Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Daddy Longlegs "Oakdown Farm" 1971

Daddy Longlegs originally formed in 1968 with a line-up of Steve Hayton (guitar/vocals), Cliff Carrison (drums) and Kurt Palomaki (bass/clarinet) in their native America, but moved to England in 1969. They signed to Warner Brothers, recruited vocalist Mo Armstrong, and released the single, "High Again"/"To The Rescue" (WB 8012) and the "Daddy Longlegs" LP (WB 3004).

With both Armstrong and Hayton leaving soon after, Carrison and Palomaki recruited vocalist/pianist Pete Arnesen and guitarist/vocalist Gary "Norton" Holderman and became one of the first American acts to sign to Vertigo Records. The 12-track "Oakdown Farm" LP was released in 1971 (6360 038) and has remained a collectors item ever since.

This was the act's second album and has elements of country music to basic rock styles and is an authentic taste of that relaxed, open feel which is the essence of American rural culture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this lizardson! I think it's great. Would love to hear some more of daddy longlegs some day.
Thank you for this room.

16 November, 2006 19:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Tim Sharman, former manager of Daddy Longlegs, Daylight, Andromeda etc.

I have some very sad news to report. A few weeks ago Steve Hayton, founder member and guitarist of Daddy Longlegs, died.

The news reached me on Christmas Day and really took the edge of the festivities. He told me that he had signs of cancer but was hoping a trip to the US from his Tobago home would find some treatment.

I intend to prepare a short piece as soon as I can, as a way to celebrate a fine player, a good friend and a real gent.

I am not in the business now so if you can suggest a site where I can post Steve's obit I would be much obliged.

For the record, other DLL members - Moe Armstrong and Kurt Palomaki are busy surviving in the states and piano man Pete Arnesen is now a distinguished teacher of jazz and popular music at the esteemed Mozarteum Academy in his home town of Salzburg.

Anyone who has anecdotes or memories of Steve, I would be happy to collect them.

Best wishes, Tim Sharman,

08 January, 2007 23:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is moe armstrong. Actually, I am thriving in the United States. Bringing home soldiers from this war and still trying to get myself home from Vietnam. My life is an open book. I have the first album which I can send to you. The John Peel Radio show was the best.

I wrote a poem about Steve on the website.

My book of poems won a national book award couple of years ago.

I miss England and still in contact in contact with Johnny Green who used to road manage the Clash. And, was a great friend to me and Joe and Mick and Paul. They were also Daddylonglegs fans when they were young. Joe used to follow the band and Mick came to the date at the Marquee Club.

Be kind to each other and keep going


25 March, 2007 18:23  
Blogger UK folk junkie said...

Hey this album is kind of fun!

03 September, 2007 08:47  
Blogger Unknown said...

I bought this album on a whim about a year ago, I vageley remembered the sleeve from somewhere. On first listening I realised that I had never heard it before. On the second listen, I realised this was a quite good album, by the third listen I realised that it was a work of pure genious and I was hooked. This album is superb, it truly is a forgotten gem. Quirky is a good way to describe it, the style is hard to describe, sort of country folk rock. This album deserves a listen.....also my 6 year old son loves it.

27 March, 2010 05:04  
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