Monday, December 31, 2007

Kate Rusby

"Awkward Annie" 2007

This is Kate Rusby's first self-produced album, and she plays to her strengths, with few surprises except for her increased use of strings and piano. As ever, she switches between her two favourite styles: there are jaunty, mildly quirky and humorous songs like the title track or The Old Man; and then the far more distinctive slow, sad-edged ballads that are so suited to her light, pure vocals. There are self-composed songs here, from the pleasantly drifting Planets to the lament for the death of a child (Daughter of Heaven), but it's her reworking of traditional songs that is most satisfying. This latest selection includes John Barbury and a glorious revival of the McPeake Family's Blooming Heather, which builds to a rousing finale with help from opera singer John Hudson. The annoyingly titled "bonus track" is a solid treatment of Ray Davies' Village Green Preservation Society. Her followers will not be disappointed.

01. Awkward Annie
02. Bitter Boy
03. John Barbury
04. High On A Hill
05. Farewell
06. Planets
07. The Old Man
08. Andrew Lammie
09. Dreams Of Nancy
10. Daughter Of Heaven
11. Blooming Heather
12. The Village Green Preservation Society (The Kinks cover)

Download (link deleted by complaint)

Emma Holling
Pure Records
PO Box 174 Penistone, Sheffield, S36 8XB
Tel + 44(0)1226 767872


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a pity that you only get so few comments. your blog is amazing! keep up the good work! happy new year!

31 December, 2007 07:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

y'know, at first I was going to say are you sure you want to start putting up recent releases by lesser known artists...then a funny thing happened...

INSTANT FAN!! This chick is awesome!!

She has loads of great clips on YouTube, and she has loads of other CDs out.

Thank you!! I will definitely be keeping an eye on this one and making some purchases.

31 December, 2007 08:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate Rusby is indeed fantastic. I will not be downloading this for free however, as I know how good it is and intend to buy it myself at some point.

You've turned me on to some great music here for which I truly thank you. I must question, though, the practice of putting up an artist's brand new work for free download. I think it inappropriate and wouldn't be surprised if it gets you canned sooner or later, which would be a pity.

31 December, 2007 09:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps an older Kate Rusby disc would have been more appropriate? I'm just glad to learn about her.

I just ordered her Live From Leeds DVD and Ten CD, both brand new copies, so this post did result in some sales and is likely to result in more in the future. Also picked up the Meg Baird CD below, also a new copy.

If we want these current artists to continue we must help pay their way.

31 December, 2007 12:19  
Blogger Unknown said...

I've seen Kate Rusby several times but haven't listened to anything by her for a while; thanks for reminding me.

31 December, 2007 22:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this version of The Village green preservation society is used as the theme to a BBCTV comedy Jam & Jerusalem starring Jennifer Saunders and others

02 January, 2008 06:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate's from m neck of the woods. She's lovely if you ever meet her and incredibly talented. Please don't put links up for her albums which you could easily buy in any high street shop it's just depriving hard working artists of their profits. Also, "lesser known"?! You don't get much more famous than Kate on the folk scene.

04 December, 2008 05:08  

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