Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ron Sexsmith & Kerr

"Destination Unknown" 2005

For a songwriter who is so closely in touch with the gentle and childlike side of his musical nature, Ron Sexsmith has always swung pretty hard with the pop stick, mining his songs for all their hooks in the studio, and while there's no arguing that Sexsmith has a great way with a melody, it seems just a bit surprising that it's taken him 14 years after the release of his debut to cut an acoustic album. Destination Unknown was recorded as a collaborative project with Don Kerr, who has played drums and cello with Sexsmith's road band for years, and the performances are largely centered on their harmonies, with Kerr's supportive tenor dovetailing nicely with Ron's leads. And while this isn't billed as an "unplugged" set, the arrangements are dominated by acoustic instruments and have the casual, unforced feel of a back porch guitar pull. Like many of Sexsmith's best albums, the surfaces of Destination Unknown are modest enough that they nearly obscure just how strong the craft really is; while there isn't much fuss in the arrangements on these sessions, what's here is balanced with commendable skill, the picking is expert, and the presence of occasional glossy moments such as the string section on "Chasing Forever" suggest this album's low-key approach was guided by aesthetics as much as budget or convenience. And Sexsmith has rarely sounded more comfortable or compelling as a vocalist; these 13 songs are beautifully cast in his own special mold, and he brings them to rich life on these recordings with Kerr's harmonies adding an invaluable assist. Destination Unknown is one of Ron Sexsmith's most straightforward and unadorned albums, and it also happens to be one of his best. ~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide


Anonymous Anonymous said...



27 March, 2007 23:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lizardson, thank you for all these nice albums.
However, I'd like to ask you for a favour. I've been trying to order the album "Growing Up" (together with guitar tabs) by japanese guitarist Masaaki Kishibe. It is only available in Japan. On YouTube you can hear his beautiful composition "Flower".
However, I can't find any link or email address to order it from. From Blue-G company I got a reply they didn't keep this items and that I should contact Mr. Kishibe directly. But his site is in japanese again and I can't find any link or address to order.
Can you please help me by sending me Mr. Kishibe's email?
(I hope I didn't send this message twice).

29 March, 2007 07:43  
Blogger Lizardson said...


This is Kishibe's e-mail address:

Good Luck!!

29 March, 2007 11:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lizardson, thank you very much for the effort.
I hoped, though, you would give me some other e-mail address. I've already sent a message to this address but after a week still haven't got any reply.
Maybe I'll try again.

29 March, 2007 16:07  
Blogger Javier Rodríguez said...

Holy man!

I've been looking for this records for so long!

Thanks a lot, excelent blog.

Greetings from Bolivia.

11 April, 2007 12:37  
Blogger Mara Bunta said...

THANKS for this beautiful album, i love ron sexsmith since the first i heardt... nice blog!!!

24 April, 2007 06:39  
Blogger Diego Kehrle said...

Fantastic album! :)

25 July, 2007 03:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have Ron sexsmiths Time Being?... would greatly appreciate it...thank you

15 March, 2008 17:27  

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