come to my attention that you have again made the Anonyma album available for download from your blog spot.

I hope you realise this is illegal, that it does no good at all to the artists and that it’s theft?

If you are a fan, surely you should be trying to help the artists you like, instead of ripping off their work and making it available to complete strangers? Without the money from recordings the artists and most folk labels simply can’t afford to record new material – is this what you want? Are you under the impression the folk world is full of rich performers and prosperous record labels? If so, take a reality check.

I also hear you have made the Nic Jones album available – this is so far from being helpful it’s ridiculous. The Nic Jones albums were put out there to raise money for Nic himself, who has been unable to make a living from his music following a serious car crash in the 80s.

If I, as a copyright holder, decide to make some of my music available for free download, that’s my choice. If you do it it’s simply abuse of copyright material and it’s theft. If you like the material on “Burnt Feathers”, by all means put a link to my site or Mary McLaughlin’s site and show your appreciation that way.

I will contact the legal authorities here. I have also informed other musicians whose property you have been stealing.


Additional comment from Anne Lister:

Thank you for responding so quickly to my email.

Kevin Scott may well have had album sales as a result of your action – I already have my albums available via several sites for people to hear and to purchase by download or physical copies if they choose. The issue with Burnt Feathers is a different one – the copyright belongs to the label, Fellside, and not to me or to Mary McLaughlin. We are unable legally to offer downloads or to duplicate this album, so it is all the more unlikely that they would be happy for you to be offering it on your site.

As to saying that people want to hear the music before purchasing it – there are many ways this can happen without offering free downloads without the knowledge or permission of the owners of the material.

I appreciate you are doing this because you want to increase fans for the music, but this isn’t the way to do it. ALL albums are copyright material – either copyright to the label or copyright to the artists. This is because they have invested money and time and talent in the recording and need to recoup some of the money spent out in order to continue to make music. Folk music is not a major part of the entertainment industry and I don’t know of anyone who has made much money out of recordings, so you are not helping if you give something away for free. There have been recent high-profile cases where people doing what you’ve been doing have been prosecuted and face massive fines as a result.

The main point, however, is that you need to have the copyright holder’s permission before you give away their property. Mary McLaughlin, Nic Jones, The Copper Family and others are all easy to find via Google and you could email them and check whether they want you to put links to Rapidshare. If, like Kevin Scott, they’re happy about it then there’s no issue. But you do need to ask and be prepared for people to say no.

Mary McLaughlin and I have a reunion tour this summer. I will ask from the stage whether anyone is at the gig as a result of your blog – I would be surprised, frankly.

Anne Lister

Let's go to their reunion tour!

August 7th: Cardiff Millennium Centre FREE – at 6.15 pm at the Glanfa Foyer
August 12th-15th Solo and together at the Broadstairs Folk Festival, Kent.
August 15th: Walthamstow Folk – special summer show at the Plough, London E17
August 19th: Llantrisant Folk Club at the Windsor Arms, Pontyclun
August 21st: concert at St Thomas’ Church Hall, St Dogmael’s, Cardigan
August 22nd: Mary - Irish Gaelic at St Thomas’ Church Hall.
August 23rd: Bude folk club at the Falcon, Bude.
August 29th I’m appearing solo at Faldingworth Live! Lincolnshire
October 9th at Orpington Friday Folk Club, Kent


Dick Miles said...
you have mylp cheating the tide , avialable on your site . pls remove it.>thanks DickMiles http://www.dickmiles.com

Dick Miles on THTM (D/L link removed)

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V. A. Vielles et Cornemuses

V. A. – Vielles à roue et cornemuses en Europe – 1974
Alpha 5016F – 17F
Enregistrements réalisés à Gand à l’occasion du festival européen de vielles à roue et de cornemuses à Nederokkerzeel en 1974

Disque 1

01-Det satt en gammal karringa pa en svangelgrind
02-Polkett fran lofsta bruk
03-Batsman deck
06-Eklunda polskan
08-Echo de la forêt
09-Marche à Constant
10-Le cornemuseux de Marmignolles
12-Vosy, vosy, srsani
13-Dudy, moje dudicky
14-Zahoranska polka
15-Zeleny hajové
16-Haz puru cikani
17-Ja sam se vozynil dudak, ja jenom dudam

Musiciens :

Suède (1 – 7)
Mickaël Segerström : nickelharpa, violon
Svante Lindquist : violon

France - Bourbonnais (8 – 11)
Gaston Rivière : cornemuse bourbonnaise, vielle à roue

Tchécoslovaquie - Bohème (12 – 17)
Zdenzk Blaha : dudy, chant

Belgique – Brabant flamand (18 – 22)
Ensemble folklorique De Vlier de Nederokkerzeel
Godelieve Boone : vielle à roue
Rita Mosselmans : vielle à roue
Gaby Boone : cornemuse
Henri Boone : violon
Hubert Boone : cornemuse, violon
Piet sercu : cornemuse, vielle à roue
Gide Vissenaekens : contrebasse

Avec la pochette


Disque 2

01-L'amoureuse d'Erezée
02-La troika de Bertrix
03-La maclotte de Coo
04-La maclotte liégeoise
05-Le paoure souldat
06-Me promenant à l'ombre
07-M'en revenant de noce
08-Le biroulet
09-Marche d'Auvergne
10-Bourrée des anciens
11-Valse musette
12-Pas d'été
13-Il é pourri
14-Les crapiaux
15-Le pouées d'Rataux
16-La novena di natale
19-Canzone bersaghieri
20-Il piave

Musiciens :

Belgique – province de Liège (1 – 4)
Les Zunants Plankêts
Rémy Dubois : cornemuse
Jacques Fettweis : vielle à roue
Michel Ronkart : violon
Jean-Pierre Van Hees : cornemuse

France – Languedoc et Auvergne (5 – 11)
Charles Alexandre : cornemuses

France – Berry (12 – 15)
Dominique, André et Gille Dubois : vielles à roue

Italie – Sicile (16 – 20)
Giovanni et Nino Oliva : cornemuse, tambourin, guimbarde


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Bluewater Folk

A Lancashire Life (1981)

Side A
Lancashire Wakes
Collier Lad
Entwistle Hall
Shire Song
Lancashire Dream
John Peel

Side B
The Ribble Song
Humpty Dan
Polly Kilgarriff
Weaver's Triangle
Butcher Boy
In Praise Of Lancashire
Isaac Morrison


See Gonzo-archive for "Bugs Black Puddings & Clogs" (1976)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Matthew Ellis

Matthew Ellis (1971)

01. Birthday Song
02. There Was A Ship
03. All Together Now
04. Magpie
05. Avalon
06. Riches To Rags
07. Forty Years
08. This Is Our Song
09. Sunday Sunshine
10. Peace
11. Crazy Willow

Info: Click
Other pics: Click


Friday, June 19, 2009

Alfred Den Ouden

Alfred Den Ouden - 1973

02-Madlot gort met stroop
03-It ballast sjotten
04-St. Annafeest
05-De kreupelaar / 24 grenadieren
06-Poezeminneke / de reus
07-De vastenavond
08-Jan mijne man
09-Voor Valerius
10-Het haasken
11-Zondagmorgen toen kregen we de loods aan boord
12-Er ging een maagd uit baden
13-Moeder Porret

Alfred Den Ouden : accordéon, concertina, cornemuse, guitare, chant
Kristien Dehollander : violon, chant
Al Van Dam : accordéon
Herman Dewit : épinette
Rens Van der Zalm : accordéon, cornemuse, guitare, sitar, violon, chant
Rudi Bellemans : cornemuse, flûte


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Monday, June 15, 2009

Eithne Ni Uallachain

Cosa Gan Bhroga (1987)

Gael Linn CEF1

Eithne Ni Uallachain: Vocals, Flute
Gerry O'Connor: Fiddle
Desi Wilkinson: Flute

01 - The Coachman's Whip- Paddy Carthy's
02 - The Shelf- Charlie O'Neill's
03 - Is Fada Mo Chosa Gan Bhroga
04 - Contentment Is Wealth- The Beer Drinker
05 - Molly What Ails You- The Moneymusk- Neil Gow's
06 - Ag Bruach Dhun Reimhe
07 - The Pikeman's- Down The Glen
08 - The Maid Of Mullagh- The Mohill
09 - Badai Na Scadan
10 - Jim Coleman's- Paddy Cronin's- Scotch Mary
11 - Neilli Nic Dhonaill
12 - The Arkle Mountain- Considine's Grove

Quality: 160kbps

DL (removed)

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

by ZenBa

Ian A. Anderson - Book of Changes (1970)

Al Jones (Guitar)
Bob Rowe (Bass)
Bobbye Hall (Piano)
Dave Jeff (Harmonica)
John Turner (Bass)
Keith Christmas (Drums)
Mel Right (Drums)

01. Edges
02. Internal Combustion Rag
03. Anthem
04. Stop and Listen
05. Sleepy Lynne
06. Number 61
07. Paint It, Black
08. Mouse Hunt
09. Put It in a Frame
10. Book of Changes
11. Galactic Wings (and other tales)
12. De 12-Bore Blues

Ailis said...
OK guys, here is The Book Of Changes with # 12, De 12-Bore Blues, with a length of 6.09 minutes, and additional applause of 26 seconds....I hope that will be long enough ;)


Ian A. Anderson - Royal York Crescent (1970)

01. No Way to Get Along
02. Please Readjust Your Time
03. Goblets and Elms
04. Shining Grey
05. The Worm
06. Hero
07. Silent Night No. 2
08. Mr Cornelius
09. The Maker / The Man in the High Castle / The Last Conjuring
10. Ginger Man
11. Working Man

Ian A. Anderson - vocal & guitar
Ian Hunt - 2nd guitar B vocal
John Turner - String bass & piano
Ian turner - Bongoes
Andy Leggett - Whistle & Recorder
latter three plus Pete siddons and sun also Rise for assistance on " working man

DL (fixed)

Ian A. Anderson - A Vulture Is Not A Bird You Can Trust (1971)

Ian Hunt (guitar)
Pique Withers (drums)
Peter The Bass (bass guitar)
Kipps Brown (keyboards)
John Turner (double bass)
Keith Warmington (harmonica)

01. One More Chance
02. Black Uncle Remus
03. Policeman's Ball
04. Edges
05. The Survivor
06. Well... Alright
07. Time Is Ripe
08. Wishing the World Away
09. One Too Many Mornings
10. Number 61

Ian A. Anderson - Singer Sleeps On as Blaze Rages (1972)

Mike Cooper's Machine Gun Company
Roland Van Campenhout (harmonica)
Pete Siddons (bouzouki)
Maggie Holland (guitar)

01. Hey, Space Pilot
02. Marie Celeste On Down
03. Spider John
04. A Sign of the Times
05. Paper and Smoke
06. Paint it, Black
07. Pretty Peggyo
08. The Western Wind
09. Out of the Side
10. Shirley Temple Meets Hawkwind

DL (fixed)

So much thanks to ZenBa for these!!
This will be one of the highlight of entire Time Has Told Me posts!

Still wait for Ian A. Anderson & Mike Cooper's "The Inverted World".
Please let us know if you have...

Friday, June 12, 2009


Thomas F. Browne - Wednesday's Child (1971)

It's one of the unwritten laws of record collecting that some labels guaranteed quality simply by existing -- and, if a record bears that sainted logo, then it's worth any investment you care to make. Of course, it doesn't always work that way, as collectors of the legendary U.K. prog label Vertigo will ruefully inform you. But anybody taking a chance on one of the final albums to be released beneath the label's spiral logo, the one-and-only album by singer/songwriter Thomas F. Browne, might well find themselves wondering why the company wasted so much wax on half-hearted jazz-rock, and so little exploring the further reaches of the folk-rock hybrid. Browne himself was drummer with the '60s beat band Nero & the Gladiators, a heavily classics-influenced band that also featured future Spooky Tooth/Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones for a time. Indeed, Jones and Browne alone later worked together as the State of Mickey & Tommy, and Wednesday's Child continued the partnership, with additional (and supremely characteristic) help from fellow Spooky Gary Wright, and the Sandy Denny-less Fotheringay. Such heavyweight backing, of course, dictates much of the ensuing mood, a gently rolling collection of ballads that fall into much the same bag as the period Strawbs and Mike Heron. Browne's voice is not always at its best, lacking the depth of expression that his lyrics generally demand. But the power of the arrangements and some wonderfully atmospheric backing vocals from Doris Troy and Sue & Sunny readily salvage things, and songs like "Carry My Load" (with a breathtaking Jones guitar solo) and "Dark Eyed Lady"'s cheeky approximation of "Pinball Wizard"'s acoustic guitar hook are both supremely contagious, while "The Alamo" is as epic as the land it immortalizes. ~ Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

01. Gentle Sarah (4:02)
02. Carry My Lord (4:22)
03. Bown Bown Bomm (4:32)
04. Dark Eyed Lady (4:22)
05. It's Coming (2:24)
06. Hold On (4:55)
07. Tomorrow Is Another Day (4:04)
08. Poor Man Smile (3:34)
09. The Alamo (5:59)

Get this from: RARE MP3 MUSIC

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Wargaren - Met stille trom - 1976
Universe hot103

01- Ik kwam er laatst over de markt gegaan
02- Boerenschots A / Bikkelliedje / Boerenplof
03- De laaiers zien we laaien
04- Dag, o langgewenste dag
05- 'k Ben al zo lang op weg geweest
06- Bom bom baaiere
07- Dit le Bourgignon / Allen die willen te kaapren varen
08- Reuzen komen, reuzen gaan
09- Jan de mulder / Berendans
10- Malbroek / Wilhelmusdans / Zwart laat hem scheren
11- Er zou een meisje gaan halen wijn
12- Daar was een sneeuwwit vogeltje
13- Prins Karel is over de Rijn / de Rotta
14- Genoveva van Brabant

Rina de Heus : chant, dulcimer, xylophone, accordéon, bodhran
Kees van de Poel : mandoline, guitare, vielle à roue, bodhran, flûte, dulcimer
Jurek Willig : violon, chant
Rob Smaling : mandoline, guitare, chant

Avec la pochette

Interview de Rob Smaling


le dernier LP de ma série flamande, mais pas le moins bon, au contraire
Découvrez donc la voix superbe de Rina de Heus
Si les musiciens du groupe sont hollandais, les musiques ont voyagé dans les Flandres belges et françaises

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Green Man Music Festival

You may remember that we got in touch with you last year as we really like your site. I’m getting in touch again because we need your help to find the band that will open this year’s festival on the main stage!

We’ve just launched a competition called Green Poll, now in its second year, to help us find this band. You can find out more about Green Poll here: http://www.thegreenmanfestival.co.uk/greenpoll

I think you and your readers would be perfect to help us find the right band. So I wondered If you might be interested in mentioning this to your readers?

I’ve included some more info below about Green Man and Green Poll. Please drop me a line if you’d like to find out more.


Green Poll

Calling all bands and artists – the Green Man needs YOU!

Fancy being the first band to play at Green Man 2009, standing on the main stage on Friday August 21st as the sun beats down over the Black Mountains and opening the festival with one of YOUR songs in front of thousands of people?

How about sharing the bill Animal Collective, Jarvis Cocker, Wilco, Bon Iver and Grizzly Bear, getting airplay on Green Man YouTube for a year, having an opportunity of being included in the festival promotion and press such as giving interviews to Radio 1 and the BBC, or being featured in the esteemed publications and websites such as Mojo, Guardian, NME and Drowned in Sound as well as the many others that follow Green Man?

What if we threw in 6 pairs of free Green Man tickets for your family and friends to witness your big moment live on stage, just for good measure?

Sounds good, right?

Well forget X Factor and all those rubbish TV talent shows - Green Poll 2009 is here and the search is on to find the best new band or act to get the Green Man party started!

How can I enter?
It’s easy! We are asking signed or unsigned acts to register on our special Green Poll microsite and upload a YouTube or MySpace video of your band performing a song. Anyone can enter as long as they do so before June 29 – better get your skates on!

What happens next?
The music-loving Green Man public will choose their favourite bands in two nail-biting rounds of voting. The top 6 acts then go through to a live Battle of the Bands final at The Camden Monarch, in London, on July 23rd where a panel of top music industry boffins will pick one lucky winner to open Green Man 2009!

What’s the catch?
There’s no catch my friends, it’s as easy as one, two, three. To recap:

Round 1 - Voting closes at midnight on June 28 and the top 20 bands with the most votes go through to…

Round 2 - Voting closes at midnight on July 12 and the top 6 bands with the most votes go through to…

Grand Final - A live Battle Of The Bands contest in London on July 23rd to find one lucky winner to open Green Man 2009 judged by a panel of music industry boffins

How can I vote?
The winning band / artist will open the Festival on the main stage on Friday 21st August.

What if I want to cheat?
Cheats never beat so don’t you even bother! Every single vote really counts and the Green poll site will be constantly monitored for irregular or suspicious voting patterns - any underhand activities will lead to automatic disqualification. What do you think this is, the Eurovision Song Contest?

Is there a limit on how often I can vote?
Each user is limited to one vote per day.

Good luck – may the spirit of the Green Man be with you!

The Bully Wee Band

Enchanted Lady (1976)

Jim Yardley - vocals, guitar & mandolin
John Yardley - vocals & guitar
Ian Cutler - violin, keyboards & vocals
Frank Simon - vocals, guitar & whistles

01. Kincora Jig-Behind the Haystack-Willie Coleman's Jig
02. The Cowdenknowes
03. The Trumpet Hornpipe-The Mointeach Reel
04. The Jolly Beggar-The Meadow
05. Martin Wynn's No2
06. Enchanted Lady-Boys O'The Lough-Green Fields of Ross Beigh
07. Cold Haily Windy Night
08. The Banks of the Suir-Cortes Garden
09. The Snows

Quality: 192kbps


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Mr. Pine‏

Folloing title is added at recommend section by JeremyV in May 30
he said-

Wonderful discovery. Canadian acid-folk based band - their sophomore release from 2008 with special guest vocal from Mellow Candle's Alison O'Donnell on the amazing track "Sleep of Ondine" (which sounds like a "Swaddling Songs" outtake). Terrific diversity - classical and early music influences abound; a hint of Mellow Candle and Trees influence here and there. Some lovely arrangements with strings and even a consort of recorders on "The Enclave". Even a touch of heavy metal riffing on the dark tale "Glass Petals". Male and female vocals throughout, final track is gorgeous instrumental. Just a lovely album. Read about it on Ptolemaic Terrascope website. /

I couldn't post available CD at that tiime.
But today, I received e-mail from band member Kevin Scott himself.
he said-

I play in a psych-folk band called Mr. Pine. I discovered that someone posted a link to our 2008 album on your recommendations page - and this is completely OK with us! We would be very happy if you decided to share the album on your website. We worked with Alison O'Donnell from Mellow Candle and we are very proud of that.

What a great website you have. I wish you the best of luck with it.

Kevin Scott /


So much thanks to Kevin Scott himself and JeremyV who discovered this album.

Mr. Pine‏ - Rewilding (2008)

Matt McLennan: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Kevin Scott: acoustic guitar, piano, organ, harpsichord, cittern, recorder, concertina, vocals
Jason Peters: electric and acoustic guitars, tambourine
Leslie Oldham: vocals
Richard Caners: violin
Ken Phillips: bass and classical guitar

01. Ace of Cups I
02. Streets of York
03. Set Piece
04. Blue Onyx
05. Glass Petals
06. Sleep of Ondine
07. The Enclave
08. Cymbeline
09. Robin's Breast
10. Dirge
11. Ace of Cups II


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Salvador Cresta

Hello, my friend...

A couple of months ago you have put on your blog one of my home-made albums... My name is Salvador Cresta and i'm from Argentina...

I have uploaded another album...

I hope you like it...

I'm trying to find a label for my stuff; i have 7 albums and a lot of sound pieces and songs in the air... If you know something, please let me know... Thank's!


El Trovador fantasma y la comida del espejo (2005)

psychedelic Folk review:
This release is the best of all three Salvador Cresta releases and most accessible for non-Spanish listeners. Unfortunately in all three releases there’s a disturbing bass-buzz sound (bad earthing ?) in many of the tracks, which you hear not so much in headphones as on big size music boxes that are sensitive to bass tones.. -(I think this still can be filtered out if it is ever remastered for an official release-). This is a collection of songs composed with a serious body but also some playfulness, adding funny noises or background noises (dogs bark more than once in the background ; or some rhythmical car horns loop on the far background which seems to have brought poetical/textual and music inspiration for a song on "Vemimentos") or funny vocal harmonies and beautiful acoustic guitar improvisations, sometimes also becoming surreal. This could remind us easily of early work from the Spanish Sisa (with Musica Dispersa & Sisa solo), or is like an acoustic Cocorosie with complete Spanish roots. The playful vocals might also remind people just a bit of Devendra Banhart singing in Spanish, with more variety. People, who like the fantasy world of Finish items like Lau Nau, and imagine it mixed with a more textual and song world, can have some idea of Salvador Cresta’s musical world. Texts I think are important. There are tracks, like “Un Reloj” which are more like poetry set into music. Most vocal expressions, with all the free-from vocal fun and expressions, I guess are all honestly driven from this textual core, and perhaps a few times become still rhythmical avant-dada-like music themselves (especially on “Piedras Simceras”). A great release which I hope will be discovered soon by some label.


Thanks again Salvador,
I have no idea, but hope someone here know good label :)

here is previous post: Araña Vegetal Al Viento (2006)

V. A. The Child Ballads 1

The folk song of Britain volume 4
The child ballads 1
"The English and Scottish popular ballads" numbers 2-95

Collected by Peter Kennedy, Alan Lomax, Seamus Ennis, Sean O'Boyle, Hamish Henderson, Patrick Shuldham-Shaw and Bob Copper

A collection of ballads, romantic, historical, dramatic and comic, "canonised" by inclusion in F. J. Child's great compilation, "The English and Scottish popular ballads" and still sung today

Side One.
01 The Elfin Knight (An Acre of Land; Strawberry Lane): Bob and Ron Copper, Rottingdean, Sussex, Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitram /
02 The False Knight on the Road: Frank Quinn, Coalisland, Co. Tyrone /
03 Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight (The Outlandish Knight): Fred Jordan, Aston Munslow, Salop. /
04 The Twa Sisters (Binnorie): John Strachan, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire /
05 Lord Randal (Lord Donald, My Son): Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen; Elizabeth Cronin, Macroom, Co. Cork; Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim; Colm McDonagh, Carna, Galway; Eirlys and Eddis Thomas, Glamorgan, South Wales /
06 Edward (My Son David): Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen; Paddy Tunney, Beleek, Co. Fermanagh; Angela Brasil, Kent /
07 King Orfeo: John Stickle, Lerwick, Shetland /
08 The Cruel Mother: Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim /
09 The Broomfield Wager: Cyril Poacher, Blaxhall, Suffolk.

Side Two.
01 Captain Wedderburn’s Courtship: Seamus Ennis, Dublin /
02 The Twa Brothers: Lucy Stewart, Fetterangus, Aberdeenshire /
03 Lord Bateman (Young Beichan): Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim; Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen /
04 Lord Thomas and Fair Ellen: Jessie Murray, Buckie, Banffshire /
05 Lord Lovel: Mrs Ethel Findlater, Dounby, Orkney /
06 Lord Gregory (The Lass of Roch Roy): Elizabeth Cronin, Macroom, Co. Cork /
07 Barbara Allen: Jessie Murray, Buckie, Banffshire; Fred Jordan, Aston Munslow, Salop; Charlie Wills, near Bridport, Dorset; May Bennell, Amersham, Bucks.; Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim; Phil Tanner, Gower, South Wales /
08 George Collins (Lady Alice): Enos White, Axford, Hants. /
09 Cruel Linkoln (Lamkin): Ben Butcher, Popham, Hampshire
10 The Prickelly Bush (The Maid Freed From the Gallows): Julia Scaddon, Chideock, Dorset.

Merci à Graaf qui a eu la patience de retranscrire les plages (voir les commentaires)

non segmenté
avec la pochette et le livret


by balbulus

balbulus said...
Many thanks for all your excellent work at Time Has Told Me. I've posted "Utan Sans" the 3rd album by Swedish folk legends Groupa on my blog.

Groupa - Utan Sans (1988)

Excellent Swedish Folk music. I was introduced to this band by some good friends of mine, whose band Jacob's Ladder played a couple of their tunes. This is Groupa's third album, I also have another that I may post at some point soon.

01. Utan Sans
02. Hacklek Och Chokladvals
03. Fastän
04. Blå Svit
05. Gåsmarschen
06. Bastuvalsen
07. Polkett
08. Imeland Och Grimeland
09. Grolåten
10. Avenyschottis
11. Vals

Get this from The Woodsman's Axe blog

Monday, June 08, 2009

ERON Records‏

Eron Records: http://eronrecords.co.uk/

Ron Milner said...

Welcome to Eron Enterprises unofficial website

This site is hoping to be the most comprehensive about Eron Enterprises (commonly known as Eron Records) on the internet.

Here you will be able to find a discography, a section on each of the recording artists and a page about Eron’s founder, Ron Milner.

I hope you have as much fun going through this site as I am having building it. If you have anything you would like to add, or suggestions of help, please email me at:


"Limited editions soon to become collectors items" Ron Milner /

ERON S 025: ONE MORE DAY - HAZEL & The Keith Pearson Band (1980)

Totally unknown albums, but really interesting...

The Bully Wee Band

Bully Wee (1975)

Originally formed in the early 70s by brothers Jim and John Yardley, the Bully Wee Band successfully toured Britain, Europe and America through several line-ups until the last one of Ian Cutler, Fergus Feely, Colin Reece and Maartin Allcock finally called it a day in 1983.
Since their reformation in 2004, the Bully Wee Band have had no trouble proving that they are still a force to be reckoned with as one of Britain’s foremost exponents of acoustic folk/rock music.

Jim Yardley: Vocals,Mandolin,Guitar
John Yardley: Vocals,Guitar
Frank Simon: Vocals,Guitar,Whistle
Ian Cutler: Fiddle

01. Trooper and the Maid
02. The Friar's Britches-The Road to Boyle
03. The Beggar Wench
04. From the North
05. Up and Down again-The Kid on the Mountain
06. Highland Harry
07. The Jolly Tinker-Rolling in the Rye Grass
08. The Road to Dundee
09. Arthur McBride
10. The Three Healths
11. The Lark in the Morning-Morrison's Jig
12. Three Gypsies.

Quality: 192kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Roger Wootton (Comus) & Piu
Cut the air at Mello Club 2009

01. Down (Like a moviestar)
02. Song to Comus
03. Equatorial changes
04. Cinnamon sea
05. Out of the coma
06. The prisoner

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Farewell To The Gold (Paul Metsers cover)

ichingiching said...
This is a great song written by Paul Metsers who was born in New Zealand and this song dates back to the 70's. I have been lucky enough to go to New Zealand a couple of times recently and this magical song is full of imagery of the old prospecting days of the 1860's when gold was found in New Zealand. I remember driving down the cardrona valley and stopping off by a small stream. I have been singing this song at every chance, so I decided to stop the car, dig out my old frying pan and start slucing around in the shot over river just to engender some authenticity and experience, needless to say I got very wet, cold and apart from a few flecks of mica found nothing, but I did touch the echoes of experience which broke many a man's soul in the search for these golden dreams.

Original "Farewell To The Gold" by Paul Metsers


Close to It All.... (1973)

Folk Heritage FHR050

Frank Harrison - vocals, guitar, mandolin
Steward Mawdsley - vocals, guitar
Barbara Yates - vocals, recorders, percussion
Dave Titley - bass, electric guitar, vocals, percussion
Chris Bradley - drums, percussion, mandlin

Side One
1. Close to it all (Melonie Safka)
2. Winter Song (F. Harrison / B. Yates)
3. This Moment (M. Heron)
4. Retrospect (F. Harrison)
5. I'm Your Man (F. Harrison / S. Maudsley / B. Yates)

Side Two
1. Black Jack Davey (Trad.)
2. Peace Will Come (T. Paxton)
3. River (F. Harrison / B. Yates)
4. Herbie (F. Harrison / B. Yates)
5. All the Way to Richmond (E. Welch / T. Paxton)


Whirling Pope Joan

Spin (1994)

This album has a very raw, pagan feel to it, an outlandish and spellbinding swirl of music and song, firmly focused around the hurdy-gurdy of Nigel Eaton and gorgeous voice of Julie Murphy. There is a little bit of bass and some unpolished synths and programmed beats here and there, which add nicely to the whole. Most of the songs are traditional, and the majority of those are Welsh and English, and there are also a couple of covers, I'm not sure how radical they are because I haven't heard the originals to compare, but I can imagine the Bronski Beat cover is pretty different from the original. Ffoles Llantrisant is one of my favourites on the album, but really, this is an album upon which every track shines brightly, so it is hard to single out highlights. (Amazon.co.uk)

01 - Doldrum
02 - Donna Lombarda
03 - Ffoles Llantrisant
04 - Puit D'amour - Tiennet
05 - False True Love
06 - Sept Marins
07 - Jasmine Sweet
08 - Searching For Lambs - Lost Hearts
09 - Captain's Courageous
10 - Ffarwel I Aberystwyth - Cote Pile
11 - Scotis Lwyd - Scotis Syml
12 - Bloodlines
13 - Sept Marins Again - Hanter Dro

Quality: 192kbps


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De Spelemannen

De Spelemannen – Traditionele vokale en instrumentale volksmuziek uit het oude land van Loon – 1975
Alpha 5012

03-den os het miech gestoeëte
05-Ballade van Generolmus
08-Kadril van Hasselt
09-Gust van dal

Musiciens :
Yves De Groot : violon
Willy Dessers : chant, épinette
Patrick Helewaut : contrebasse
Paul Schouterden : Violon
Jean-Marie Schulpen : épinette, cuiller, tambour, flûte
Jos Thys : accordéon
Jos Vandersmissen : chant, épinette, vielle à roue, tambour, tambourin
Roland Wissels : flûte, cornemuse, chant

Avec la pochette


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The Clutha

Scots Ballads Songs & Dance Tunes (1974)

01. The Soor Milk Chart
02. Donald Blue
03. Mount And Go
04. Deil In The Lum
05. The Moudiewort
06. Andro And His Cutty Gun
07. The Rigs Of Rye
08. The Dark Island
09. Johnnie Sangster
10. Wha's Fu'
11. Andrew Ross
12. Reel Medley
13. The Gaberlunzie Man


The Bonnie Mill Dams (1977)

01. My Apron
02. Binnie Susie
03. Fareweel Tae Kemper
04. High, Jeannie, High
05. The Braes O'lochie
06. Ochitree Walls
07. Binnorie-O
08. Logan Water
09. Among The Blue Flowers And The Yellow
10. The False Bride
11. Maids O'the Black Glen
12. Mossie And His Mare


Friday, June 05, 2009

Bonnie Dobson

At Folk City (1962)

01. Once My True Love
02. Love Henry
03. Irish Exile Song
04. Shule Aroon
05. Bonnie's Blues
06. Peter Amberley
07. C'est L'Aviron
08. The Holly Bears A Berry
09. Two Carols for A Nuclear Age
10. Morning Dew

Quality: VBR 188kbps


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Thursday, June 04, 2009

by jacmac

Michael Marra - The Midas Touch (1980)

Jeff Seopardie - Drums
Steve Shone - Bass
Isaac Guillory - Guitars
Ian Lynn - Keyboards
Barbara Dickson, Barry St John, Ian Lynn - Backing Vocals

01. The Midas Touch
02. Pity Street
03. Hooky's Little Eyes
04. Foolish Boy
05. Take Me Out Drinking Tonight
06. Glasgow
07. Features
08. Cheese for the Moondog
09. Benny's Going Home
10. Taking the Next Train Home

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3 million hits in 3 years!!

Thank you 3,000,000 times!!
I didn't expect THTM could keep running such a long time!!

Please let me say again, this blog is not only for free uploading but also for saving long forgotten and underrated musicians.

Are you ready for next 3 years!?


Jolly Jack

A Long Time Travelling (1988)

Jolly Jack are:
Martin Hall: vocal, accordian, concertina, guitar
Alan Taylor: vocal (lead on 04 and 09), fiddle, guitar
Dave Weatherall: lead vocal, concertina

01 - Cold And Raw
02 - Whaleman's Lament
03 - So Happy I'll Be
04 - The Bantry Girl's Lament
05 - Northwest Passage
06 - White
07 - Santa Fe Trail
08 - April Song
09 - Carrigdhoun
10 - Farewell Nancy
11 - On Top Of The Car
12 - Shenandoah

Quality: 192kbps


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For those who want their first LP: Rolling Down To Old Maui, that one has been reissued on CD, you can buy it here:

Faraway Folk

At the Bolton (1970)

01. Lesson Too Late
02. Wayward Boy
03. Johnny Is A Shoemaker
04. St. James' Infirmary
05. Admiral Benbow
06. The Andalucian Gypsies
07. Drunken Sailor
08. Santiano
09. Ilkley Moor Bah't 'at
10. Kazoo Song
11. Whip Jamboree
12. Bolton Hotel
13. Skiffle Medley


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Horden Raikes

King Cotton (1972)

King Cotton and songs of the working classes from the period 1750-1850

Brian Dewhurst: vocals
Ron Flanagan: guitar
accompanied by:
Martin Carter: guitar, spoons
Roger Barnes: concertina

01 - King Cotton
02 - Bread Tax
03 - The Factory Bell
04 - Bonny At Morn
05 - Maid Of The Mill
06 - Grimshaw's Factory Fire
07 - The Smokeless Chimneys
08 - July Wakes
09 - My Master And I
10 - Preston Guild 1842
11 - Bury New Loom
12 - The New Farmer
13 - Preston Mills
14 - Great Enoch (The Croppy Boys)
15 - We Are Forced To Be Contented

Quality: 160kbps


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