Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paper Bubble‏

Terry Brake (of Paper Bubble‏) said...

Just came across your blog. My name is Terry Brake and I was a member of the Paper Bubble along with Brian Crane. We did record a second album called Prisoners, Victims, Strangers and Friends. No orchestra on that one, just straight into the studio where we got together with Rick Wakeman and afew other Stawbs members who improvised to our songs. A much better albumin my opinion - still the harmonies, but a much more 'live', raw feel.

Thought you might be interested.

All the best,



Anonymous Anonymous said...


19 August, 2008 22:15  
Blogger Norm said...

Indeed, where can one find this? I have been googling my head off with no luck. By the way, THTM hosts - great blog!!

20 August, 2008 02:34  
Blogger ge said...

dudes, this is an ad not a sharer, wethinks

20 August, 2008 22:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably neither an ad nor a sharer. Probably just someone out with some helpful information.

21 August, 2008 01:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a message for Terry Brake of Paper Bubble. I am trying to find Brian Crane, I am his nephew - Rob.

02 November, 2008 01:06  
Blogger Unknown said...

I too would love to get in touch with Brian Crane.
I knew him 35yrs ago and would love to know how he is.

12 November, 2008 16:58  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Kath and Rob, I'll pass your info on to Brian. All the best, Terry

12 December, 2008 00:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last year I met Brian Crane (of Paper Bubble) and his wife on the QE2 of all places. I couldn't believe it as the last time I saw him was back in 1987 when he was with his band Stillbreeze. He hasn't changed at all! I spoke with Brian for sometime reminiscing. He told me that he had recorded many more albums both solo and with his band. I asked him where I could obtain copies of these and he gave me his e-mail address and telephone number. Unfortunately, during my recent house move I have lost his contact details.... Can anyone help please?

Have either Robert or Kath who have posted comments had any luck in contacting him?


02 February, 2009 22:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have loved the Paper Bubble album ever since obtainiang it (in exchange for a tab of acid!) 25 years ago. Does the unreleased second album still exist? Brian and Terry, I love your songwriting!!!

05 June, 2009 19:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also love the songwriting of Paper Bubble, eversince I found a signed copy in my Mum's collection. Does anyone have any information available on any other albums they may have produced, together or solo as my Mum said they went their seperate ways in the 70's. She thinks Brian may have still have followed a music career and released more albums. Would love to hear them. Any info would be great!

09 June, 2009 18:46  
Anonymous merc Merchant said...

I'm a Shrewsbury guy and I remember Paper Bubble. I was a friend of Christine Cranes brother Russell Newcombe. I recall being round at Brians and Chris's flat up by the Column once, a very overawed and quiet teenager. After all this guy made records and knew the Strawbs!! Reunion time boys for old times sake? Respect to the power of the internet! Ha...

13 September, 2009 19:31  
Anonymous stu8896@aol.com said...

I've just come across this website and am interested in references to Brian Crane. I remember seeing him perform with his band back in 1994 at an awards ceremony. He was amazing. I bought his nothing comes easy record. In 2008 my house got flooded and the record ruined and I have never seen another one I could buy. I have seen on ebay other records and cds for sale by Brian but not this one. Does any one have a copy they could sell me or I could copy will pay postage. If you are out there Brian do you have a website?

08 January, 2010 20:07  
Blogger The Total Impostor said...

I am the brother of Christine Crane, who was Brian Crane's wife in the 1970s. I used to babysit their son Corin, and admired Brian because he was such an intelligent, creative and cool guy. He was the (only) person who ever strongly advised me to go to university, and he kept on about it, so I eventually applied - and now have two degrees. Thanks Brian!

02 April, 2010 01:37  
Anonymous Phil Gillam said...

I've just this minute come off the telephone after chatting with the great Brian Crane. I wanted to make him aware of TIME HAS TOLD ME, but he said he was already aware of it and appreciated the interest being shown in Paper Bubble. Meanwhile, fans of the band may like to know that an article I've written about Paper Bubble is due to appear shortly in Shindig! magazine and is also available on my own blog, UNDERNEATH THE SIDEBOARD IN THE FRONT ROOM.
Best wishes,
Phil Gillam

26 May, 2010 03:58  
Anonymous joncollins said...

Intersting to see the comments and thoughts about Paper Bubble. I bought a Yamaha FG 180 acoustic guitar from either Terry or Brian in about 1972. I visited Richard Bratton's piano shop in Shrewsbury with the intention of buying a new Echo but came away with the Yamaha. The action had been lowered by filing down the nut and bridge and the guitar, which I still have, plays well in Ultra Lights strings. Also would be goos to hear from Steve(?) Merchant as I think we went to the same school?

01 September, 2010 17:26  
Anonymous MichaelFenshaw-Price said...

A collegue has pointed me to this blog... to view the details about Brian Crane including the piece by "Phil Gillam" back in September last year I saw this guy performing solo in a small folk club just outside Dorchester. I had stopped there with my girl for a drink and caught this guy's act. His set of well over 1.5 hours comprised of him singing all his own stuff while switching from
from guitars to keyboard. This guy was magic!!! I want to hear more. He introduced some of the songs from some new cd of his one song was titled set in stone anyway information please where can we see him again how can I get his cds and why isn;t this guy a house hold name

23 February, 2011 19:26  
Blogger fiona said...

Hi I was at St Margarets School where the charlaton Mr Chadwick was headmaster and where the Paper Bubble rehearsed. I was also in the same year as Russel Newcomb at the Wakeman School and also worked with Christine Crane at the Early Learning Centre after she had split up with Brian. Its a small world! Russ how are you? Hows Chris? She was a lovely person and how is Brian who I remember fondly as he convinced me to go to drama school which led me to a career, a husband and four mad but great sons. Fiona Beynon Brown

10 March, 2011 05:55  
Anonymous Russell said...

Fiona Brown? Same year at Wakeman? I'm having trouble remembering what happened yesterday. I blame it on Headmaster Gower at Wakeman School in Shrewsbury, for slapping me around head so much. If I knew where he was buried, I would dig him up and leave his rotting corpse at the main door of the Wakeman. As for Paper Bubble, I think it must have burst (confetti everywhere) - Russell Newcombe

01 June, 2011 01:49  
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