Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Salvador Cresta

Hello, my friend...

A couple of months ago you have put on your blog one of my home-made albums... My name is Salvador Cresta and i'm from Argentina...

I have uploaded another album...

I hope you like it...

I'm trying to find a label for my stuff; i have 7 albums and a lot of sound pieces and songs in the air... If you know something, please let me know... Thank's!


El Trovador fantasma y la comida del espejo (2005)

psychedelic Folk review:
This release is the best of all three Salvador Cresta releases and most accessible for non-Spanish listeners. Unfortunately in all three releases there’s a disturbing bass-buzz sound (bad earthing ?) in many of the tracks, which you hear not so much in headphones as on big size music boxes that are sensitive to bass tones.. -(I think this still can be filtered out if it is ever remastered for an official release-). This is a collection of songs composed with a serious body but also some playfulness, adding funny noises or background noises (dogs bark more than once in the background ; or some rhythmical car horns loop on the far background which seems to have brought poetical/textual and music inspiration for a song on "Vemimentos") or funny vocal harmonies and beautiful acoustic guitar improvisations, sometimes also becoming surreal. This could remind us easily of early work from the Spanish Sisa (with Musica Dispersa & Sisa solo), or is like an acoustic Cocorosie with complete Spanish roots. The playful vocals might also remind people just a bit of Devendra Banhart singing in Spanish, with more variety. People, who like the fantasy world of Finish items like Lau Nau, and imagine it mixed with a more textual and song world, can have some idea of Salvador Cresta’s musical world. Texts I think are important. There are tracks, like “Un Reloj” which are more like poetry set into music. Most vocal expressions, with all the free-from vocal fun and expressions, I guess are all honestly driven from this textual core, and perhaps a few times become still rhythmical avant-dada-like music themselves (especially on “Piedras Simceras”). A great release which I hope will be discovered soon by some label.


Thanks again Salvador,
I have no idea, but hope someone here know good label :)

here is previous post: Araña Vegetal Al Viento (2006)


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