Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Fallen Angels

"Second Album" 1968
(aka "It's a Long Way Down" or "The Rroulette Masters vol.2")

The second LP is one of the ultimate examples of the East Coast psych sound; moody, intricate, with a peculiar intensity. A long time favorite of late 60s collectors and no wonder as it has the makings of a masterpiece. Hard to pinpoint really, but some parts are like a high-brow Common People, others like a folkrock Mandrake Memorial. Arrangements and songwriting are most impressive, with "A Horn Playing On My Thin Wall" being a personal favorite. Often compared to the equally rare Morning Dew LP but this is deeper and more original. The Sgt Pepper of DC, though of course much better! A German original pressing exists. (lysergia)


Blogger Lizardson said...

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29 April, 2007 23:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this blog, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful - but you used sharebee a few times and I thought that was much better than rapidshare. I cannot take advantage of rapidshare premium so I often miss your offerings (you must wait hours between downloads with rapidshare). Please consider giving sharebee another try! and thanks for all the great music.

30 April, 2007 19:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! This INCREDIBLE! Such confidence & feeling. It has heavy shades of 'Forever Changes', which is no bad thing! THANKS so much! :o) Mart (Warsaw, Poland).
ps. I have to agree with Anon's comment...Rapidshare is a pain, such a wait between downloads. But, hey, I don't want to sound ungrateful...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

01 May, 2007 04:06  
Blogger Hippy dj kit-dj fanis said...


07 May, 2007 23:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I' ve been looking for it so so many years! You are the greatest blogg.

18 September, 2007 16:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet I'm the only person dropping by here to have SEEN the Fallen Angels!--it's true, I was in prep school 1966-70 in near-to-DC Alexandria, Virginia...and I loved both Angels' LPs, so when I heard on the underground FM station that they were playing a MATINEE!, I arranged, possibly had to play hookey, to go to the nearby public high school auditorium when the pm show was to be. [no way I could have got permission to be away off-campus after dark] And even more unbelievably, here's what happened: No-one else showed up! but they put on the show for me with excellent LIGHT SHOW ALSO!!- using the opportunity presumably for a thorough sound/lights check for the evenings show! I was in heaven you better believe, and here in my old age I have covered a song of theirs from their MAPLESHADE [recent] album.

23 September, 2007 06:51  
Blogger blxl said...

I used to see the Fallen Angels play several nights a week at the Keg on Wisconsin Avenue in D.C. -- just before they made these records.

The shows would almost always climax with the band doing an intensely extended version of Love's junkie song, "Signed DC," sung by a screaming, sweating, Jack Bryant, and it never failed to drive the crowds wild, no matter how many times they'd seen it.

Though thinly recorded, the LPs exhibit the Fallen Angels' ambitious psychedelic side, but they fail in any way to capture the raw energy of Washington's best ROCK band of the 60's.

06 March, 2008 10:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack Lauritsen passed away at his home on September 15 2009. He was buried at his home in Va. on september16. He will be missed by everyone who knew him.

17 September, 2009 20:08  

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