Friday, June 06, 2008

Runrig Albums‏

Mike Smith (Ridge Records) said...

Hi Lizardson,
We have seen on your blog site - that you are providing Runrig albums for free download. These albums are copyright Ridge Records and you do not have permission to offer them for free download. We would appreciate their removal from you site. I have cc'd the Publishing company, Chrysalis Music who will follow this up.

Best wishes,
Mike Smith
Ridge Records
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Although we take all possible steps to ensure mail and attachments are free from malicious content, malware and virii, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any changes to content outwith our administrative bounds.

The views represented within this mail are solely the view of the author and do not reflect the views of Runrig Merchandising Ltd


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol..... to the pirate bay!

06 June, 2008 21:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't they realize you post music that people are often unfamiliar with, and that it probably increases their sales....This is a shame. What does this mean for you and your site? For the record, no pun intended, I've gone out and purchased at least 15 titles that I first heard on your site.

07 June, 2008 00:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I've gone out and purchased at least 15 titles that I first heard on your site."

Ditto. I'm old enough to remember when we could go into record shops (remember them?) and ask for the new LP by .... whoever to be spun while we blissed out at a listening booth (remember them?)

I merrily download some of the stuff posted here and then go on to buy the real thing. Not the compressed mp3. The full range frequency response, as it used to be put. And I want the package. The sleeve. The booklet. The credits.

But I suppose I'll never get to hear Runrig now and be able to judge whether they're worth my cash or not.

07 June, 2008 02:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


07 June, 2008 10:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, this is a very shortsighted view by a record company that has lost sight of the music in the quest for profits. The irony is that their profits increase by people being able to try before they buy!

07 June, 2008 22:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your effort with this blog, Lizardson. It's always reliable to bring up some hidden gem.

08 June, 2008 00:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dear friend Lizardson' I hope that i have NOT caused you and my friends at Time Has Told Me any trouble by my posting of the Runrig Albums.
The sad and shameful fact of the matter is that for every download THEY SELL $ albums on the website!
People LEARN who the group are and also buy the several concert DVDs offered.
I feel sad for the state of affairs all to gether.
I have also with drawn the albums from my own 2 sites.
Again, I do hope that this "letter" from Mr. M. Smith will not damage your own wonderous site.

08 June, 2008 03:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's no shock to find out in 2008 that record company managers are as dumb as bricks and will happily take actions that slash their own revenue and drive away customers just because their lawyers tell them they have legal grounds to do so. That pretty much sums up the last decade of the recording industry.

08 June, 2008 22:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For your information Ridge Records is a small label set up to issue Runrig records - it's the band's own label. Some of these commenters seem to think they are a "profit hungry corporation" in the same league as EMI etc - one of the "anonymouses" even says "a record company that has lost sight of the music in the quest for profits". I don't think anything could be further from the truth.

I think there's a difference to posting some albums to give you a chance to hear their stuff and the long post we have just had which included loads of albums from a current and still working band, including their latest. I think Lizardson is right to respond to their request, as he always does to anyone who objects.

There are still some bootlegs up on THTM if you want to find out what Runrig's music is like. To everyone else who's moaning - you should have been quicker!


09 June, 2008 07:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

newelectricmuse seems to think that the size of the record company makes a difference, whereas the point we were all making was that Try Before You Buy is a good principle and one which has seen me discover many albums on this and other sites that I would never have heard otherwise, and then I WENT OUT AND BOUGHT THEM! If I hadn't heard them here, I would have been none the wiser, and Runrig among others would have been poorer financially at least. Then he ends by saying we should have been quicker, so the only problem he has is how long the post is up, not any moral standpoint at all! And by the way, I was quick!

09 June, 2008 20:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous

I was just putting people right about the (ahem) money grabbing music hating organisation that is Ridge Records. They are not responsible for the decline of the recording industry, they're a small indie label providing an outlet for their own music and also releasing other gaelic music that perhaps otherwise would not get released.

As with most of the record companies or artists who have asked Lizardson to remove their music, they're just cottage industries or individual artists trying to put their music out there, not large impersonal conglomerates. If you think that it's Ridge records' loss if they do write in to object and that they're losing sales by doing so, that's OK, that's your opinion and we all know that if you search around there are other places you can find this stuff on the internet.

I happen to agree about Try Before You Buy - it often works for me too. However I guess that is Ridge Records decision to make, not yours. If there was a way of proving it really works you need to do so, not anecdotally, but with real evidence. If Try Before You Buy is the main reason you download I guess I'd ask how many albums do you need to hear before you decide you like Runrig (or don't like them!) They have mp3 samples on their web site (28 tracks to be exact) so they would probably argue they already have a Try Before You Buy scheme.

Glad you fell for my bait in the last line - I download myself so I'm not objecting to downloading stuff as such (I'm not trying to speak from some high moral ground that I don't occupy). All I'm defending here is the right of a record company to object.

Have a nice day


10 June, 2008 04:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This email (and any attachments) is private and confidential, and is intended solely for the addressee."

So you go ahead and publish the email on your blog? For chrissake.

10 June, 2008 10:32  

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