Friday, June 30, 2006

Loudest Whisper

"Children Of Lir" & "Loudest Whisper 2"

Nice hippie acid folkrock a few times with "naïve" Christian sounding female choir, piano additions, some orchestrations. According to Greyhound's records this is a "Rare as hell concept folk rock lp from '73. originals were released on irish Polydor & are valued at 400! CD taken from original masters & has 3 extra tracks." According to Laser's Edge this is an "Excellent Irish electric folk progressive that was originally released in 1973. This is a fantasy based conceptual work. The band features female vocals, great electric guitar, flute, strings, and of course, bass and drums. Fans of Caedmon line up for this one!" Labels comments : "Hailing from Fermoy, Co Cork, Loudest Whisper proved their originality with the success of their first folk rock musical “The Children of Lir”. That was back in 1973. Today, after two more successful musicals, “Perseus” and “Maiden of Sorrow”, and some of the hit singles on this album. Loudest Whisper have established their own recording studio in Fermoy, “Studio Fiona”. Brian O'Reilly, founder of the group, and his brother Paud write all their own material. Drawing both influences from both American and European sources, Loudest Whisper successfully combine the best of contemporary folk and soft rock to produce a highly original sound."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A must

30 June, 2006 18:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let you know: some song corrupted in CD1.

01 July, 2006 18:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking for this forever. Thanks so much. Do you have those early Elton John songs with Linda Thompson and some Nick Drake covers?

04 July, 2006 03:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just to let you know Part 2 doesn't work anymore, it only downloads a portion of "Rock and Roll Child"

01 November, 2006 14:24  
Blogger Lizardson said...

Now I tried to D/L both parts myself. mmm... there is no problem.

1. You need both parts (1 & 2).
2. Both files need to be same name except difference of "1" & "2".
3. Extract "part.1", it automatically calls part.2. You'll get 1 big folder named "Loudest Whisper".

That's all.

01 November, 2006 16:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been looking for this with ages I remember seeing them perform this many many years ago. Pity they never got the recognition they deserved they're still going strong excellent post or repost at this stage Please keep up the great posts of music only for the bloggers lots of great stuff would vanish

04 May, 2007 02:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an original copy of this, why well my Cousin Ron Kavana had been in the band but returned to playe guitar and sing. When i told him i had bought it he said "ya eggit, i have a box of them at home" i wish i had that box now.
Ron's was a mainstay of the london oub rock scene in the 70s/80s. sessioning with the Pogues who i introduced him to and returning to his roots with the marvelosu live act Alias Ron Kavana. also check out his recnt 4 CDF set, a history of ireland in words and music.


GREAT STUFF on the site by the LOVING IT. I have some irish stuff that might be of interest but dont know how this uploading works.

14 September, 2007 04:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a copy of the original Children of Lir album. I play it once a year, around Xmas. It has become a family tradition

26 October, 2010 23:36  

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