Friday, December 22, 2006

Robin Williamson

"Winter's Turning" 1986

Winter's Turning is British folksinger Robin Williamson's album in tribute to the coldest season of the year. Featuring a few holiday-themed songs as well as several traditional folk ballads and traditional numbers, Williamson delivers an album that captures the icy thrill of the snow as well as the emotions it brings. Anyone looking to find an album that reflects the winter and all that it brings may want to give this album a listen. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guid

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"Ten of Songs" 1988

Ten of Songs is a delightful introduction into the storytelling side of Robin Williamson. These ten original pieces may not all be stories, per se, but Williamson's approach to each casually ebbs and flows between speaking and singing. His delivery evokes the Celtic heritage of sung ballads and story songs-traditions that have fascinated Williamson since his earlier days in the Incredible String Band. An electric guitarist, bassist, and drummer join Williamson on such riveting tracks as "Skull and Nettlework." Elsewhere, though, Williamson plays his usual array of acoustic instruments, including harp, guitar, cittern, and whistle. Listeners fond of Williamson's musical storytelling should also investigate his double-disc Gems of Celtic Story set.


  1. Brilliant! Great seasonal offering. Thanks, from a fan of Williamson and the ISB.

  2. Happy holidays to you Lizardson, thanks for these posts!

  3. Thanks very much. And merry Christmas to you and all who view your site.

  4. really love your choice of music!
    heard ISB first time 1970 had the pleasure to see them four times during the seventies, twice in copenhagen and twice in lund, southern sweden, keep on posting!!
    some of mike herons records would be lovely!

  5. a great thanks for all those robin williamson and incredible string band stuff thanks


  6. Thanks. Any R.W. release is essential. This man breathes music.

  7. Thank you for this one.....a special thought has to go to my old mate tich gwilym who plays guitar on this album.....unfortunatley he died in a house fire a while back. Great album.....thank you.