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by Anonymous

Abbie Gardner

Abbie's interest in music started as a young child. She played flute classically throughout school and began singing in a cappella groups in 1992. As the musical director and arranger/transcriber for the Boston University Treblemakers, Abbie released an a cappella CD in 1997 called "Treble in The Waters."

In 1998, Abbie began playing guitar and has been writing and performing original acoustic blues/folk songs since then, with independent recording efforts "Tea and a Cookie, " and self-titled EP "Abbie Gardner". Performing in coffee shops across the country led Abbie to develop the "Open Mic Directory," a portion of her web site that has been an invaluable resource to independent musicians nationwide since 1999.

In 2004 she released, "My Craziest Dream" a collection of jazz standards with her father, pianist Herb Gardner. A five piece quartet was recorded live in-studio for this swing record and plays swing dances in and around NY.

"Tea and a Cookie" 1997
"Southern Rain" 1998
"Abbie Gardner" EP 1999


Allen Wayne Damron "Sweeping Up Dreams" 1985

01 Wind Don't Blow In San Anto
02 Spanish Silver
03 Maria Consuelo Arroyo
04 Old San Marcos
05 Majado
06 Austin In The Summer
07 Dust
08 Shootin' Fish In A Barrel
09 The Gringo Pistolero
10 Old Cowboys


"Hoover" 1969

Produced by Chuck Glaser
Strings and Horn Arranged by Bill Pursell
Arrangements by Hoover

All Songs written and composed by Hoover

01 I'll Say My Words
02 Leave That For Memories
03 Kommst Du Doch Mit Mir (Come With Me)
04 That's How A Woman's S'pose To Be
05 Free To Run Free
06 All That Keeps Ya Going
07 I'm Not That Kind Of Man
08 One Man's Family
09 Games
10 Set Yourself Free (Theme From Tick, Tick, Tick)


Randy Crawford "Only Your Love Song Lasts"

Randy Crawford's initial notoriety came from her fiery vocal on "Street Life," a 1979 song matching her with the Crusaders that was included on the soundtrack for Burt Reynolds' film Sharky's Machine. Crawford was born in Macon and grew up in Cincinnati; she worked in clubs as a teen, accompanied by her father. Crawford was lead vocalist in a group that included bassist Bootsy Collins before touring as George Benson's opening act in 1972. Cannonball Adderley invited her to sing on his LP Big Man. Crawford recorded "Don't Get Caught in Love's Triangle," a song produced by Johnny Bristol, during a short stay on the label. She soon moved to Warner Bros., and after "Street Life," recorded and toured Europe with the Crusaders. Crawford was tabbed Most Outstanding Performer at the 1980 Tokyo Music Festival. She remained with Warner Bros. through the '80s and early '90s, but was unable to score either a big R&B hit or major crossover smash, despite having one of the most readily identifiable voices and distinctive approaches of any contemporary female vocalist. She's been more successful overseas, particularly in England, where such singles as "Knocking on Heaven's Door," "Rainy Night in Georgia," and "Last Night at Danceland" have gotten universal acclaim. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

01 One Day I'll Fly Away (198
02 This Old Heart Of Mine (1983)
03 Only Your Lovesong Lasts (1976)
04 Tender Falls The Rain (1980)
05 One Hello (1982)
06 When Your Life Was Low (1980)
07 I Let You Walk Away (1976)
08 I Don't Wanna Be Normal (1986)
09 He Reminds Me (1982)
10 I've Never Been To Me (1976)
11 Rainy Night In Georgia (1981)
12 I'm Easy (1976)
13 Almaz (1986)
14 Now We May Begin (1980)
15 When I'm Gone (1982)
16 Desire (1986)
17 Look Who's Lonely Now (1982)
18 You Might Need Somebody (1981)
19 World Of Fools (1986)


Sandy Posey "Tennessee Rose" 1983

Sandy Posey (born June 18, 1944[1]) is an American popular singer, who enjoyed success in the 1960s with singles such as her 1966 recording of Martha Sharpe's composition, "Single Girl." She is often described as a country singer, although, like Skeeter Davis, perhaps her nearest comparator, her output has varied and, later in her career, the term, "countrypolitan," associated with the "Nashville sound", was sometimes applied.[2] Posey had three hit singles in the United States all of which peaked at number 12 in the sales charts.[3]

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01 Are We Dreaming The Same Dream
02 Tennessee Rose
03 You Never Gave Up On Me
04 Diamond In The Rough
05 I Fall To Pieces
06 I Lie
07 Rose Of Cimarron
08 I Know A Heartache When I S
09 Half The Way
10 Save The Last Dance For Me



Blogger Linda SweetThang said...

getting file not found
any chnce of a re-up
hard to find and Sandy Posey

thanks for a GREAT blog!

03 May, 2008 04:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will be fantastic if you can reuploaded the wonderful record of Hoover... I searsh it for a long long time... thanks !

27 November, 2008 19:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know th history of this strange songwriter but Hoover is a great album..

Simon House

10 November, 2009 22:27  
Blogger Women Out Front said...

Any chance of a reup on Abbie Gardner?

21 November, 2010 09:51  
Blogger Unknown said...

There's another lost album of Hoover - The Lost Outlaw Album (1971-1972)

06 July, 2011 23:43  

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