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"Rainbow Promise" 1972

Rainbow Promise, teenage Jesus freak jam band from Texas, early 70's recording, recorded in Ohio, on a Springfield MO label. 2 pressings with different cover variations were made, only sold at their concerts.

Acid Archives:
Christian melodic rock with a loose westcoasty vibe and sound a la Wilson McKinley, has three killers in a row at the beginning of side 1 up there with the best in the genre, another 3-4 numbers that are OK, and a couple of rather painful duds. Clearly above average for the style, and a popular item since many years. There is some confusion around the pressings of this LP, but the second version is credited to Steve Powell & Rainbow Promise and has a completely different cover (showing a pink old-style theatre marquee inside a black border). It also appears that at least some copies came with the 2nd pressing discs in the 1st press sleeve. Both runs are pretty rare. [PL]

Excellent laid-back West Coast style Christian rock. Similar to Wilson McKinley, though not as good (what is?). The lyrical message is a tad awkward at times, but the vocals are strong and heartfelt, and the abundance of echo-heavy guitar is beautiful and often transcendent. The first song on side two is especially dreamy. A couple of good-timey duds dull the overall impact of this album, but the good stuff here is right at the top of this genre. [AM]

Steve Powell (electric rhythm guitar)
Leonard Brannon (electric bass)
Richard Slaton (acoustic rhythm guitar)
Ric Bowers (electric lead guitar)
Dennis Jones (drums)
Brother Elijah Morse (coordinator and advisor)

Sample pic: Click

This album is shared by John. Thank you, John!

Download link in comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


07 December, 2006 21:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew Steve Powell around the time this album came out. In fact, I had the opportunity to visit him in his apartment in Flora, Illinois and play guitar with him. I believe that this album was recorded in Flora at Crusade Records which was owned by Ray Harris. Steve came out with a solo album which was very good which I believe was also recorded at Crusade. I may be mistaken though.

04 August, 2007 07:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for preserving this album on the net. I think Steve Powell would want his songs to continue to uplift to the glory of God. We recorded the entire album live in a long, 1 day session. The engineer, Ray Harris (?), managed the session, and us, with a minimum of confusion.

At the time we were traveling the midwest in a van, all of us, including the instruments. Brother Elisha, maybe in his 60s at the time, may have suffered the most but complained the least, especially after our lunches at Taco Bell.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Steve, or any of the other band members, please pass my address along. I would like to know how they have fared through the years.

Ric Bowers

12 August, 2007 16:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im quite interested in hearing this but i do not think this link is valid anymore. any chance you could re-upload it?

25 September, 2007 15:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Much! Great to finally hear this lp.

09 August, 2008 23:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Leonard Brannon and I was in Rainbow Promise. Would love to hear from any Rainbow Promise fans and old group members, especially Ric Bowers. My email is

06 January, 2009 07:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Powell is my dad. I'm Aaron Powell. I've been working on some music myself. I have the Rainbow Promise album if any of you want a copy just let me know.

05 February, 2009 04:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Steve Powells son Aaron. I have the Rainbow Promise album if any of you want it just hit me up.
I've been working on some music myself.

05 February, 2009 04:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern. This is Steve Powell from the Rainbow Promise band. I'm glad to have this work preserved on this site after all these years. I've Posted alot of old Rainbow Promise pics & articles on my facebook. I'd love to hear from anyone from the past,or present.You can search me through my e-mail

19 March, 2009 05:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John Do You know anything about a Band Called ARCHANGEL I Listen on when I was New Saved in 1981---Thank You so Much Brother

26 July, 2009 17:19  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi guys, I'm Jennifer Jones, daughter of Dennis Jones, drummer of Rainbow Promise and I want to say thank you so much for keeping him alive through sites like this and the site on Facebook!! Hi Leonard and Steve, miss you guys and I hope that all is well. I know that dad would have felt so honored to know that a band that he was so proud of was remembered so fondly. Much love,

Jennifer Jones

01 January, 2010 05:35  
Blogger Unknown said...

Rainbow Promise played at Geauga High school in Ohio in 1972 and at that concert I accepted Jesus as my savior.I will never forget that day. Rainbow Promise will allways be remembered by me. Praise god!

25 January, 2013 05:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Leonard Brannon with Rainbow Promise. Glad to hear you came to the Lord during our time in ministry in Ohio. We wanted people to know Christ more than any thing else. My email is Love to hear from you.

11 July, 2013 01:28  
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