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Tammles ::: Tammles
> 192 kbps VBR

Alain Pennec: accordeon, cornemuses, chant
Marc Jacquier: guitare, bouzouki, chant
Philippe Janvier: bombardes, flutes, chant
Jean-Yves Martial: violon, bouzouki, chant

01. Scottish du père Rouxel/Scottish à Jacquot
02. D’ou viens-tu pochard d’ivrogne?
03. Mélodie vannetaise/Marche pourled
04. Hantertdroïde
05. Bilbolo
06. Dans plinn
07. Gavottes/Sweet gavotte/Les lavandiéres
08. Entre la riviére et le bois
09. Ridées à six temps
10. Le Fond de l’art effraie
11. An dro

Escalibur BUR 810

#27 • September 1985
Melodeon wiz, Alain Pennec, who is also a mean turn on the Northumbrian pipes, came over some years back with guitarist and bouzouki man Marc Jacquier, dit Gegene, and impressed those who saw them. The group is now a quartet, with the addition of Philippe Janvier on bombardes and flute and Jean-Yves Martial on fiddle and bouzouki.
Tammles come from the non-Breton speaking, or gallo, regions of Brittany and their music has a distinctly different sound to the Breton norm - even when the bombardes are in full flight. The sound of the independent Breton deterrent is more muted here, blending well with the other instruments as they work jauntily through tunes and dances which include scottisches, a Vannes melody, marches, hanter-dros, an dros, gavottes and ridees.
Can there be room for songs? There certainly is, and Tammles really sound as though they are having fun on these tracks. There's not a duffer among then and the production is clean and precise, if a little laid-back (not an uncommon fault with this label, which has since sold out lo someone else).
They're top of the tree in Brittany at the moment
Mick Tems

password: highqualitymp3

Tammles ::: Embarquement immediat
> 192 kbps VBR

Alain Pennec: accordéon, cornemuses, bombarde, flute, synthé, chant
Marc Jacquier: guitare, synthé, chant
Philippe Janvier: bombardes, sax alto, chant
Jean-Yves Martial: violon, bouzouki, chant

01. Marche des tailleurs de pierre
02. Gavottes
03. Trios matelots du port de Brest
04. Déridez-vous en 8 temps - ridées
05. Les cercliers
06. Le chemin du village - an dro/hanter dro
07. A Limerzel - tour
08. Ballad du petit people
09. Embarquement immediate
10. Il reste encore à vendre - ridées à 6 temps
11. Poule qui chante

1985 • Escalibur BUR 813

#35 • May 1986
Tammles' emergence as a force to be reckoned with has been slow but steady, from the days back in the 1970s when multi-instrumentalis Alain Pennec and guitarist Marc Jacquier began using the name, and Embarquement Immediat is an album they can be proud off. Tammles work in the non-Breton speaking field, and their songs are as strong as their runes; they too, are not afraid to mix traditional and technology, Philippe Janvier switching from bombarde to alto sax with equal and interesting effect and Jean-Yves Martial putting swing and subtlety into the fiddle. The repetitive nature of Breton melody gives Tammles the springboard for their hypnotic effect; this is an album for all those who avoid Celtic music of the jig/reel/andro school, for it injects colour and variety into what is already an inspired choice of material. Like a good whisky (or lambic!) it's the result of years of maturing, and those who get hold of fit will savour fit for a long time to come. The title track certainly goes with me to my desert Island.
Mick Tems

Embarquement immediat
password: highqualitymp3

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

THe music sounds great therefore I was not able toopen the rar file... it was the same with the Cabestan data... I am working with an IMac...

16 September, 2009 03:16  
Blogger cianfulli said...

try with zipeg, another mac user happily uses this program

16 September, 2009 08:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very great music...
Cianfulli thanks for your superb work, you are one of my favorites!

16 September, 2009 17:27  
Anonymous John said...

I am entranced by these Tammles albums - especially w/the electronic elements in the second. Any possibility of more? They released at least one more as far as I can tell.

05 October, 2009 17:45  
Blogger cianfulli said...

sorry, these are the ones I have

05 October, 2009 19:34  
Anonymous John said...

Well thanks very much for the two!

08 October, 2009 18:06  
Blogger Terrance T said...

You have a great blog and I found it by chance while doing some searching for the group TAMMLES. I first heard/seen this group in the BBC series, THE CELTS where they performed the song, Trois Matelots Du Port De Brest", which sounded catchy. Thanks for posting this album ending my search.

17 January, 2010 17:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I reach you blog from italy, searching for entre la riviere e le bois.
I had the chance to listen Tammles in my town something about 25 years ago. And i loved them so much that i remember their mood and their songs till today.
Thanks for your sharing!
Marco, from Casale Monferrato, Italy

18 February, 2010 05:58  

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