Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bridget St. John albums

John Tobler said...

Hi Lizardson,
While the vast majority of music fans will agree that free music is a good thing, we hope that you will agree that to prevent living, active artists with currently available work from benefiting from that work is morally and legally dubious. In the case of the 'Take The 5ifth' album by Bridget St.John, which has always been available since it was first released in 1995, we would appreciate it if you would remove this album from your list of free downloads. Anyone wanting this album can buy it from, where PayPal is accepted, and this will ensure that Bridget benefits from her work.
While we admire your good taste in having recommended 'Take The 5ifth', we would be grateful if you would let your readers know that it is NOT available for free download. This Email has been copied to Bug Music (UK), the company which publishes Bridget's material on the album in question.
Thank you in advance for your co-operation.
John Tobler, Road Goes On Forever Records

Brian O'Reilly said...

I see from your great 'Time Has Told Me' site that you have postedseveral albums by our friend, Bridget St John. You may not realise thatthese albums are all currently officially available on CD.'Jumblequeen' is on our own Hux label The Dandelion titles are onCherry Red and 'Take the 5th' is on another label. Can you please remove these titles from your site, so that Bridget cancontinue to earn royalties from the official CD sales.

Please confirm.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Brian O'Reilly


Blogger ge said...

the rarer the better----the more readily available, the worser [in this blogworld as it is]

11 June, 2008 03:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Artists like BSJ get absolutely no radio exposure at all as far as I know, certainly not enough to become a compelling purchase for very many people.

I bought the first two Dandelion CD reissues after hearing tracks picked up from a blog (not this one as it happens.) As much as I enjoy the discs, I would not consider chancing 15 quid on an album chockful of unheard material -- I'm not rolling the dice on the likes of Jumblequeen nor Take The Fifth.. If I heard them and they were great, then yes, I'd buy. Otherwise, not. Simple equation.

Anyway, I hope these take downs result in loads of royalties for artists like BSJ... but I rather doubt they will, and sadly, no portion of the royalties are likely to come from me unless and until there's an alternative outlet for listening before buying.

I think it's commendable that you agree to these take down requests despite the fact that these posts are essentially far better promotions of the product than the labels can generally manage.

Good luck to them!

11 June, 2008 03:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Share yours, not mine"
--got an old scratchy OOP copy of Dingo St Ringbat? Share it, it's yours! But if there's a new indie CD reissue, DONT share that, aint yours!

11 June, 2008 16:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how similar the removal requests from "Brian O'Reilly" and "Mike Smith" are. You'd almost think they'd been written by the same person.

Nobody would be so petty as to send fake email to Lizardson because they are outraged, just outraged, because he shares music so others can sample.

Nobody would do that. Would they?

11 June, 2008 18:18  
Blogger Private Beach said...

My own view here is that it would be fair to post a couple of sample tracks from an album to encourage those who like them to buy the entire album.

One of the problems surrounding this entire copyright issue is that the interests of the artist may not coincide with those of the record company. Blog exposure may help an artist sell more concert tickets even though the record company loses sales.

And in some cases, artists would like to see their earlier work reissued but the record ompany isn't interested. Vivian Stanshall's widow has been trying for years to get his album "Men Opning Umbrellas Ahead" out on CD, but Warner Brothers. who own the rights, are not playing ball. Yet they are among the loudest voices decrying free downloads, which are currently the only way to hear this album. Bizarre.

12 June, 2008 10:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how to download some album of Bridget St.John? I don't understand how? Please can we help me? Thanks a lot!!! Raven

31 January, 2009 03:47  

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