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Finbar & Eddie Furey ::: Finbar & Eddie Furey


Finbar and Eddie Furey are two brothers from a family of six comprising four boys and their parents. The whole family is musical. Mrs. Furey plays the banjo and the accordion ; Ted Furey, their father, plays fiddle, pipes, whistle, banjo and mandolin. Fin and Eddie began playing and singing professionally at the age of nine when they busked on trains going to football matches. Shortly afterwards they began playing all over Ireland at the famous O'Donoghue's Pub, at race courses and sea-side resorts. When Finbar was thirteen he got his first bag and chanter (a half set of pipes) and when he was fifteen he won the All Ireland junior championships for pipes. Within three years of this Finbar won twenty-three senior championships including the senior All Ireland and also won a couple of duet championships with brother Eddie. The two boys plus Ted Furey, their father, also won the Ulster senior trio championships and finally in 1966 Eddie and Finbar Furey won the international folk award in Tralee against eighty other groups. For this they got 170 in prize money which they say lasted about three days. 'It went to charity', says Eddie. 'Guinness charity' says Finbar.
Fin and Eddie are descended from the royal bards in West Meath in Ireland centuries ago. 'We would probably still be there if Cromwell hadn't driven us out' says Eddie.
In 1967 Fin and Eddie ventured into Scotland for the first time with 6d in their respective pockets. They based themselves in Edinburgh and made many good friends such as Gordon Geekie, The Corries, Paddy Bell, Graeme Bell, Diane Halley and many others. In the early part of their stay in Scotland they worked at the Edinburgh docks digging out the new Imperial dock. Soon however, they became known in Scotland, as well as in Ireland, as two of the finest traditional musicians to emerge in recent years. They were invited to the hallowed Singers Club in London, played the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, The Ulster Hall, Belfast, and the Town Hall, Birmingham. They have appeared in Scotland on both BBC TV and STV and on Tyne Tees TV and at the 1967 Edinburgh Fest

01 The Spanish cloak
02 Come by the hills
03 Sliabh na mban (the mountain of the women)
04 Dainty Davy
05 Jig : Tattered Jack Welch
06 The flowers in the valley
07 Reel: Pigeon on the gate
08 Jig: Graham's flat
09 Leezy Lindsay
10 Set dance: Piper in the meadow straying
11 The curragh of kildare
12 Eamonn an chnuic (Ned of the hills)
13 This town is not your own
14 Jig: Rocking the baby

1968 • Transatlantic TRA 168 LP

quality: > 192 kbps VBR (I've never seen the original LP, but this album was shortly available as part of a budget price 4CD set, called Irish folk favourite, Castle Communications MBSCD 404

Finbar & Eddie Furey
password: highqualitymp3



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cianfulli. I'm amazed that I have a record that you don't, and I'm in a part of the world just a bit to the left of Tierra del Fuego: Western Australia. I just took a stab on this, on the basis of the cover photo. It turned out well: it's a fine album, which I've enjoyed many more than a hundred times over. It was released in Oz by Astor as GGS 1021, tho Transatlantic Records are credited also. There is no date on my copy. It was recorded by St Bill Leader and the cover shot is by Brian Shuel.

17 February, 2009 18:26  
Blogger cianfulli said...

if you need to know what the hell other albums on the 4cd set are...

The Dubliners anthology
Transatlantic MTRA 2010
12 track
The Kilfenora ceilidh band - eponympos
Transatlantic TRA 283
part 1 - 7 tracks

The Kilfenora ceilidh band - eponympos
Transatlantic TRA 283
part 2 - 7 tracks
Sweeney's men
Transatlantic TRA 170
13 tracks

CD 3
The Grehan sisters - On the galtimore mountains
Transatlantic TRA 160
11 tracks
Finbar & Eddie Furey - eponymous
Transatlantic TRA 168
part 1 - 7 tracks

CD 4
Finbar & Eddie Furey - eponymous
Transatlantic TRA 168
part 2 - 7 tracks
Mick Moloney - We have met together
Transatlantic TRA 263
17 tracks

Dubliners anthology and Sweeney's men are available, but i can upload Kilfenora, Grahan and Moloney if needed

17 February, 2009 20:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again Cianfulli. I'm quite content. Garry

21 February, 2009 09:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh! the Mick Moloney songs from this are priceless! "the Ivisible Man" is quite "psych"(halfway between strangeleys and stringband, but more irish-ey than either post them up for everyone plz.

22 February, 2009 07:20  
Blogger reynardine said...

I have the original vinyl album and the Finbar Furey pipes album released around the same time (to rip when I get the time). The tracks off F&EF plus Tracks from The Lonesome Boatman I have on a CD which I bought from a dump bin in a Morrison's Supermarket some years ago for the princely sum of £1.

26 February, 2009 21:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, please post the Mick Moloney!

10 September, 2009 18:02  

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