Sunday, November 22, 2009

by ericbkk

Mary Gauthier - Andy Kershaw Show, BBC R3, 3/12/06

Mary Gauthier - Andy Kershaw Show, 3 Dec.,'06, BBC Radio 3
Featuring a specially recorded session from New Orleans singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier in duet with guitarist Thomm Jutz.

Pt. A
I Ain't Leaving (5.00)
Can't Find A Way (5.50)

Pt. B
Same Road (5.47)
Sideshow (3.22)

Mary Gauthier (vocals/guitar/harmonica); Thomm Jutz (guitar/backing vocals)
Recorded 4 November 2006 at BBC Broadcasting House, London

19 min. MP3 @ 128 kbps


Apologies for a couple of minor (IMHO) glitches in the recording towards the end; too late to re-record by the time I found out about them.
Pic is not from BBC session, but from a few weeks later.

Thomm Jutz

For Thomm Jutz, living and making music in Nashville, Tennessee has always seemed like the most natural thing in the world. The emerging producer/engineer/guitarist/songwriter had made up his mind by the time he was a 12-year-old guitar student that he was absolutely headed for Music City, USA. The fact the he grew up in a "tiny village" in the south of Germany was never an obstacle for Jutz, who has turned it all to his creative advantage, bringing a uniquely musical perspective and a classical discipline to the music he makes and to every project he produces. These days, he splits his time between TJ Tunes, his busy Nashville recording studio, and regular tours as guitarist for Folkabilly Queen Nanci Griffith. Other artists Jutz has played and/or recorded with include David Olney, Steve Young, Mary Gauthier and Michael Johnson.
Growing up the son of the local teacher and church choir director, Jutz was reading music before he could read books. From there, it was the piano and the flute, where he rose as a youngster to competition level. But his musical education began in earnest the day he discovered the Canadian Forces and American Forces Networks, both broadcasting a wide variety of real country music to surrounding military bases. With his guitar always in hand, Jutz absorbed all of it – every song and every guitar lick on the fly – long before he ever knew what the singer was actually singing about. By the age of 15, he was leading local bands through endless gigs at those same military bases.
He was living a double life – studying classical guitar at university during the day and playing in smoky clubs into the night – when he first heard the music of Townes Van Zandt. The discovery was a creative turning point for Jutz. With a growing resume of prestigious gigs and production successes in his home country, Jutz made the move to Nashville in 2003, and he hasn't stopped since. Working with many of the musicians, writers and artists he grew up listening to, he retains that ability to hear through to the heart of a song. With an unerring ear, a guitarist's touch and a songwriter’s soul, Thomm Jutz is right where he belongs. : ~ h**p://

Andy Kershaw was one of my favourite BBC presenters; hope he's getting over his troubles.



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