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by Ryveld

De Kadullen - Foekepotterij (1974)

01. Adeste fidelis
02. Een kindekijn is onsgeboren
03. Het is een roos ontsprongen
04. Personent hodie
05. Daar kwamen drie koningen
06. Kerstmisavond
07. Rozeblommekens
08. Wel lieve herderkens
09. A la berline postiljon
10. Opdeze nieuwejaar
11. Nu sijt willecome
12. Geeft wat om de rommelpot
13. Driekoningen
14. Maria die soude
15. Kerstdans - Quand li bergé
16. Nue is die roe
17. Drie koningen kwamen gegangen
18. Niewejaarkezoete
19. Foekepotterij


Another flemish folk band

Jan Smed

Traditionele vlaamse muziek (1974)

01-'t zal reigene
02-Schoon jonkvrouw
03-Dòò giender ien da vènsterke
04-De herderkes van buiten/Drij herderkes van buiten/Hier treden wij here
06-Ratten èn mòòëze
08-Boerienne, gaaë moeit nóóie
09-'t klein peird/De boeren
12-Over Jezus' lijden
15-Van Helena

Musiciens :
Luk Bosmans : violon, cornemuse, épinette
Wim Bosmans : flûtes, chant, épinette
Filip Hendrickx : clarinette, épinette, rommelpot
Stefaan Hendrickx : épinette
Francis Marrant : accordéon diatonique, violon, épinette, chant
Charly Vandenputte : contrebasse, rommelpot
Patrick Vandenputte : épinette, roertrom

Avec la pochette


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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bernard Wrigley

Bernard Wrigley said...
This is Bernard Wrigley. My LP is still for sale, along with its follow-up "Rough & Wrigley" both remastered & available on one CD with all Bert Lloyd's original notes for £10 - incl postage to anywhere in the world.

Before you put content up for downloading take the trouble to seek the performer's website. Googling my name reveals where all my albums are available to sample as well as buy.

As I own the copyright to these Topic masters kindly remove from downloading. Any profit you have made will be gratefully and rightly received by me.

Bernard Wrigley on THTM

Friday, May 29, 2009

Maddy Prior and The Answers

Going For Glory (1983)

Spindrift SPIN 104 (LP, UK, 1983)

This is an LP that is long out of print, and never released on CD, some bad copies are circulating on P2P progs, but this is a real good copy.

Maddy Prior: Vocals
Mick Dyche: Guitars
Gary Wilson: Drums and percussion
Richie Close: Keyboards
Rick Kemp: Bass and acoustic guitar, vocals
Ann Lennox: Backing vocals, flute
Steve King: accordion


01. After the Death
02. Saboteur
03. Morning Girls
04. Half Listening
05. Deep in the Darkest Night
06. Oh No
07. God Squad
08. Trivial Hymn
09. Each Heart
10. Hope Lies Now
11. Pater Noster
12. Allelujah

Quality: 320kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Thanks to Reinhard Zierke for the additional info

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tom Gilfellon

In The Middle Of The Tune (1976)
with Martin Carthy, Johnny Handle and Liz and Stefan Sobell

Tom Gilfellon, vocals [1-3a, 5-6, 8-11], recitation [3b], cittern [1, 4, 7], guitar [10];
Martin Carthy, guitar [4c, 7];
Johnny Handle, accordion and chorus [3a], piano [9];
Liz Sobell, dulcimer [1], harmonium [2];
Stefan Sobell, cittern [1a], English concertina [6]

01. The Banks of Red Roses / The Boys of Ballysadare (4.45)
02. The Workers' Song (3.25)
03. The Celebrated Working Man or, In the Bar Room /
03. Uncle Albert's Last Heroic Farewell to the World (2.44)
04. Reels: Lady Ann Montgomery / The Wind That Shakes the Barley /
04. The Foxhunter's Reel (3.48)
05. The Snow It Melts the Soonest (2.18)
06. The Bonny Gateshead Lass (3.00)
07. Jigs: Thomas Friel's / The Battering Ram (4.25)
08. The Two Sisters (6.05)
09. The Row in the Gutter (2.28)
10. The Fiery Clockface (2.40)
11. Johnny Miner (2.18)


Thanks to Reinhard Zierke for the infomations.
Thanks to Gonzo for ripping this LP.

by ericbkk

Mickey Newbury - Triad Studio Sessions (1991)

In mid-1991, Newbury recorded some demo tracks at Triad Studios in Eugene, Oregon, as a favour to the previous owner. He wasn't satisfied with the tracks, mostly covers, and they were never released. But on the two occasions when he sings his own songs, he goes off into two- or three-song medleys, and these just may be some of the best stuff he ever did.

01 - Genevieve - Lovers - How Many Times (M Newbury)
02 - Pledging My Love (D Robey/F Washington)
03 - They Will Never Take Her Love (L Payne)
04 - Unchained Melody (H Zarat)
05 - Ivory Tower (J Fulton/L Steele)
06 - You Win Again (H Williams)
07 - Summertime (G Gershwin)
08 - Just Dropped In - Wish I Was (M Newbury)

Mickey Newbury - guitar, vocals
Dale Bradley - cello

DL (MP3 @ 256 Kbps)

In 1991, Newbury recorded some demo tracks at Triad Studios in Eugene, Oregon.
After “14 years of shelf-ageing,” a fan decided to share the tracks (excellent soundboard) on the internet.
“I’m pretty excited to put this out there. I think it’s essential in this talented songwriter’s legacy. In the short time I knew him, I got the impression that he’d understand this being unearthed.
“In late spring of 1991, shortly after we arrived in town, it was set up that Mickey Newbury would come in for a day of recording as a gift to the previous owner of the studio we had just bought.
“I hung out with him quite a bit that day during the eight or nine-hour session, setting up the recording and the mics, during his smoking breaks, coffee binges, etc. He was a crusty old guy at the time and had been haggard by the years of living the musician’s life. But we got along fairly well and he seemed very interested in what I thought of his music. It was typical insecure-but-talented BS with him, as I told him I was honestly blown away by the soul and emotion in these sessions and he shrugged it off as ‘crap’. He even does mostly covers, the times he does his own songs they’re crunched into two different drawn-out medleys.
Using his two Neumann U47’s (one on his guitar, one for the vocals) and a U87 on the cello (some hippy-looking dude who was the first chair cello player for the Eugene Symphony, Dale Bradley), we laid down all the tracks straight. Dale didn’t even know the songs, he just followed along in key, and quite the pro he was.
The response (from MN) was rather tepid, and the last time I saw or even spoke to him he came by the studio a couple of months later to get his microphones. He made some remark about how his vocals sucked that day. Sure there’re mishaps and a few humorous cracks, but I like the unrehearsed and raw atmosphere of it.
“And here it is, a few years after his death, some totally hidden sessions from the man who wrote a whole bunch of the old country and R&B hits."

Can't think of another singer as mournful as MN, and I mean that as a compliment.


Paul And Linda Adams

Far Over The Fell (1975)

01 - The Keswick Driver
02 - Jolly Boys Song
03 - Jimmy's Enlisted
04 - The German Clockwinder
05 - A Brisk Young Sailor
06 - King Dunmail
07 - The Lament Of The Border Widow
08 - Tarry Woo'
09 - The Sun Shines Fair On Carlisle Wall
10 - Paul Jones
11 - Farewell To The Miner
12 - The Witch Of The Westmorelands

Quality: 256kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dr. Strangely Strange

The Gaff, Holloway Rd, London 21st February 2009

DL (mp3 file)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Judy Mackenzie

Peace And Love And Freedom (1971)

01 - Peace And Love And Freedom - Part 1
02 - Spread Wide Your Wings
03 - Love Is Fine
04 - Peace And Love And Freedom - Part 2
05 - No Time - No Inclination
06 - Get Ready To Laugh
07 - In Remembrance
08 - Isn't It Hard
09 - Never A Man Like This Man
10 - Thourg My Days
11 - Isaiah Fifty-Five

Quality: 256kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Meic Stevens

Nos Du, Nos Da (1982)

01. Y Meirw Byw
02. Dyna'r Ffordd I Fyw
03. Bobby Sands
04. Y Paentiwr Coch
05. Mor O Gariad
06. Capel Bronwen
07. Cegin Dawdd Y Cythraul
08. Dic Penderyn
09. Saith Seren
10. Bethan Mewn Cwsg
11. Nos Du, Nos Da


Monday, May 25, 2009

Sherwood Rise

From the Wood (1981)

Dingles Records DIN321

Stephen Bailey - vocals, whistles, recorders
Sid Long - vocals, guitar, psaltery, dulcimer
Gren Morris - vocals, recorder, concertina
Ian Stewart - bass, tambourine, goblet, drums
Jenny Warren - vocals, lute, guitar

01. Hal an tow
02. Blow thy horn hunter
03. Horses' branle
04. Fortune my foe
05. Martin said to his man
06. Can she excuse?
07. Robin Hood and the tanner
08. Packington's pound
09. The Rigs and fun of Nottingham Goose Fair
10. Lo, lo, lo
11. Sellinger's round
12. Malt is come down
13. Go from my window
14. Robin Hood and Allen a Dale
15. The Nottinghamshire poacher
16. Sheep shearing song
17. Kemp's jig
18. A Robyn

Quality: VBR 183kbps


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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brownsville Banned

That's Shoebiz ! (1977)

Brownsville Banned were an infamous Comedy Jug Band in the late 1970's and early 1980's. They had various incarnations before splitting up in 1985. Alas, they only made two albums.

01 - Charles Lennon (Dialogue)
02 - Doc Roberts
03 - Van Blues
04 - Mrs Tas Pronks' Musical Sink
05 - Hang Fire (Dialogue)
06 - Pick Up
07 - Julie The Schoolie
08 - Getting Older
09 - Norman Mills At The Halltappers & Shouters (Dialogue)
10 - Six Feet Tall
11 - Gordon

Quality: 160kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Gas Mark 5

Gas Mark 5 (1988)

01. Mad Moll of the Dorsetshire Hunt (trad arr GM5)
02. The Lafayette Two-step (trad arr GM5)
03. The Weasel in the Grass (C R Taylor)/ Policeman Prowl (Bob Davenport)
04. The Bog Road (trad arr GM5)/Blackwall Tunnel (C R Taylor)
04. Bad Boys of Dunkirk (C R Taylor)/ Martin O'Connor's (trad arr GM5)
05. The Lads In Their Hundreds (Houseman/ Butterworth)
05. The Battle of the Somme (trad arr GM5)
06. Margaret's Waltz (Patrick Shuldham-Shaw)
06. H E Stiles/ Tell Her I Am (trad arr GM5)
06. Mr Crow's Jig (C R Taylor)/ Joseph Taylor's Favourite (C R Taylor)
07. Dogma ( Derek Pearce)
08. William Kimber's (trad arr GM5)
09. Lena (Mewes) - Keith Prowse
09. What You Do With What You've Got (Si Khan) - Joe Hill Music
10. Drummond Castle (trad arr GM5) / The Hogmany (A Rankine)


Gordon Tyrrall

Farewell To Foggy Hills (1978)

01. The Dark-Eyed Sailor
02. Fahey's Reels
03. The Rantin' Laddie
04. Skipton Road. The Crag
05. The Seven Gypsies
06. Am Druimfhionn Donn Dilis
07. The Lowlands Of Holland
08. Trim The Velvet. The Gravel W
09. Molly Ban Lavery
10. The High Level Hornpipe
11. The Banks Of The Moorlough Shore
12. Don't Come Again


Roger Watson & Debbie McClatchy

Radioland (1988)

01. Dixie Darling
02. Three Jovial Miners
03. Dreary Black Hills
04. Hunt The Squirrel
05. Somebody Else's Troubles
06. Sally Free & Easy
07. Radioland
08. Colorado Song
09. The Weavers March-Miss Bennets Jig-The Arcadian Nuptials
10. Women Of Greenham Common
11. It's A Long Way To Mississippi


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Canny Fettle

Trip To Harrogate (1977)

Tradition TRS 027 LP, UK, 1977

01 - Open The Door To Thee-Anon-Long Room At Scarborough
02 - Touzle Your Kerchie
03 - Morgan Rattler
04 - Lovely Nancy
05 - Lovesick Polly-Tankard Of Ale
06 - Trip To The Bath-Trip To Harrogate
07 - Lady Barnsley's Fancy-The Maggie Dance
08 - Lillinghall
09 - The Four Seasons
10 - The Brickmakers
11 - Trip To Castle Howard
12 - The Musical Lovers
13 - Welcome Here Again-Mary Eleanor
14 - The Musical Society
15 - Cuddy Clumps
16 - Wetherby Grange-The Grove-La Belle Catherine
17 - I Would But I Dare Not-New Lango Lee
18 - Green Bracken
19 - Ladies Plaything-The Green Box
20 - Tweedside
21 - 5 Tunes


Roger Nicholson

Roger Nicholson – The gentle sound of the dulcimer - 1974

01-Spanish fandango
02-The king of the Fairies
03-Bright shines the moon
04-Mood piece n°2
05-Appalachian medley (Soldier's joy/The traveller)
06-Flowers of the forest-Bonapart's retreat
07-Father Halpin's topcoat
08-Buckdancers choice
09-A new Elizabethan suite (Lady Penchester's toye/The Allington pavan/A fancy/Wyatt's galliard)
11-La volta
12-Belle qui tient ma vie
13-Packington's pound
14-The Carman's whistle
15-Medieval medley (Ductia/Danse royale/Estampie)
16-The farewell pavan

Musiciens :
Roger Nicholson : dulcimer
Gerry Roff : dulcimer
Jake Walton : dulcimer, guitare, luth, psaltérion, percussions

Avec la pochette


Friday, May 22, 2009

V.A. Nick Drake tribute concert

Way To Blue concert @Birmingham Town Hall
Saturday 16th May 2009

See other parts here: mrsrufuswainwright's videos

Adrienne Johnston

Adrienne Johnston (1975)

01 - So Many Country Songs
02 - Time For You And Me
03 - Rainbow
04 - Just A Man
05 - If Poems Died Like Promises
06 - Too Late Now
07 - So Long To Dublin
08 - Long Ride In The Morning
09 - This Is Our Love Song

Quality: 192kbps


pass: highqualitymp3


When God's On The Water (1975)

Dave Byrne (vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, descant recorder)
Chris Lyons (vocals, drums, bongos, tambourine)
Daphne Miller (vocals, descant & tenor recorders)
John Shaw (vocals, electric bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric dulcimer)
John Taylor (vocals, piano, accordion)

01. The River (J.Shaw)
02. Water (R.Williamson)
03. The Finding of Moses
04. The Streams of Lovely Nancy
05. Just as the Tide was Flowing
06. Blue Eyed - Stranger
07. The Maid of Australia
08. The Bold Fisherman
09. Marrowbones
10. The Water of Tyne
11. Our Ship is Ready
12. Well Met
13. A Sailor's Life (T.Paxton)


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Trevor Lucas - Overlander (1966)

Get this from música ácida blog

by Marc

Following post is updated by Marc
Lous Velhadours - L'Espérant (1982)

what I sent you yesterday wasn't an update as such, more a compil of songs by Antoine Trémolières, with some songs off the Lous Velhadours album.

Check again

Thanks to Marc!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Johnstons

The Travelling People (1966)

Hallmark HMA 237

The Johnstons rose to prominence in Dublin in the late '60s. Formed by Luci, Adrienne, and Michael Johnston, the group featured harmony singing with guitar accompaniment. Eventually, Michael left the group and was replaced by Mick Moloney (vocals, mandolin, banjo) and Paul Brady (vocals, guitar). This four-piece band became extremely popular in Ireland and toured the world, starting off the careers of both Moloney and Brady. Their albums are equally split between innovative treatments of traditional material and fairly derivative covers of American folk-pop. ~ Steve Winick, All Music Guide

01 - The Travelling People
02 - Going Home
03 - The Banks Of Claudy
04 - The Alamo
05 - The Life Of The Rover
06 - Johnstons Motor Car
07 - Mary Of Dungloe
08 - I Never Will Marry
09 - The Curragh Of Kildare
10 - Leaving London

Quality: 224kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Ragged Heroes

Annual (1988)

01. The Loving Ballad Of Lord Bateman
02. Our Captain Cried
03. Step And Fetch Her - Swaggering Boney
04. Benjamine Bowmaneer
05. Who'll Be King But Charlie
06. Geordie
07. Paddy O'rafferty - Mcconnell's - The Musical Priest
08. Lisbon
09. Bushes And Briars



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Roger Watson

Mixed Traffic (1980)

01. Bourree
02. Venezuela
03. Where Oh Where Do I Live
04. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
05. The Bold Princess Royal
06. Song For The Derbyshire Colliers
07. Planxty Irwin
08. Stow Brow
09. Three Jovial Miners
10. The Inniskillen Dragoon
11. Jeannette And Jeannot The Lullaby Of Broadway
12. Nottingham Miners
13. Shrimps On The Stove
14. Brother Can You Spare A Dime

DL (fixed)

To deleter,
Please let me know if this one is available on CD.


Wassailers (1978)

Fellside Records FE012

01. Harvest Song + Phils Favourite
02. My Loves In Germany
03. My Donal + Whitby Whaler
04. She Touched You
05. Bold Dragoon+
06. The Bonny Briar
07. Three Jolly Sportsmen
08. Read Hall Foxhunt
09. Roll The Woodpile Down
10. The Demon Lover
11. The Gay Fusilier


Thanks to Ailis for this one :)

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Monday, May 18, 2009

The English Country Blues Band

No Rules (1982)
Dingle's Records DIN 323

Maggie Holland, vocals, bass guitar, banjo, guitar;
Ian A. Anderson, vocals, guitar, bottleneck guitar;
Rod Stradling, melodeon;
Sue Harris, hammered dulcimer, oboe

John Kirkpatrick, concertina [1, 9], accordion [4];
Nic Jones, fiddle [1, 7];
Dave Peabody, harmonica [1, 12];
Chris Coe, vocals [4-5, 7, 10];
Danny Stradling, tambourine [7, 11]

01. Baby, What You Want Me to Do (3.20)
02. Travellers in Heaven (2.56)
03. Strong Man (3.15)
04. Oregon / Portland Town (5.35)
05. Weary Blues (3.23)
06. Under the Waterbed / Under the Army Blanket (3.57)
07. Handsome Johnny (2.56)
08. Rambling Boys of Pleasure (4.57)
09. The Panic Is On (2.12)
10. The Weave Room Blues (4.08)
11. The Nutting Girl (3.41)
12. We Got Hard Times Now (3.22)

Track 01 Jimmy Reed;
Track 02 Derby Smith;
Track 03, 09, 12 trad. arr. Ian A. Anderson;
Track 04a Tucker Zimmerman ;
Track 04b Darroll Adams ;
Track 05 Hank Williams;
Track 06 trad. arr. Ian A. Anderson, Maggie Holland, Rod Stradling;
Track 07-08, 11 trad. arr. Maggie Holland;
Track 10 Dorsey Dixon

Buy this (fRoots Shop - The Weekend Beatnik)
Compilation album "Unruly" includes 10 tracks from this album.

Thanks to Reinhard for whole infomations.

A Selection From The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs

Fellside Recordings FE047 (LP, UK, 1986)

Linda Adams: vocals, English concertina
John Bowden: vocals, Anglo concertina
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar
Roy Harris: vocals
Jez Lowe: vocals, guitar, cittern, harmonica, Appalachian dulcimer, keyboards

01 - Jez Lowe-Martin Carthy-Linda Adams - When I Was Young
02 - Roy Harris-Martin Carthy - The Gaol Song
03 - Martin Carthy - The Whale Catchers
04 - Linda Adams-Jez Lowe - Young & Single Sailor
05 - John Bowden-Martin Carthy - The False Bride
06 - Harris-Bowden-Lowe-Carthy - Ratcliff Highway
07 - Jez Lowe-Linda Adams - The Grey Cock
08 - Linda Adams-John Bowden-Jez Lowe - Basket Of Eggs
09 - Roy Harris - One Night As I Lay On My Bed
10 - Martin Carthy-Jez Lowe - Banks Of Green Willow
11 - Linda Adams - All Things Are Quite Silent
12 - Bowden-Carthy-Lowe - Banks Of Newfoundland

Buy this (Fellside Recordings)

Harry Boardman

A Lancashire Mon (1973)

Topic 12TS236

01. A Lancashire Mon
02. T'Spinner's Tale
03. The Radcliffe Otter Hunt
04. Victoria Bridge on'T Saturday Night
05. Kitty & Robin
06. Saddleworth Buck Rabbit ~ Whoam Brewed
07. Warrikin Fain
08. Spinning Shoddy
09. To The Begging
10. The Beltane Song
11. The Garland
12. Owdham on a Saturday Night
13. Nine Times a Night


Sunday, May 17, 2009

V.A."Steam Ballads"

Broadside Records BRO 121 (LP, UK, 1977)

Recorded at Zella Recording Studios, Birmingham
except track 8 recorded at Mid Wales Sound Studios
Engineer: Johnny Haynes
Producer: Jon Raven
Cutting: Barry Shiers, MSR, Coventry
Sleeve Design: Robin Scott-Cooper
Sleeve Notes: Jon Raven

Harry Boardman: vocals, banjo, concertina [1, 5];
Kempion [6-7, 9]:
---Duncan Hudson: tin whistle, flute,
---Dave Oxley: fiddle, bouzouki,
---Morris McPhillips: vocals, dulcimer, bodhran,
---Mark Wallis: guitar, mandolin, bouzouki;
Jon Raven: vocals, guitar [2-3, 8, 11]
---with Mike Billington: additional vocals,
---Dave Oxley: fiddle,
---Mark Wallis: mandolin,
---Duncan Hudson: whistle;
Tony Rose: vocals, concertina, guitar [4, 10, 12-13]

01 - Harry Boardman - Navvy On The Line
02 - Jon Raven - The Bold Navvies
03 - Jon Raven - Paddy Works On The Railway
04 - Tony Rose - Opening Of The Newcastle & Shields Railway
05 - Harry Boardman - Johnny Greens Trip Fra Owdhum
06 - Kempion - Opening Of The Birmingham & Liverpool Railway
07 - Kempion - The Iron Horse
08 - Jon Raven - The Oxford & Hampton Railway
09 - Kempion - The Cockney's Trip To Brummagem
10 - Tony Rose - The Wonderful Effects Of The Leicester Railway
11 - Jon Raven - Cosher Bailey
12 - Tony Rose - Moses Of The Mail
13 - Tony Rose - The Fireman's Growl

Quality: 192kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Alan Bell

The Minstrel (1978)
Folk Heritage FHR 103

01. All In Our North Country
02. The Windmills
03. The Good Shepherd
04. Two Thousand Years Ago
05. Alice White
06. The Band In The Park
07. The Ballad Of A Working Ma
08. The Gypsy Lad
09. Bread And Fishes
10. The Weavers Song
11. The Packman
12. The Minstrel's Song


Brian Dewhurst & Tom Tiddler's Ground

The Hunter and the Hunted (1975)
Folk Heritage FHR075

01. Bird In The Bush + Silver Spear
02. Brown Adam
03. Valentine's Day Hunt
04. The White Hare Of Oldham
05. The Hunt
06. Horn Of The Hunter
07. The Bonny Black Hare
08. The Keepers And The Poachers + The Innocent Hare
09. The Huntsman's Chorus
10. The Radcliffe Otter Hunt
11. Extwistle Hall
12. Manchester Cornstalk
13. The Foxhunter's Jig
14. The Gallant Poacher
15. The Furness Hunt
16. The Noble Duke Of Buckingham's Hounds
17. The Hills Of Greenmore + The Bugle


Plz help us if you have cover scans...

Bernard Wrigley

The Phenomenal Bernard Wrigley (1971)
Folksongs, tunes and drolleries (with Wilf Darlington)

Topic 12TS211

01. The Molecatcher
02. The Five Gallon Jar
03. Mr Lane's Maggot ~ The Green Ship
04. Other Folk's Childer
05. The Indian Lass
06. Pay Me the Money Down
07. Balance a Straw
08. Dixie's Dog
09. The Treadmill Song
10. Bungereye
11. Bonny Kate of Aberdeen ~ Lord Carmarthen's March
12. The Wassail Song
13. Gee Whoa, Dobbin ~ Jack the Horse Courser
14. The Bonny Bunch of Roses
15. Haul Away the Bowline
16. Bobbing Joan
17. The Ballad of Knocking Nelly

Bernard Wrigley said...
This is Bernard Wrigley. My LP is still for sale, along with its follow-up "Rough & Wrigley" both remastered & available on one CD with all Bert Lloyd's original notes for £10 - incl postage to anywhere in the world.
Before you put content up for downloading take the trouble to seek the performer's website. Googling my name reveals where all my albums are available to sample as well as buy.
As I own the copyright to these Topic masters kindly remove from downloading. Any profit you have made will be gratefully and rightly received by me.

Buy this

The New High Level Ranters

Topic 12TS425 (1982)

The first recording of the new line-up:
Jim Hall, Johnny Handle, Colin Ross, Pete Wood.

01 - Fisherman's Friend - Black and the Grey
02 - Ca Hawkie
03 - The Old Drove Road - Kennedy North
04 - Jim Jones
05 - The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade
06 - John Peel
07 - Durham Regatta - Little Jenny
08 - The Snows they melt the Soonest
09 - Yellow Haired Laddie - The Glen Coe March
10 - New Song of the Coal
11 - Skipper's Wedding
12 - Duke of Fife - Maggie Lauder

Quality: 192kbps


pass: highqualitymp3

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jacqui and Bridie

The Perfect Round (1970)

Galliard/GAL 4009

01. Streets Of London
02. Parkey Laney Street
03. In My Life
04. Adam In The Garden
05. Cathedral In Our Time
06. Back Buchanan Street
07. Both Sides Now
08. Red Velvet Steering Wheel Driver
09. Beans Bacon & Gravy
10. Hold Back The Dawn
11. Icarus Allsorts
12. Pigs Can See The Wind
13. There But For Fortune
14. Peace Round


Tufty Swift

You'll Never Die For Love (1985)

Shark 04

Tufty Swift, English melodeon player and a pillar of Derbyshire's folk music community, collected dance tunes & songs from Derbyshire source musicians, and popularised the dance tunes of the Yorkshire Dales. He set up the first folk club in Belper, Derbyshire, and formed the influential country music band Umps & Dumps with John Kirkpatrick.
He died in his sleep on 14th October, 1999, after a long battle with cancer.

01 - Fraser's 10th Quickstep
02 - Troop (London)
03 - Heage Quickstep
04 - Slow March
05 - Morgan Fancy
06 - Waltz
07 - Trip It Lightly
08 - You'll Never Die For Love + Calabria
09 - German Waltz
10 - Turkish March
11 - Come If You Dare + Quickstep
12 - Chesterfield Bugle Horn Twostep
13 - London Waltz
14 - Quickmarch
15 - Nottingham Hornpipe

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