Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nic Jones

"The Noah's Ark Trap" 1977
"From The Devil To A Stranger" 1978

Singer Nic Jones was among the most acclaimed artists to emerge from the British folk revival, winning praise for his moving vocals as well as his prowess on guitar and fiddle. Greatly influenced by Martin Carthy, whose percussive guitar style Jones adopted for his own, he first surfaced during the late 1960s as a member of the group the Halliard, mounting a solo career in 1970 with his debut album Ballads and Songs. A collection of traditional tunes distinguished by Jones' outstanding instrumental work, the record also established his mastery of the long ballad; a self-titled effort followed in 1971, but was his last album for six years -- the follow-up, Noah's Ark Trap finally appeared in 1977, with From the Devil a Stranger appearing a year later. Around that same time Jones also joined the short-lived group Bandoggs, releasing an eponymous LP in 1978; other projects included appearances on albums from artists including Richard Thompson and June Tabor. 1980's Penguin Eggs -- named "Folk Album of the Year" by Melody Maker -- was his final new recording; in 1982 he was critically injured in an auto accident and forced to retire from performing. In Search of Nic Jones -- a compilation of archival material including home recordings and BBC sessions -- was released in 1998. A year later, singer/songwriter John Wesley Harding issued Trad Arr Jones, a collection of traditional folk numbers directly inspired by Jones' arrangements. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have these already and they're both excellent. Thanks to all for making them available.

These albums (and the 2 other 'lost' albums) are not available for purchase apart from 2nd hand vinyl. Nic therefore derives no income from some of his finest work and due to a massive car crash hasn't worked since 1982.

If you like them and want to support Nic then please see comments in the 'Unearthed' post below


08 July, 2007 19:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Lizardson,

Thanks so very much for making this amazing music available. I had some pretty bad personal news yesterday but this is some of the best medicine I could hope for. Thanks again very, very, very much. Nic Jones singing is so deeply felt and I've wanted to hear these recordings for years now.

09 July, 2007 02:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for these. What I've heard so far is nothing short of excellent. I will be buying some of his available music.

09 July, 2007 04:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your blog.
(I found it by googling rapidshare/nic jones :D )

Plenty of folk here for my Dad.. Which is great, but is there any chance you could try using Sharebee?

Waiting patiently on rapidshare may be virtuous, but it is also tedious.

OTwise, this blog makes a great change from the usual emo bollocks we have come to expect.

Keep going.

10 July, 2007 00:35  
Blogger The Man That Time Forgot said...

Thanks so much I have wanted to hear these albums for years. Nic Jones is the Guv'nr.

10 July, 2007 03:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! wow! wow! wow! mind-blowingly beautiful!

thanks so much for sharing these! i never heard of him before. i'll be buying the commercially available albums. the label that won't reissue his stuff is obviously evil.

10 July, 2007 12:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two brilliant LPs. Thanks very much.

Greetings from Canada

10 July, 2007 19:38  
Blogger cianfulli said...

Balalds and songs
covers and lyrics

11 July, 2007 01:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


thanks for posting ballads and songs but I am having trouble with it. I am getting a message that the format is bad. Are you sure it works? If not can you repost?

15 July, 2007 08:46  
Blogger cianfulli said...

Ballads and songs
I decompress it with winrar and it worked well (if you don't mind the wrong pdf file)

16 July, 2007 05:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, I saw Nic Live on nunerous occasions. I'll purchase them should they ever be made available commercially.

Dave - Canada

28 September, 2007 01:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the famous "Penguin Eggs" album, anyone can help me ?

31 October, 2007 03:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Penguin Eggs' is easily available commercially. There's no need to steal it. If you want to hear a copy for free try your local library.

Oi, Lizardman! Now you have the out of print Nic Jones albums posted, how about removing the stuff he's still earning a living off? Or does he have to grovel to you himself?


01 December, 2007 10:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE this blog!!!

I have all the Nic Jones CDs you can currently buy - and I'd buy these if you could get them!

PLEASE can you supply the links again? They seem to have vanished.


16 January, 2008 23:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erm... can't find the links. Please help!

16 January, 2008 23:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can we have the links again for the Noahs ark trap and from the devil to a stranger.

Many thanks

Mat from YORK

21 January, 2008 18:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rare thanks! Just discovered your good self as well as blogging. Time has certainly told me!

15 February, 2008 17:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got into nic jones from my dads old vinyl collection but don't see it much nowadays. He recorded me a copy of The Noah's ark trap but it cut off the ends of the songs, just as ten thousand miles is building. I would really appreciate someone putting the link back up.
thank you

05 March, 2008 09:08  
Blogger bikeboy said...

Can the links for the Noahs ark trap and from the devil to a stranger be put up again?

26 March, 2008 19:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

it's time for a little payback since I got (to know) so much incredible music from kind people like Lizardson (thanks for all your efforts, mate!!) - here's the link to "The Noah's Ark Trap":


03 June, 2008 05:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance of an upload of "From the devil to a stranger"? (I'll send Nic a few quid when I get it.)

19 June, 2008 05:49  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thank so much for the Noah's Ark link. I only discovered Nic about 3 years ago, and I am so sad not to be able to hear his work. I don't understand it, there seems to be a demand. Anyway, I'll happily send him some money. Can anyone put the link up for "Devil"?

02 July, 2008 01:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please don't put links to any albums that you can easily buy i got Penguin Eggs, Game Set Match and Unearthed all of websites like and HMV. Don't rip the guy off he's a genius and can't perform anymore and if you steal his music how's he gunna make money? And to boot he's one of the nicest people i have had the pleasure of meeting.

10 July, 2008 04:54  
Blogger Unknown said...

I absolutely agree about the available albums, I wouldn't think of listening to them without buying them. I do want to hear From the Devil to a Stranger, and send Nic money though Mollie records. I feel like we fans ought to do something to help the guy out... what do you think?

11 July, 2008 23:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just bought all the Nic Jones I can from Itunes. Please would someone re-link 'From the Devil...'? This is the best music I've heard in a while.

19 July, 2008 00:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wishing I could post From The Devil To A Stranger and the other discs but I think Nic not like it too.
Perhaps someone might feel if this is possible, otherwise the link would be canceled again ..
Waiting for permission, because I have great respect for this master of English Folk ..
Johnny 69

27 July, 2008 05:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No reply to Johnny ?
Ok, only mailing list...
Simon House

11 August, 2008 21:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

most of these are available on bittorrent, at

If you download you should definitely send a check and buy his available records.

21 March, 2009 22:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the link for Nic's albums, if you want ask to me ok ?

01 June, 2009 20:29  
Blogger bikeboy said...

Hi Jenny69
Do you have a link for From the Devil to a Stranger?
How do I get it?

04 June, 2009 16:41  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Dear anyone,

I am still hunting for From The Devil To A Stranger in digital form. I will certainly buy the cd when/if it is released (while there's life there's hope). If anyone can help I'm Thanks

13 December, 2009 11:27  
Blogger English Bob said...

I wouldn't half like to get me filthy hands on Nic's missing albums. Does anyone in cyberland have any insightful suggestions? Hmmmm?

22 December, 2009 01:31  
Blogger bikeboy said...

I found them(From the Devil & Noah's Ark) on You first have to email KC to get permission to join the blog. Don't forget to thank him for his great blog!

22 December, 2009 09:50  
Blogger Norm said...

Nic's "From the Devil to a Stranger" I haven't had any luck. If anyone is willing to postor shre just let me know, thanks

31 January, 2010 06:44  
Anonymous Ralph Jordan said...

As the proud producer of "Unearthed" and a close friend of the family. The situation is thus. The First four of Nics albums are subject to a 30 year old legal dispute with the company that owns the rights.
I. Ballads and Songs. 2 Nic Jones. 3 Noahs Ark Trap. 4 Devil To a Stranger.
Whether or not this dispute is ever resolved before Nic dies. God only knows. But he has been denied tens of thousands of pounds in the years since his accident. Hence the three Live-ish albums released by Mollie Music and Topic. One day I hope the situation will be resolved. Ralph Jordan.

23 July, 2011 04:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's the link to nic jones from devil to stranger

gee, it's a shame that all this uploading of lps has virtually shut down the reissue factory. will anyone ever reissue another record again??? oh my

01 September, 2011 01:29  
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