Monday, March 12, 2007

RIP Krysia Kocjan

Anonymous said...
I regret to post that Krysia Kocjan-Haber died on Wednesday, February 21st, 2007. She gracefully fought lung cancer for 2 and a half years but finally succumbed.
[25 February, 2007 01:57]

Anonymous said...
God rest her soul. I knew Krysia in London in the 70's when she was working with the Kinks and later recording her solo album,and she had the spirit, courage and intellect to match her beautiful singing. What a loss.
[03 March, 2007 12:22]

Allan said...
Krysia was a wonderfully gentle soul. Elfin in stature she had one of the most amazing singing voices I have ever heard. If you have heard Al Stewart's 'Roads to Moscow' then you will have heard her. She sings backing vocals on that track that never fail to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end...

Krysia started out singing with another friend of mine, Tom Hoy. We grew up on the same street together, Woodland Street. With Robin they formed a group called The Natural Acoustic Band. After two albums and on the brink of greater success Krysia was enticed to America and spent the rest of her life there, sometimes touring with the Al Stewart Band or doing studio work for The Kinks and others.

Even though we hadn't seen each other for such a long time, almost two decades, I will so miss her gentle presence on this globe.

Krysia is at the back of my mind constantly at the moment and how she was in those days, so sweet, so gentle - distinctly elfin, she couldn't have been much more than five foot tall... But what an amazing singing voice... I know everyone who knew her will be saddened to hear she's now lost to us and will have her in their thoughts just now...

All the little shared moments are presenting themselves to my mind. A little group of us standing at the Park Road bus shelter, me cradling a lost kitten we'd found. Going to see NAB down South, with Martin Carthy on the same bill complete with Morris Dancers, locally (with Beggars Opera in Kensington Halls) and in Edinburgh . Inviting everyone including roadies and hangers-on back to my place on Howe Street in Edinburgh. All of us going to see the String Band for the first time at the City Halls in '69. Walking home together after a night at 'Morroch', Jim's place, along beside the Allander Water...

The Sixties seem distinctly further off than ever now. Krysia's passing, for me, is a very pivotal nail in the coffin of those blessed memories...
[12 March, 2007 09:36]


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